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    A Birthday Note For My Favorite

    To my better half,

    You refuse to celebrate it. You clam up at the notion that people might sing to you. You didn’t tell anyone when your birthday was and in being friends with you it took me four years to find out when your birthday was… ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, by accident as the waitress in that restaurant greeted you once she checked your ID, you brush it off and say, “it’s just a birthday, everyone has one..”, you truly hate the attention.

    Those who are lucky enough to get to know you, to get to have you in their lives, they are shocked and taken aback that such a gentle, warm soul could have had the type of past you’ve had. So many moments in your childhood that could have easily derailed you in to becoming a bitter, angry person.. yet you chose better. You are the living proof that having a shitty hand in your early years can bring forth a good, honest, kind human being. Too many people will use their negative pasts to excuse their rotten behavior, but you don’t. You chose more for yourself. You were able to see what you didn’t want to have, or become, and you changed it. You carved your own path and I look at you and think: How lucky are my children to have him as a father and role model?

    They aren’t the only ones who lucked out.

    I know you won’t agree with this, but your life, your existence? It is a celebration, especially to me. The first few years we were together, it just seemed too good to be true. The most handsome guy I know, is also the kindest? The most patient? My father was right.. he and my mom would scratch their heads and wonder, “who on earth could possibly end up with our daughter?” Enter you. You, my darling, are answered prayer. Your prayers? They’re all for others. They’re for everyone else. It’s as if you are incapable of putting yourself first, a quality and characteristic that is almost non-existent these days.

    I know lately I’ve been so incredibly overwhelmed. Everyone is asking how I am doing it. You are the one who keeps me going, the biggest supporter in my life! When I say that you’re the back-bone, what I mean in detail is:

    1. You make sure I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    2. You remind me to take deep breaths.
    3. You put me at ease when something comes out of left wing.
    4. You are the perfect model for patience, and I do learn from you, even if I don’t apply it as often!
    5. You are the reason I get to sleep in every now and then.
    6. You make sure I don’t have to worry about the smaller tasks that can become bigger if I ignore them.
    7. You cheer for me and keep assuring me that we are in this together, even when others have doubt.
    8. You still cuddle up with me on days where I had just stress built up.

    I am so thankful for today! I can’t wait to celebrate so many more birthdays with you my love. Happy birthday baby!

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