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    Amelia Questions “What’s the Point?!” & The Orange Blossom Cafe in Solana Beach, CA

    I picked up my munchkin from Kindergarten the other day. She had that “sad/mopey/pouty look” situation across her face. I don’t know why, but instantly I started chuckling to myself. It was a mother instinct in me that knew it was nothing serious. I know my kids so well already, I know them by their body language and facial expressions. I know when it’s an exaggeration and when it’s real. This time, it was moping.

    I approached and changed my laughter to concern, you know, just so the teacher didn’t think I was some awful mom who laughs at her kids. Thank goodness for large aviators, I was able to compose myself. With all momma concern in my voice, and as I got closer I started creeping down towards her until I was at her level and down on one knee, “What’s wrong Amelia?” I asked.

    She had her arms crossed and her eyebrows tucked in. I got my face nice and close to her and brought my glasses down just a little to show her that LOOK where she knows that I know that it’s not that serious. She immediately uncrossed her arms.

    Her teacher chimes in, ” Well, Amelia has been having a tough time understanding that we need to use pencil and paper to write during our lessons.”

    Amelia chimes in, “I want to use the computer!”

    The teacher speaks again, “I told her that we first have to learn on paper and then eventually she can use a computer when she’s older.”

    (I am like dying inside right now wanting to laugh) “Really, Amelia? Can’t you just learn like how all the other kids are learning – on pencil and paper?”

    Amelia looks at me, “What a waste of time though Mom! You type on a computer. Dad types on a computer. Tito Jed. Grandpa uses a computer. No one writes! No one uses a pencil or paper. WHAT IS THE POINT?”

    Her teacher even started chuckling and looked at me “I don’t know of any other kid in Kindergarten who has tried to debate us on this one.” Then her teacher proceeds to show me a piece of paper with a sentence on it that the kids were supposed to write out. The sentence was: Mary had a little lamb. “She didn’t want to write this out in class, so maybe she can write it out at home and bring it back tomorrow?”

    Amelia takes the paper. Looks at it and then shows it to me pointing at the sentence. “See Mom? Even THIS sentence is TYPED.”

    (Kills me…) I stood up. I can admit, dude. She was kinda right. But really? REALLY AMELIA? Can we just pretend to be 5 right now? I know you’re 15 trapped in this little body, but please. For my sanity. I looked at her in all seriousness and said, “Amelia, we are just going to have to learn this way for now, okay? Mommy types, but when Mommy was a little girl she had to learn how to write as well. You might need to fill out things when you’re older, like applications for a job, forms at the DMV (since their systems are clearly trapped in the 80’s)… you know what? I am done explaining this to you. Tell your teacher you will write this and bring it in tomorrow.”

    “Okay…I’ll write it out… But I still think it’s a waste of time.”

    People of internet land. THIS. Issues I just did not care about at the age of five. I love this kid so much. I spent the entire car ride home chuckling to myself but then also wanting to cry because what does life have in store for me? I know one thing: a lot of laughter combined with hair pulling.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    ****Below are some snaps of a family day we had a week ago in Solana Beach.

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    Cafe: The Orange Blossom Cafe in Solana Beach

    Photography by: Jeff and Natalia Cruz

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