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About Naomi

I am a big-picture, outside-the-box-thinker. A philosopher. A free bird. A dreamer. A people lover. An animal lover. A freedom fighter. A Truth-Seeker. A misfit. An oddball. A visionary and occasional rebel with a cause. A tree-hugging hippy-at-heart. A humanitarian. A book worm. A singer and self-taught (amateur) guitarist. A film lover. A trilogy and children’s book writer. A music lover, theatre lover, art lover, symphony lover, dance lover. A blogger, a poet, a socialista. An artist and craft-creator. A (future) life coach, and lover of love.

I cherish family time, comedy, traveling, outdoor activities, yoga, meditation, nature, Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, and all-things-Spirituality. I am an intellect and occasional idiot =] A conversationalist, a therapist, a motivationalist, a household manager, and above all….

I am the very proud wife to my best friend— a man who loves me from the inside out and very proud mother, teacher, and student to two incredibly sweet, sensitive, affectionate, and beautiful girls who have given me a whole new set of eyes and a whole new heart of purpose.

I love life and love writing about it through my deepest and sometimes most simple “A-ha” moments of realization and perfect clarity. I also have a strong innate sense of responsibility to shed light on those controversial subjects and sensitive topics that need it, with posts like this   and this one.

I believe that we should all stand up for the things we believe in and when we are speaking our truths, we do it with class and respect for all people listening while setting aside any worry or fear of offending others with our views.

‘Silence does not pave the way for progress’—A lesson I have had to learn for myself and will continue to teach my girls. That if they want to make the truest difference in the world, they will need to start with themselves first in being the change they want to see happen, followed by the willingness to speak up.

As a mother, I feel it is my job to help foster those experiences in their lives that will lead them into such depths of empathy and care for the world, in helping them find their voice and the courage to take a stand for what they believe in, especially when it is most difficult to do so.

I love writing about motherhood and how it has changed me to the core, as well as our day-to-day life including our love for art and music and the time we spend in our very own music and art room, creating messes and magic with our voices and hands.

I solidly believe that happiness is a choice we get to make. Every single day, even through the wildest storms of my life, I want to choose happiness and help my daughters learn how to do the same. There is nothing more true about Truly Living than this:

“Life is like a camera lens, focus only on what’s important and you will capture it perfectly” ~unknown

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