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    Big Wong – Las Vegas Eats

    Three times with this place! Big Wong in Las Vegas towards Chinatown. My cousin Nick swore by it. Said it was “one of the best places to go to for Chinese food and very inexpensive!” He wasn’t kidding. Here’s the location for your GPS needs:

    5040 Spring Mountain Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89146

    I love what that comedian Allie Wong said (if you haven’t seen her special: Baby Cobra, you’re missing out. Laughed my you-know-what off, great comedian!). She said it’s not an authentic Asian restaurant unless you leave mentally and verbally abused. Hahaha! Truly, the worse the service, the better the food. It’s usually just one waiter there, and you know how else you know the food is good? MOST of the patrons there are also Chinese! That goes for any restaurant… the best Japanese food is frequented by Japanese customers, the best Greek food is frequented by Greeks, and so on and so forth.

    The NAME of the place makes your eye sockets do a double take, the taste of the food makes your eyes roll back slightly, and the smells will bring out an instant smile, and the prices?! Well, your wallet will thank you. $5-$8 entrees. Some of the best entrees on the menu are only $5.50. We went crazy for the deep fried shrimp wontons, so much so that we always order two plates. We start with one and think we won’t have two and then order the second anyways… every, single, time. They bring you out waters immediately which is really nice that you don’t even have to ask. They don’t try to upsell you on anything. You ask what’s good and they look at you like.. umm.. order anything it’s all good. We love their garlic bokchoy plate, the dried fried chicken wings, their steamed fish, their salt and pepper shrimp &/or chicken… you just can’t go wrong with any of it. I really want to go back again. Where else can you feed 6 people some bomb food with over 8 dishes for under $50?

    Such a GEM this place is! If you’re in Vegas, and willing to leave the strip, make sure to check it out! The only time we’ve gone is during lunch, I know they offer the same menu for dinner… but I know that weekday lunches there’s never been more than a 15 minute wait. Not sure about the dinner rush, but call ahead if you go with a large group!

    **Below are two sets of photos from two diff trips, we recently took Becca since she’s in town visiting! 🙂

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    Photos by: Natalia Cruz

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