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About Becca

As the youngest sibling I have always felt like I was always a step behind my family. I didn’t know what my future would look like and I didn’t really care about it. It seemed like everyone was ready to pounce on their dreams. We all knew that our brother was going to be an artist and Talia was passionate about both photography and writing. I loved doing a lot of different things. I started sewing around age 13, after watching my mom make our Sunday clothes. She definitely influenced a lot of the things I became interested in. From sewing sprung a love of cross stitch which became embroidery then knitting and crochet. From my father I started enjoying drawing at a very young age. I could never quite decide which medium I liked best.

I floundered around and, maybe unwisely, switched from one major to the next and a couple of different colleges. I landed on printmaking at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. My first home(s) away from home, I stayed in SF for nearly eight years and in doing so met some wonderful friends and my husband, Brendan. (Who will be taking most of the pictures now that I’m away from my sister.)

Soon after we had our son, Otto, I started to hone in on what I wanted to do. I knew I would never be quite satisfied with just one path. Thus Little Otto was born.  I run an online store and am a vendor at craft fairs where I sell what I love to make. Tote bags, clutches and jewelry my shop is a reflection of my mind. A bit overwhelming to run a store and raise a boy but I am working with what I’ve got.

I’m living in New York state right now as a west coast transplant and ready to learn more about this side of the country. (And I was just getting used to driving around SF.) I’ve got a good feeling about this new path and I’m excited that I can keep in touch with my sister. Thankfully neither of us plans on moving to another country anytime soon.

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