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    A Visit To The Oriental House

    Hey Tals!

    I can’t even with that dancing Sebastian. He and Amelia make such a great pair of siblings! Getting so so excited for this trip we’ve got coming up.

    I wanted to post a little more about our trip down to Pine Bush today. I didn’t even get the chance to say so but Michelle the designer/entrepreneur/blogger extraordinaire of Bombay Mermaid went out to dinner with us on Friday night. I love this woman and not only because I married her brother. 🙂 We took a risk and went to Pine Bush’s one and only “Oriental House”. It’s a Korean & Japanese (think teppanyaki, sushi & bibimbap) restaurant in the sort of downtown strip of Pine Bush which, if you can imagine, is pretty similar to Valley Center with smidge of Escondido mixed in.

    We were all pretty surprised with the food! I got my standard Japanese restaurant fare: 1 tuna and 1 salmon roll (with slight variations). I feel like it’s a good way to gauge a sushi joint. Michelle ordered vegetable teppanyaki and Brendan’s roll was this tuna/avocado roll wrapped in thin slices of cucumber. Aptly named the “Pine Bush” roll because it does kind of look like an itty bitty UFO. (Did you know that Pine Push is the UFO capital of NY?? They have an alien parade every year and everything.) Well the food was good and we stayed there for a couple of hours chatting away and laughing up a storm in that place.

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    Accidentally coordinated metallic shoes!

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    Tita Mishka showing Ottobot some love

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