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    A Kitchen, A Growler and A Wardrobe


    Loved seeing those winery photos! Looks like y’all had a great time and I’m glad you’ve made some new buddies, too. I know it’s been tough for you lately. Same here. Although you are much better at socializing than me. We’ll both manage all right either way.

    It’s been wayyyy too cold out here to take any pictures that aren’t mainly wincing and covering my face with a scarf…. All this week the temperatures at night are in the single digits so… we may need more blankets. Hopefully this winter won’t be as long as last year and maybe I’ll get my butt outside to take some cute, totally bundled up outfit posts. Definitely  a little jealous seeing friends dressed up in shorts and light jackets. Can’t wait for the “spring thaw”.

    I figured today would be another throwback post from visiting San Diego. What better way to try and beat these snow blues with fond memories of warmer days. Just a casual swim top + skorts outfit. No plans to go swimming, either. Just because it’s comfy. Who says you can’t wear a swimsuit as a top? (Or in worse case scenario wearing a bikini top when you run out of clean bras… ). My whole wardrobe is a lawless zone and I love it.

    Taken at June and RC’s house in San Diego.


    Top & Socks : Forever21

    Skorts & Shoes : eBay


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