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    Can We Do Better With Plant Based Vaccines? 

    Written by: Naomi Goodale

    Well, I think most of us reading that question would naturally answer “yes”. We tend to think “green” when we think plants, nonetheless many might ask “why?” “Do they not make vaccines using plants already?”

    No, vaccines have been and continue to be prepared in chicken eggs, using adjuvants like aluminum phosphate and preservatives like mercury (thimerosal) in flu shots amongst a host of other ingredients including: human albumin (pooled venous blood which may contain Cancer, SV40, AIDS, and hepatitis B from drug users) bovine cow and calf serum (cow skin extractions), monkey kidney cells, MRC-5 human diploid cells (from aborted fetuses), MSG, and known chemicals, carcinogens, and neurotoxins such as Phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde to name but a few of these ingredients on that list.

    If you would like to read more about some of the known side effects of that list, check out our last post (here) in a rebuttal letter to Kristen Bell. I still cannot believe the weight this post has carried with thousands of hits and hundreds of likes and shares on the FB and Twitter pages of doctors, parents, and vaccine-awareness organizations, with so many comments encouraging us to keep writing. Please allow this to be my formal “thank you” to all of you. You have no idea how encouraging your words have been.

    But to get back to the question, how can we do better if we don’t understand what we are currently working with, because we haven’t been told in our doctors and pediatricians offices? How can we do better as long as there is a general lack of transparency with vaccine ingredients, namely because there is a lack of Pharmaceutical liability among vaccine manufactures and medical professionals administering them?

    Not all of us may be aware to the fact that in 1986, The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed in response to the countless numbers of claims and lawsuits filed by families against the vaccine manufactures for the irreversible injuries and deaths of their children brought on by one or multiple vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers didn’t want to continue making them unless they’d be shielded from liability and so what did the government do? Gave it to them.

    As reported by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)  Co-sponsored by the CDC, almost $3 billion dollars to date have been compensated to the families of the vaccine injured and killed. In addition, they acknowledge that the numbers of claims reported reflect a mere fraction of the total cases and claims that have either gone unreported and/or uncompensated. There is a reason for both as it is extremely difficult to get compensation in this court and 15% of doctors (in a survey) were unaware of such a reporting system. Pretty big cause for concern right there.

    Of course they attempt to argue that these claims do not equate to proven causation by a vaccine(s), nonetheless, the numbers most certainly speak for themselves. All the aforementioned are serious conflicts of interest, which then begs the question whether or not our own doctors are even aware of this ingredient list. How would we know unless we ask them? As we are made aware, we should also be bringing awareness into our next visit so they may address the ingredients with us as much as they are capable of doing so. This list, (which can be printed here) is not something currently handed over to us in helping us evaluate those risks vs. benefits on a case by case basis.

    Yet I hope this goes without saying that I make no aim to cast even the slightest blame or judgment on any parent who has proceeded with vaccinations at their doctor’s recommendation, without a second thought to it. This is something we should be able to do confidently, which is one more reason for this post. And this ingredient list should empower us. Without it, how can we know what measures to take (e.g. allergy tests to perform) for our children prior to their vaccinations?

    And to reiterate the theme: “How can we do better?” We can do better once we lay down our words of weapons towards each other and our own personal offenses taken at shared vaccine facts. We can do better when we realize that we are all on the same team, with the same values, wanting the same things from our health care providers and vaccine industries.

    If we have made the choice to vaccinate, grounded in the plethora of CDC-funded studies and research supporting the overall ‘safety and efficacy’ of vaccines, we can feel confident that these vaccines (as they currently stand) are doing their job and protecting our children from infectious disease, but that’s only when our own children are perfectly healthy and thriving post-vaccination. At what point however are we willing to recognize and accept the very clear fact that simply because our own children seem to have fared well, doesn’t mean the vaccines are altogether safe for all children?

    Just as we can understand that even before the invention of vaccines when diseases swept through the nation (though living conditions were certainly far worse back then), not every individual under the same roof was going to contract the disease (even with polio). Our individual immune systems and genetics had (and still have) everything to do with it. And the more unhealthy things we put into our bodies, the least likely we will be able to fend off diseases when they come.

    So at what point do we come together and collectively demand a pre-screening procedure, especially since bills like SB277 have passed here in California mandating vaccinations as a requirement for daycare and public/private school entry? At what point do we recognize the irony of such bills in claiming that unvaccinated children are a public health threat, meanwhile we know of the science behind ‘vaccine-shedding’. That is, even if a child shows no symptoms of the (namely) live-virus disease to which they’ve just been vaccinated against, they are nonetheless harboring the live virus in their throat and are thus very contagious for the first few weeks after; the very reason why immuno-compromised patients are instructed by their doctors to stay away from children who have recently been vaccinated.

    Many of us on both sides will say we believe in the right to choice, but how many of us who have made the choice to vaccinate are still standing up for those who have made the choice not to? How many vaccine proponents are willing to prove that support and sign petitions like the one I am sharing in this post on

    Vaccination is a one-size-fits-all medical procedure, which we seem to forget, and the only one of its kind that does not come with any genetic or family history pre-screening. So if we are going to take the risk that it is, though these risks are greatly downplayed, we have to be able to collectively look at the facts as provided by the CDC. These facts/risks clearly acknowledge the countless claims and compensations for irreversible injuries, cases of neurological disorders (including Autism), autoimmune conditions in addition to the many deaths that have followed vaccinations.

    When you run the math (based on the number of claims provided by the CDC) over the course of the last two and half decades, those classified as “severe” (e.g. resulting in hospitalization and/or death) you land somewhere in the MILLIONS ballpark. And I think we should all be able to agree that this is way too many to ignore. I am not “anti” anything. In fact I understand very well the concept of building a stronger resistance to a full blown disease with a vaccine, but with an ingredient list as it currently stands and the known injuries/deaths we have seen as a result of that list, I have to ask the question: “at what cost?” for infectious diseases that the CDC state on their website are “rarely fatal”? The odds of our children being struck by lightning over dying of measles are in fact higher.

    Yes, it is absolutely a wonderful thing when our children are not a victim of any adverse reaction (worst being death) to a vaccine or more, but does that mean we shouldn’t care about those that have been and will be? We cannot keep pushing the argument that “this study proved this” and “that study proved that” when we have all the information we need staring right at us in the form of $3 billion dollars’ worth of compensation paid out for the very same things these studies have attempted to deny and refute. We must use critical thinking here in-spite of what we would like to believe and the trust we want to place in the results of these studies. We must want the better alternatives for ourselves and each other.

    In this debate we have seen both sides; the “pro-vaxxers” and “anti-vaxxers” attack the other with some of the same counterproductive stereotypes and accusations that have gotten us nowhere. I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of it. I’m tired of us believing that we should be fighting over vaccines and who’s “right” and “wrong”. I’m tired of us believing the lie that we are not on the same team simply because we are making different choices as a result of the research and beliefs we each hold surrounding vaccines as they stand.

    * Outstanding health for ourselves and children
    * The right to retain our constitutional rights
    * The right to send our children to school freely
    * Medical integrity and vaccine transparency
    * Pharmaceutical liability
    * Cooperative and compassionate communities working together towards progress…

    Don’t we see by now that we all want the same things? I want to a take a moment to draw on the food industry and the progress we continue to see with our collective efforts to have made it better. We raised HELL against Monsanto! We stood in the streets with our signs and demanded transparency and full disclosure on packaged labels with the foods we are purchasing and consuming. We didn’t allow the government and media to peg us against one another the way we have seen in this vaccine divide.

    No one was standing up casting stones, shame, and blame on other parents and families for their food choices. We all felt betrayed by our food industry. We stood united, recognizing that we all wanted the same thing. And look what we got as a result of those collective efforts? Way more foods and labeled packages on the shelves proudly stating: “Organic” & “Free-of: GMOs, Added Hormones and steroids, MSG, Artificial colors, Artificial preservatives” etc. Wouldn’t we agree that this is progress? And how could we have done so without spreading awareness and then building upon that awareness with a united front required for achieving such change?

    I’m tired of the division and the hypocrisy on both sides of this vaccine debate. I’m tired of the labels and the low blows. I’m tired of the anger. I’m tired of the hatred and I’m tired of defending. I think most of us are by now…I’ve seen the frustration of parents on social media, stating “enough is enough”. We don’t want to have to keep seeing one vaccine post after another trying to push an agenda on us.

    But the reality is, silence does not pave the way for progress. And true progress only happens when we stop believing the lie that tells us we are separated, isolated, meat-machines made for an economy of competition built on our own ‘human nature’ that seeks the never ending accumulation of wealth and dominance over others in order to be happy. This is the biggest, fattest lie that we have ever believed. The Truth is that we are One Unit, operating on One universal energetic field where all of our individual thoughts and actions affect the whole. And by human nature we are compassionate, cooperative beings. It is built into our DNA and the DNA of mammals and fish that we share thousands of genes with to be communal, feeling-based beings. So where does progress begin? In our hearts. Remembering that we are One Race meant to love and care for each other and our planet earth. Progress begins with a shift in our consciousness. It begins with critical thinking and only becomes fully executed with the collective actions of many.

    Over the weekend I watched an incredible documentary called “I AM” by former film director and producer, Tom Shadyac, a man who experienced a deep awakening following a concussion from a bike accident. I strongly encourage every one of you reading these words to look it up on Netflix and watch it. It is unrelated to vaccines, nonetheless I feel compelled to share it as he starts off on a quest to discover what is wrong with the world, and in the process ends up discovering what is right with it. The answer is one in the same.

    Here was a man who had everything money could buy. He believed in the lie, as many of us do, that we are separated from one another, thriving on survival of the fittest in a man-eat-man economy and consumeristic world that has dictated how we should view ourselves. He speaks with scientists, psychologists, and spiritual sages alike, all around the world, and the results are everything that we don’t only want to believe about our human nature, but that we should believe, because “We Are”. “I AM” helps us remember what we intuitively know yet have been socially trained to resist and deny.

    It is a shift in Consciousness that humanity ultimately needs in order to survive and continue progressing at quicker speeds than we have been doing. The science of: “Out of Chaos comes Order” is truly highlighted in this documentary in a very remarkable way with technologies that are able to track and measure our cooperative and compassionate nature as a whole as well as our (what may be called) ‘psychic’, instinctual senses in registering information moments before an event happens.

    They demonstrate technology like ‘number generators’ around the world chaotically spitting out thousands of random numbers across the screens reflecting the chaotic energies circulating this collective energetic field we share and with events like 9/11 there comes about an immediate order of those numbers across every screen (zeros and ones) as a response to our one collective energy field being united in vibration, heart, and purpose.

    “We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world.” Russian Scientist- Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

    This is huge considering the study of consciousness affecting our human reality has been untouched in the scientific community for so long. Naturally, the untrained human eye cannot see subtle light energy, and so the world of the unseen forces upon us is very difficult for us to mentally grasp without the means of scientific measurement to confirm what is happening. Thus, such experiments using bioelectrophotography and similar technologies are helping act as the bridge between our physical reality and the unseen world of energy and consciousness, so elaborately first proposed by Albert Einstein himself.

    Built within us, by nature of our DNA, is the natural inclination towards community, compassion, and love for one another. Such inclinations have also been studied among various species of birds, mammals, and fish as well. So when we can get back to the basics of who we are, we will realize how much we need each other and it won’t take catastrophic and tragic events like 9/11 and all the terrorist shootings, even vaccine injuries and deaths to bring us together and keep us together as The One Unit we are.

    Events and social conditions like these are (from a human perspective) driven by fear, power, and greed-fueled mental illnesses. We have all been plagued with a touch of that mental illness the minute we believed the Lie that we are against one another, separate of each other made to compete and dominate. I hope and pray that each of you reading will not only recognize within yourself the truth that is there, but find the courage to also take a stand in support of the whole, in this and in all things.

    Take a stand for the push for GREEN VACCINE plant-based technology which definitely exists, though Big Pharma aren’t utilizing the technology.

    Take a stand for Pharmaceutical transparency and liability, especially with such bills like SB277 that have enforced mandated vaccinations for school entry. Let’s get this 30 year old National Vaccine Injury Act revoked! Count the blessing of your child not being adversely affected by a vaccine(s), while also taking a stand for those who have and will be. Take a stand for allergy testing and genetic screening prior to vaccinations. Take a stand for the whole unit that we are seeking a better, cleaner, safer planet to live on for all of us.

    Let’s remember that regardless of our differences among our spiritual and/or philosophical beliefs, ethnicities, cultures, traditions, and color of our skin; we are all ONE HUMAN RACE, and on the same team here, fighting to keep the same rights as we halt the efforts of the ‘mentally-ill’ individuals trying to suppress and take away our rights. Can you imagine the message it would send the vaccine makers and government to see us standing on a united front with this? Can you even imagine? It’s not just some utopian fantasy dream. It’s a real possibility, given our real human nature and inclination to do so. I am holding the vision for it and I won’t let it go until it has reached fruition. Will you join me? Please sign this petition.

    With all my sincerest gratitude…


    We understand that some people are not comfortable signing petitions, but we each have a responsibility to take action on issues like these in order to make a true difference. Below is a letter in PDF format that you may download, print, and send off to your local representatives, news paper editors, new stations, etc.

    This is a hot button issue that many reporters may be interested in. Not to mention, letters like these mailed directly to the offices of our senators and representatives send a much more powerful message than petitions alone. Legislators like hearing from their constituents and you may be the one they are thanking for informing them of things they were entirely unaware of with regard to vaccines.

    Please take action with us in creating the awareness and momentum needed to challenge this entire system in all its wrongful ways; to provide better, safer, cleaner, greener vaccines for all of us.

    ****   The Need for Green Vaccines   ****



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