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    Evening Tals!

    Nice marital advice. Haha. In this house, make-out-monday would be trouble. One baby is all we need right now (and possibly forever…). Otto has been keeping me on my toes a lot more since you last saw him. He is such a little run-around that by the end of the day we’re both pretty worn out. I can’t imagine it’s much easier for you both juggling the two kiddos.

    I have actaully had a good, solidly productive week. I made these pins and earrings near the end of December but have been so tired from all the holidays that I wanted to lay low on the production/marketing/packaging end of the business for a couple of weeks. However! It’s time to quit lagging and I decdied to get the gross part of running an online store over with. Listing/packaging is always what slows my proccess down. Listing, especially. I wish I could hire someone to photograph and list all of my stuff for me. Of course, at this point in my hustle, that’s not happening. So, between the hours of 10pm – midnight is when I get a chance to do all the creative and packaging stuff and sometime around 9am is when product photography happens. I have few goals for this next month (can you belive February is just around the corner????).

    1. Print new earring/pin cards
    2. Acquire a tabletop procduct photgraphy box like this one.
    3. Update the website muuuuccchhhh more frequently
    4. Expand the Little Otto Accessories section

    I’m taking care of #4 currently with these new items! There’s more to add, too but I was losing light and time. Right after I finish this post up these bbs are going live in the shop. 🙂 I’m really happy with the new stuff I’ve been making and can’t wait to show it all to you!


    D20 pin

    Pin ItPin ItPin It


    Full moon earringsPin ItPin ItPin It

    Thermal Topography earrings

    Pin ItPin It

    Eggy earrings (My new favortie thing!)

    Pin It

    Pin It

    Well that’s about it for now! I would apologize for writing so late but it’s not even 4pm for y’all! Enjoy that nice weatherrrr!


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