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    2015 Del Mar Fair


    A bit of a lighter post today. This week has been especially grueling. Wrapping up June weddings, prepping blogs, had to drive to Santa Monica – twice, back and forth, 2 engagement sessions and good grief.. I hardly saw the kids. Jeff made sure we spent all day together yesterday (well, by 11am!) and we took a trip to the fair.

    I’ve been going with Jeff to the Del Mar fair since we started dating. The first year we went together was the summer of 2007. The fair to us has always been a place to eat rather unhealthy for an entire day, watch a few shows, check out art, and shop. Yes, yes we are those people who get suckered in to buying things in those huge tents. I mean, we would likely be the people who purchased one of those big jacuzzis from a fair, if we had the space for it. It’s not to be confused with that we get SOLD on anything, but there are actually some pretty amazing products over the years that we’ve found sold there. Like a $2k set of all-stainless steel pots and pans (which, mind you, we still have and LOVE over 7 years later), or a Euro-steamer that’s all water and such a life saver (Mom has me bring it with me when I can to her place in SF), or this year for instance, where we splurged a little on all-ceramic frying pans from Canada.

    Going with children these past few years has become a whole other experience. You see the animals, you take them on pony rides, sometimes you splurge on the face-painting, gotta buy ice cream, and rides… rides galore. Oh, can’t forget the cotton candy. Who doesn’t love some cotton candy, especially at a fair. It was so much fun this year now that Seb can go on all the kiddie rides with his sister. All the laughter and sugar made for a long nap for Seb which allowed us to shop a little. 😉

    We are sensible with certain things though! The whole ride area and games section is a scam. If your child is too little or afraid, shouldn’t parents get to go on the ride with them for free? I never understood why they would charge a parent who has no choice to get on a tiny kids ride…and pay for it. Really, I don’t care to sit on this 2mph whale ride and pay $4 to do it, along with another $4 for my toddler. Alas! Things you have to prep for when going to the fair with little ones. Jeff and I just kept looking at one another like, “it’s for the kids… it’s for the kids…” and then the doll thing with the games!? Who are they fooling? The next time we go to the fair I am going to buy two brand new dolls prior, stick them in my backpack, and then surprise my children with them! (I’ve been guilty of doing this at Disneyland.. because I either spend $5 on a Disney doll OUTSIDE the park, than $30 for one while I’m there… call it what you want, but I know you agree it’s smarts! Cheap, but smart!) “Pay $10, hit at least 5 out of 7 targets, and win this shitty little doll!” Ummm.. wait, if I don’t hit at least 5 targets, I’m out $10…and no doll? There’s this depressing scene in this movie “In America” about this Irish family who came to the states to better their lives… and, you know what, I won’t spoil it. Just watch the movie because it’s beautiful and you will know what I am talking about when you watch the scene where the father is at a fair and tries to win something for his daughter. You tear up, you feel sick to your stomach, and you find yourself PRAYING for a character IN A MOVIE. Plus, those games are all rigged. You know that bottle game? I asked to see one… the ring has to be thrown EXACTLY around the rim and it’s the exact same size.. so that’s why it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to make it in. Same with those basket toss games… of course the attendant can make it in and you can’t! They are right next to it and they position it brilliantly so that where you are standing, you really have no chance. I asked an attendant to do it and he was able to… then I asked him to step out to where I am and shoot it in and he wouldn’t. Nice one, bud.

    The day off was much needed. The kids had a blast and that’s all that matters. We didn’t end up spending $500 on two large horse toys that was an almost splurge… these horses were amazing. I held back on eating more than ONE deep fried treat. Did you know they had deep fried Slim Fast bars this year? It’s getting out of hand. The chocolate-covered pork rinds we also “missed out” on. All in all it was a great day with family. Hope you can be in town for the next fair Becca!

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    Sebastian was not thrilled at all for the baby pig.. I mean, he didn’t hide his feelings about it.

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    Photography by: Jeff and Talia Cruz

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