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    You know what’s fun for 5-year old’s and can take up HOURS of time? Painting.

    I found these canvases at Aaron Brother’s and maybe kinda sorta took their stock… Set up some brushes and acrylic paint and let the kids go! Sebastian was off to a good start and then just went overboard. Not sure what that dragon ever did to him, but he face-lifted it and seemed pretty pleased with the result. The trick is to enjoy a glass of wine while they’re at it, so the toddler whining about not getting it right doesn’t drive you crazy. You’ll be proud of me though, the following day I set it up for them yet again and this time, just gave Sebastian some shapes to work with. Took a blank canvas, drew some shapes and sat with him and taught him the basics. He seemed to have more fun the second time around.

    Since moving we have had over 4 of these painting afternoons. I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with all that canvas/art but for now it’s 1) keeping the kids happy 2) taking hours away from them sitting and watching television. I’m taking tips! I feel like this summer is going to be about getting creative throughout the week with these kids, want them to soak up the sun as often, get to the pool several times a week, and continue more crafting/art activities.

    This will be mostly a photo-post, I will get you all up to speed on how we are transitioning in this new town, but for now, still unpacking and amidst a huge pile of editing nightmares. Wedding season. Yay! 🙂

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    ^This gives you extra patience, just fyi.

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    Photos by: Natalia Cruz

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