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About Allie

I have always enjoyed writing in one capacity or another, and I am also very opinionated. I’ve kept diaries here and there throughout my life, but never very regularly. For the most part, I love writing for scholastic purposes or as a way to voice my opinion rather than writing for my own purposes of memory or reflection. It serves as a good way for me to “vent” or verbalize internal thoughts regarding specific opinions or experiences while also forcing me to edit said thoughts down to a more manageable or appropriate manner.

I currently work as a scheduling coordinator and director of operations for a caregiving agency in Carlsbad. I have known the owners for more than half my life now and I love working for and with people I consider family. I got my undergraduate degree from Boston University in liberal arts and am currently getting my masters in modern art history, theory, and criticism from Azusa Pacific University. If all my dreams came true I would be writing art criticism as well as writing and compiling the press packages museums send out for their shows, exhibits, and retrospectives. While I am not an artist and have no artistic ability, I very much enjoy art history and studying this beautiful subject that transcends all nations, cultures, ethnicity’s and times to give a compilation of all aspects of humanity.

I am 26 and was lucky enough to meet my husband rather early in life. We started a friendship when I was 18, started dating when I was 20, and got married when I was 24. I’ve gotten a lot of comments from people saying that I was “too young” to get married, but every time I watch any show about 20 somethings dating, I thank God that I was lucky enough to avoid the absolute horrors of being a young single female searching through a lackluster slum of young “men”. I am unbelievably and hopelessly in love with my husband. Not a day goes by that I’m not convinced I married someone better than me, and that I don’t thank my lucky stars for finding that one other human being ever created that I am meant to be with. We laugh constantly, we rarely even bicker, and I am so, SO thankful that I met him a young as I was. We both love to travel (probably myself more so than my husband) and I have an insatiable sense of wanderlust. In my perfect world, I would find a career that paid me to travel, eat, and go to museums. For our next great adventure, my husband and I will be jumping into the greatest undertaking of all…parenthood! We are greatly anticipating the birth of our son this March and are both extremely excited and un-apologetically terrified. While this is a new journey for us we are so very excited to see what the future has in store for our growing family!

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