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    First of Many “Dear Beccas”

    Dear Becca,

    It’s hot in San Bruno today. I don’t know if I am now acclimatized to the weather up north and didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I honestly thought leaving San Diego was going to ruin me because of how spoiled we were with that weather down there. Whatever the case, I’m loving it. I finally got the blog up and running and I know now we just have to figure out all that back end stuff. Ha! Did not think it would be so insanely complicated to make a blog look so clean and simple. Anyway, learning as I go. I know you’re doing the same!

    I’ve been so incredibly moody this past week and it’s definitely that time of month. Okay can I just say something? Since I was 16 and discovered what a thong was (that just so happened to be the same year the Thong Song came out, but I swear I knew what one was!) – I only wore those. It was a weird transition from those Target or FedCo panties mom used to buy for us – with the little random flowers on ’em that would stick out – reminding me that the word sexy was in my very distant future and even though the thought of having sex wasn’t even crossing my mind, if it had, these would certainly act as a chastity belt. Anyways I am getting off track. Naturally, they took a little getting used to, then at some point in my early 20’s I got one of those “free cotton panty” coupons from Victoria’s Secret and once I redeemed it I recall thinking they felt like a diaper! SO here I am, late 20’s and all, two children later. I am back to panties. I just can’t. I can’t wear a thong. Meaning I can’t wear tampons. Do you notice how much longer a period takes when you don’t wear tampons? I am not completely sold on the switch yet, but I read a few articles over the summer that discussed all these blood clots you get and how many more health risks they have and I knew once I stopped breastfeeding and got my period again that I would attempt to do the pad thing.

    You know what’s even harder to buy at the store than a box of tampons? A large sack of 39 pads. And I always feel like I can’t just buy a large pack of pads. I try to buy one or two other things but it’s so obvious that’s all I came there for. Oh, 39 pads, hot cheetos, and a water gun? Right. I should do what Mom does. Guess I’m just not ready to purchase 500 pads from Costco yet, but boy would I rather do that trip once or twice a year.

    Awkward goes a long way with me. At the cafe I go to there was this girl behind me who was talking to a friend of hers. I was kinda listening on their conversation but I overheard her say, “Sh!t! I just got my period!” I turned to her and instead of saying, “I have a pad”,¬† instantly I think about “well, if she’s wearing a thong then she won’t be able to use this huge pad sooo should I offer it or not?” So what do I do? I turn to her and ask, “Are you wearing a thong?” Yeah. To a complete stranger this is what I ask. Of course I shook my head and corrected myself right away, “because.. I have an extra pad for you if you want, but you know, if you’re wearing a thong then I can’t help ya there.” She stared at me for a while. Why do I do this to myself? And if she is judging me, why should she? I was being nice. A stranger who is offering her something to potentially save her whimsical and spring-y floral skirt. Finally she says, “umm…no thanks.”

    I’m not going to make friends in this town anytime soon, am I?

    **Oh yeah, wore this romper twice this week. Tried switching it up. Rompers are cute but they do nothing for your butt, except hide it. And with the diaper situation I have going on, it’s exactly what I need.

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    In case you wanted to know ..

    romper: Target

    shoes: Nordstrom (yellow) and Cole Haan (gray)

    purse: Coach

    accessories: ? not sure

    sunnies: Gucci (gifted, Jeff won’t let me buy any pair of sunglasses over $10 since I lose and or break them within a week. You can borrow ’em if you want!)

    *All images belong to TheSisterFiles© and TaliaStudio© and cannot be used without expressed permission.

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