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    But … It’s HOW You Say It…

    Happy Saturday!

    Is that too generic of a greeting or do people actually like hearing that? Take any day… Happy Tuesday! Happy Thursday! Let’s not think too deeply in to this.. I’m wishing you a happy weekend.

    Also! If you’re like me and feeling like you have to monitor every sentence that comes out of your mouth.. or every text seems to be misinterpreted, I am here to tell you: you need new company.

    Sorry, but how do I know I’m with the right people? I don’t have to be careful about what I say. 

    Cheers to surrounding yourself with the right* people! Sugar-coating is for babies. 😉

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    Outfit Details:

    Shoes: Vans

    Crop Top: H&M

    Jeans: American Eagle

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    Photos by: Jeffery Cruz

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