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    Adventures Don’t End When You Have Kids! Our Travel Tips

    Written by: Louann Walker

    If you and your significant other live an adventurous lifestyle, I’m sure you heard this from well meaning friends and family several times before little ones were even a thought in your mind. And if you’re like us, then from the day you found out you were pregnant you heard this double the amount as before.

     “You’ll never travel once you have kids.”

    I hope you prove/proved those people wrong. I hope you just let this go in one ear and out the other.

    Let me continue to tell you a little story. As I mentioned before in my last post, I met my husband Chase studying abroad in Samos, Greece, a tiny little island in the Aegean Sea, much closer to Turkey than mainland Greece. We ARE adventurers. After our studies, we backpacked across Greece, Italy, France, and Switzerland. There is something so freeing to us about traveling. When we travel, we try and stay away from too much of the touristy things. We travel to become part of the culture in the area we’re visiting. Otherwise, what’s the point of going there?! We immerse ourselves and consider the days to be a success when we come away from them changed and more cultured.  We try to hike every mountain, swim in every body of water, taste all the food, chat with the locals to find their favorite spots, and so forth.

    I’m happy to report that this way of life doesn’t have to change when you become pregnant.  Why would it? What many don’t realize is that your grand adventure just gets a whole lot grander. Why does society relate parenting to an ending of life travels or adventure? The fun has really just begun. Yes, your activities while traveling change. & yes, these changes mean you must do things a little differently when you travel. But, you can do it…IF you want to do it.  A good friend recently told me. “Children will surprise you. They will adapt.” Now she was referring to ever changing sleeping patterns and how to get back to an all night sleep routine. However, the more I think about this statement, I realize it’s really TRUE for so many situations. Children’s minds are sponges, constantly changing, expanding, soaking in all that is put in front of them, craving adventure very much just like us. They will contour to their surroundings. Don’t be afraid to push those limits. They will surprise you and your entire family will enjoy the grand adventures resulting.

    We spent many nights throughout our pregnancy dreaming of the day we could bring our precious baby boy on grand adventures all across the world, to show him all the beauty this grand world has to offer beyond the safe walls of our own home. So far, that’s just what we’ve done. Carson is SEVEN AND HALF months old and in those quick months, he has flown for six different trips, traveled to three states, two countries, six national parks, several different Canadian Provinces, sit for tea at the oldest tea house in Canada, dunked his feet into more lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans to mention, and been to the very top of one of the largest mountains in Canada. We don’t plan to stop adventuring anytime soon either. We will be going to Mexico in a few months and Bora Bora sometime early next year. Who knows what else will come along in the coming months.

    Together, we want to see the world, learn more from it, culture ourselves, keep immersing ourselves, and show our boy that there’s so much joy to be had from loving and accepting all of the different cultures, societies, and each and every person on this beautiful planet. This is our HOME, our referring to every single life breathing in the air that our very lungs take for granted. Let’s share it and spread the love all around.

    A Few Tips For Traveling With An Infant:

    ​1. Purchase bags for your stroller and car seat. Most airlines will check them for free.

    ​2. ​Bring a few toys but don’t go too crazy. You’ll want to pack as light as possible.

    3. Bring a small neck pillow to give your arm a rest when baby is sleeping. You’ll be surprised at how wonderful the hum of the plane puts your baby to sleep.

    ​4. Use your car seat cover for three purposes, as a blanket on the plane or in the airport for playtime and then a cover for the rest of your trip. Saves on space and keeps baby warm since the planes can often get chilly.

    ​5. ​Ditch the stroller if you’re going hiking and bring your baby carrier. You will not want to push the stroller up those hills and it’s much quicker to get around with a carrier. The carrier is also a must for the airport. I usually take our son out right before we board the plane.

    ​6. Bring more diapers than you think you need. One per hour of flying is a good rule of thumb.

    ​7. Nurse, give a bottle, treat or a pacifier on take off and landing to help initiate some jaw motion, clearing their ears.​

    ​8. Dress as comfortable as possible for the traveling, plenty of time to dress up later.

    ​9. Don’t forget sun block, bug spray, a small first aid kit, and a sun hat.

    ​10. Bring some extra plastic bags in case your little ones has a blowout, gets his clothes dirty etc.

    ​11. ​Have fun! Relax! You can do it!

    A few photos from our recent trip to Canada below. I’ll be sharing an amazing quinoa salad in my next post.

    Go travel and never, ever stop-


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    Photography by: Pearl Walker Photography

    Canoe Photo of Louann’s Family shot by: Sandy Phimester

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