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    Amelia’s First Father-Daughter Dance! (Video!)

    Amelia had her very first Father-Daughter dance this past weekend.

    Whenever Jeff and I are photographing a wedding, there are several moments that get us all choked up.

    • The hand-written vows recited at the ceremony.
    • The toast from the parents.
    • The father seeing his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress.
    • The mother-son dance. (Especially now, I always think about my Sebby in the future and what that dance will mean to us.)
    • The father-daughter dance.

    I don’t know what it is about those dances. It’s not as if there’s a death, right? But why oh why does the lump just sit there in my throat? When Amelia told us that she had a dance coming up, I could see the sweat on Jeff’s brow. He hates to dance, but how can you turn down a date with your baby girl? 😉

    I also want to point out, in California, the school she was previously attending, canceled the father-daughter dance last year due to parents who complained. Their complaints were about inclusiveness, and how “unfair” it would be for children with no fathers. All I have to say to that is: REALLY? When will the minority stop ruining it for everyone else? You know who doesn’t care about this stuff? BOYS. That irritates me to no end. Let FATHERS have their moments and celebrate father-daughter dances, for heaven’s sake we celebrate every other damn thing! “Discriminatory.” Good grief, it’s like GET OVER IT. If your kid is at home whining that they can’t go to a father-daughter dance then you don’t go and ruin it for everyone else. There’s literally 1,000 other things you can do to make them happy without messing it up for the rest of us. Thank GOD they still have them here in Nevada. I hope they don’t follow suit with Cali and the rest of the SJWs… I swear it’s entitled women who ruin EVERYTHING. I get that there will always be the minority.. but for the love of God, if you can’t participate in something… STOP RUINING IT FOR THE MAJORITY! You know it’s the parents who care more than the actual kids. My 3 yr old son, for instance, was sad for TWO SECONDS when he found out he couldn’t go to the dance. “Mom… why can’t I go?” “Well son, it’s a father-daughter dance. Are you a father?” “No.” “Are you a daughter?” “No.” “Okay.. so you can’t go… wanna play a game with mommy?” “Yeah!” PROBLEM SOLVED. So if kids are really getting bent outta shape, I blame the parents.

    Can we, as a society, start boosting up fathers? Start praising them and admitting aloud that they are* an essential part to a child’s life and well-being? This isn’t to say mothers can’t do it all, but let’s stop pretending that good fathers are not a necessity, and to those young ladies out there with good* fathers, let them have their moments too. If your child doesn’t have that in their lives, shouldn’t it still be something you continue to instill in them, at least so they can witness what that looks like, and they can make the best choices when they are older, in choosing a man who will stick around and be* that good father to their future children? We don’t have it all, heck! My husband grew up without a mother. I’m sure there were many moments in his youth where he was sad watching other children have moments with their mothers..but did he, ever once feel the need to ruin moments for other mothers and sons? No! It’s not the mature thing to do.

    Phew! Just had to get that off my chest. I also am including a little video here from that afternoon, right before they set off to have a memorable time together. <3 As much as I would have loved to be there, camera and all, I am so happy they had this time together, and I would love if they continued this tradition. Hope you’re all having an amazing Monday!

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