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    Birthdays and Cheese and Slime (video!)

    Some photos and a VIDEO from Amelia’s birthday celebration yesterday! Still hard to believe that this precious little girl is now SIX. We took the kids to an early show of “Finding Dory” at a local theatre, attached to a casino of course. Casinos and gambling is rampant around here, still getting used to it, and I got some fun stories to share, but that’s for another time. Afterwards we took them to this place called The Mac Shack! All sorts of mac and cheese, we went with the Spinach + Artichoke, The Philly Cheese Steak, the kids mac and cheese, and a Cauliflower Mac side. Everything was delicious, and yes, I am feeling the hurt of that today. We got home and started opening up some presents all ordered from Amazon (having a Prime account is both a blessing and a curse people. Save me). We ended the evening with a steak dinner at home and FaceTime with the grandparents while we all sang Happy Birthday with some cupcakes. Kept it sweet and simple this year!

    So here’s Amelia.. she’s been asking for a “channel” and to be filmed with some of her toys…I know right.. kids these days. Anyhow, the original film was like 20 minutes long so you’re welcome, I just put in highlights. 😉 Pardon the editing. TGIF everyone!

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