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About Talia

When I was 17, my grandmother “so happened to stumble” upon my diary. Yeah. The one I hid way up in the highest of shelves for the specific reason that she was visiting and I didn’t want her reading what I was up to. You’re never more candid and open at the age of 17, right? How this 5’0″ Spanish woman climbed up there and managed to find it still makes me chuckle to this day, but at the time, that spring of 2003, it was heartbreaking. She showed it to my father who perhaps didn’t like much of what he read in there, and it since has left a bad taste in my longing to be candid and share how I’m feeling or what I’m up to without censoring and feeling like it will get into the wrong hands and I will once again be judged. I didn’t stop writing, clearly, but I did mask most of it.

I took to screenwriting in my 20’s in Burbank and enjoyed seeing my characters come to life by these talented aspiring actors. Little did they know, half the time they were playing a version of me who didn’t hold back, who said what she wanted, she just wasn’t named Talia. That didn’t pay the bills, but it filled my empty cup. I felt like I found my place in this world and if money had nothing to do with it, this is where I would be.

Hi! I’m Talia. I live in the bay area with my husband Jeff and two kids, Amelia and Sebastian. My husband and I are full time wedding photographers. We moved our business up this way recently from sunny San Diego in December. Adjusting hasn’t been the easiest, like with any move. A perk to be out this way was to be closer to family.

If life would work in my favor, or, in some of my favorite dreams, I am a critically acclaimed, award-winning screen writer who lives in or around Hollywood, Ca. I attend lavish parties and drink some of the best wine and eat whatever I want while maintaining a slim figure. People listen to what I have to say because who knows what brilliance will come out of my mouth at any second, and they want to be around for it. They want to say, “I was there when Talia said —, and changed my life.” I am in a wild and passionate relationship with my husband Jeff, we never argue because life is too short and we’re perfect. We have date nights almost every night. I am also super attentive to my children’s every need and my advice is taken seriously. In the prime of my career I switch gears and purchase a winery in Italy. I uproot my family and live out the rest of my days there.

Ha! Reality check. This blog with my sister came at the best time possible. She is moving across the country. I find that you can fool the world but you can’t fool your sister. In my other blog that’s mostly business related, I find that I question what I write and I censor myself. This allows me to not do that. I am not trying to impress would-be clients, I’m just able to vent. I like that I feel that I don’t have to have a point. Sometimes there is no point. Welcome to our open diary. You might’ve stumbled on it, but this time I left it open.

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