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    Bright Stripe and Shoe Dreams

    Dear Talia,

    THOSE PANTS! That top is adorable too. You’re rocking it in nice weather. I can wear that kind of outfit here,  except between shoots I’d be throwing on layerssss.

    As far as “getting fancy” more goes, I’m working on it. My biggest issue with fancy is that more often than not it requires heels. Remember back in Middle school when I was attempting those rubber 4″ wedges flip flops? You know the ones I’m talking about. Up until that point it was all sneakers and flats. I nearly twisted my ankle on multiple occasions trying to follow that (weird) trend. I mean, rubber wedge flip flops? Who really thought that was a good idea? Oh Delia’s, how you mislead us all.

    I have been seriously eyeing those sneaker creepers. Have you seen them? I’ll send you a picture. It’s definitely going on my Amazon wish list. (You might think I’m crazy.) It’ll be a step towards being comfortable in heels. I’ll check out the Cole Hann ones though since most of the heels I’ve ever owned would cut into my heel and cramp up my unusually long toes.

    We are definitely trying to relax over here. Otto has been getting a lot more running around time which is good for him and not so great for us. He’s climbing and not watching where he’s running and trying to knock all the things over. Such a bruiser. I have just recently been thinking about having another kid. A boy no less. I definitely understand what you mean about the saddle bags. Yeesh. I hate how shirts and dresses look when I don’t were a proper bra. But who wants to wear one of those? If I knew I wasn’t going to have another kid I would consider getting a lift. Just to keep them from hanging all the way to my ass.

    Did you ever think that we’d be having this conversation a decade ago? Such is life. I can only imagine what mom and her sisters chat about all day. She told me that they have a group text and I just wondered how they can all keep track of the conversation. Our mom is the least chatty in the bunch. None of us are spared form the conversation I bet.

    I hope you and Jeff have a great trip to San Diego. I’m sure he’s having a great birthday! At least since you have to take the kids you won’t have to worry about mom and dad’s schedule on when to head back. That must be a bit of a silver lining to the cloud of driving 8 hours with your babies. 🙂 Just keep a mind about what you say around Amelia on the road. I know I definitely get a touch of the road rage at times. It may be a good thing that I don’t have a car right now. Haha. I’d love to see this location that you talked about.

    I’m about to head to the market and grab ingredients for a Shepard’s Pie. I’ll make sure to take some photos of our journey and as much of the recipe that I don’t improvise on. Do you ever do that? I usually just use the recipe as a guideline. My bestie Niki brought home an apron form the Philippines that reads “I Don’t Need  A Recipe, I’m Pinoy!” It’s so true.

    Anyway until next time Tals,


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    The outfit:

    Top: Ross

    Scarf: Handmade

    Pants: Cheap Monday

    Shoes: Minnetonka

    Bag/Hair bow: Handmade

    *All images belong to TheSisterFiles© and TaliaStudio© and cannot be used without expressed permission.

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