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Happily Ever After… Flash-Forward!

Written by: Naomi Goodale Sitting here in the peaceful breeze and comfort of my own backyard. Coffee in hand and the warmth of the sun on my face. Writing up a blog post on my phone as my sweet Sophia, almost a year old already, crawls around in the grass—always on an adventure enjoying the

It’s NOT Your Fault

by Darcy Nichole So, it’s been a while. Quite a while… but I’m happy to be back. I really truly love writing as an outlet. To be able to actually sit down alone with my thoughts is seriously unheard of in my life at this point. So this is nice. And whether you read this and relate or

Carnitas Snack Shack

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Carnitas Snack Shack is a fast casual restaurant that I have loved for many years, but have been hesitant to post about. I’ve probably been there close to two dozen times, and every single time the meal is flawless. However, this is not a hidden jem. Most of the

You Are Not Your Body

Written by: Preston Skye Soriano Like a lot of women, I grew up with a horrible self image. When I was eleven, I had a friend tell me that I was going to stay fat because I still had my baby belly. At eleven, my entire view of myself had changed and would never be the same. From there, I started

Happy Hour at Fish 101

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Situated at the north end of Coast Highway 101 in Leucadia is an awesome little joint called Fish 101. They have great indoor and outdoor seating and one of the best happy hours in town! Well, their entire menu is actually extremely delicious, fresh, and unmuddled

To Be or Not to Be…

Written by: Darcy Nichole That is the question. And you know what? YOU have the power to decide. It’s funny thinking about this concept. For the last 5 years having kids, my whole life was turned upside down very quickly. We were in survival mode. I felt like i had no control in my life and

Valle De Guadalupe – Wine tasting in Baja Mexico

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk I instantly fell in awe of the beautiful vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe. It is a region in Ensenada, Mexico which is now attracting wine makers from around the world. In the 1900’s Christians from Russia settled in Valle de Guadalupe. They farmed vineyards

Don’t You Dare

Written by: Naomi Goodale What is it about our human tendency to judge? We want to judge anything and everything that we possibly can. Worst of all-ourselves and each other. Like a vicious soul-sucking cycle we are constantly focused on each other. We see a lot of this in the parent-shaming world.

13 Years and 3 Kids Later…

Written by: Darcy Nichole  “You cannot sit back and hope for a happy marriage, you have to create one.” I just recently read this and couldn’t agree more. Almost 14 years and 3 kids later, I’ve definitely learned a few things about being married. I am by NO MEANS an expert,

Whispers of Mana – A New Book Series

Written by: Preston Skye Soriano Hello everyone! This is bit of a more personal post today. I have written and published a new book called Servitude, which is the first of my series Whispers of Mana. This is an epic fantasy story that centers around a character named Saria who becomes traumatized

A Recipe // Pistachio + Cranberry Yogurt Bark

Written by: Jen Schachtebeck Quick and easy—a recurring theme in my food lately, as most of my time and attention is focused on Margot these days: making sure she’s not pulling up on anything dangerous or making sure she’s not putting anything dangerous in her mouth…really easy

Let It Be

Written by: Darcy Nichole Chaos. If could describe my life with my boys in one word, it would be that. If I could describe it in two words, it would be awesome chaos. My day to day is nothing short of extremely eventful and nonstop running around. Whether it´s changing diapers, cleaning up poop

“Off With Her Head!” –Our Gender Reveal!

Written by: Naomi Goodale YES!!! We are having our 3RD GIRL, Lord help us! And thankfully I am not married to Henry VIII or my head would be toast for it! And if you didn’t know already and you’re wondering, I’ll just come right out and say it—no, we weren’t trying… not even a

On Slow Living and Being Present

Written by: Jen Schachtebeck Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to be more present; something that’s proven to be somewhat difficult when it means having to ignore that habitual need to pick up my phone, only to find myself aimlessly scrolling through photos on Instagram of someone

Hair Wars

Written by: Darcy Nichole In the spirit of ‘May the Fourth be With You’ yesterday, I have dedicated today’s blog to Hair Wars. I get stopped a lot regarding my hair. I’m often asked if it’s all mine, or if they are extensions, how long it took me to grow it out, how to

The Red Pill: Reality vs. Mysticism

Preface: Last week, we posted a blog titled “Dear Atheist” by one of our writer’s Naomi. The purpose of her blog was not to convert anyone, but simply lay out views and question the other side. This week, one of our writer’s Preston, gives her take on what she believes (or

Dear Atheist

Written by: Naomi Goodale Dear Atheist, I would like to share my thoughts with you today. But before I do, please know that what’s to follow is a mere philosophical/personal perspective that has nothing to do with matters of “right” and “wrong” thinking, simply

Up Up and A.. WAIT!!!

Written by: Darcy Nichole A crisp blue ocean, white sandy beaches, a breeze that can only be described as tropical… and I mean you can actually smell the leaves, and the trees, and the green mixed with the salty ocean air. It constantly fills your senses with a sense of relaxation. It’s just

A Recipe // Coconut + Chocolate Mini Tarts

Written by: Jen Schachtebeck C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E. Need I say more? My husband and I happily indulged in a mini tart to ourselves late last night, and man were they smooth and decadent, not to mention, so delicious. These tarts are healthfully vegan and gluten-free and will be sure to satisfy any

Forever a Mother—Forever Changed….

Written by: Naomi Goodale Although society doesn’t tell us this, being a parent and raising a child IS an accomplishment in and of itself…a BIG one! So, in a very non-morbid kind of way I tend to do this: ‘when I’m on my death bed’ reflection thing…on a fairly regular basis. I suppose

Featured Mama! – Introducing Jen!

**Note from Talia: I’m sure you’re noticing, but we are adding a handful of new mamas to the blog! For this one, I did a little Q&A with our latest blogger from Canada– We are really looking forward to more posts from you, Jen!<3 To check out Jen’s blog, click on this

Featured Mama! – Darcy Nichole

Written by: Darcy Nichole As I sit down to write this, I realize I am almost terrified! It’s been so long since I have kept a journal, written something for school or work, or really sat down with my own thoughts in a very long while. Let me introduce myself.  I’m Darcy. Mom of three

Gestational Diabetes

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Boy, that’s not exactly a fun title, right? Most of the time, when you hear things about diabetes, it is in relationship to Type 2 or the applier named “Consumption Diabetes” where poor diet and lifestyle lead to the disease. At the start of my third trimester I

“Insanity is Hereditary— We Inherit it From Our Children”…

Written by: Naomi Goodale Pretty funny! Pretty true right? I saw this quote on a Facebook Friend’s page not too long ago and couldn’t help but laugh out loud as I retraced some of my most insanity-driven moments with Hannah in more recent weeks.  And I should start by saying that

BESTfeeding (and your right to choose)

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I consider myself both intelligent enough and educated enough to know two things: first, that breastfeeding is certainly the best option, and second, that breastfeeding will not be the difference in my child leading a happy, healthy and successful life over one of

Roses Are Dead: Why I Don’t Celebrate Commercial Holidays

Written by: Preston Chapin Soriano With the approach of February stores all around have started pulling out their pink and red decor, pushing once again the pressure of romance on begrudging men and women alike. Hearts and flowers cover red boxes of sweets, cards with generic sentiments line the

Pregnancy: Expectations vs. Reality in my first 6 months

Written by: Allie Lotzgeselle As I am now well into my final trimester, and trying to enjoy my last 10 weeks being pregnant, I thought I would take a little time to reflect on what my first two trimesters were like and what I learned. The first 6 months of my pregnancy were pretty amazing! No

My Favorite Christmas Movies

Written by: Elyse Sinsay Christmas is my favorite holiday. I don’t know/remember if I have mentioned that in my last post, but even if I did, it should be said. It’s an entire month of awesome! There is the food, the special smells, music, decorations, movies, and I thought, yes, movies! Christmas

The Gift of Giving During the Holiday Season

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk We’ve all been in combat mode. Foraging through isles of stores, braving the madness of the malls and even peeping outside windows of our own home waiting impatiently for UPS packages wondering if our packages have been hijacked or if they were delayed due to the

Spicy Corn Dip

By: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Full disclosure: this recipe is neither healthy, nor nutritious. However, it is REALLY, FREAKING, DELICIOUS! My husband got this recipe from his mom, and it is requested that we bring it to most potlucks, parties, or gatherings of any sort. It has a limited number of

The Voice

Written by: Kelly Maughan An old Cherokee told his grandson “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, empathy, and truth.” The boy thought

December Nights in Balboa Park

Written by: Elyse Sinsay Living in San Diego, I feel that we have a multitude of options for Christmas activities/viewing options. Each year it gets bigger and better too. I love it. But living here my whole life there has been one thing that I have yet to participate in. Be it because my parents

Holiday Traveling With Little Ones

Written by: Pamela Harper Flying with two littles…it’s not for the feint of heart.  My little pepper pot Leela is going to be 3 in January and my busy bee Hudson is 9 months old. I’m originally born and raised in Michigan and now live in Valencia, California with my Husband Bryan.

Our Children Don’t Owe Us Anything

Written by: Preston Chapin Soriano Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Whether it be a happy surprise or a planned event, you are now expecting a little bundle of joy. For those of you who are excited about the prospect of parenting, big hopes and dreams for your child are inevitable. With those

Christmas Traditions: Sinsay Edition

Written By: Elyse Sinsay Here in the Sinsay house, we take Christmas pretty seriously. It all starts and builds up at Halloween, all the way to game time, the show, where it all goes down, CHRISTMAS. All of that is because of me, because when I was growing up, Christmas was the one time of year

Loving Yourself As A Loner

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk Do you ever seem to be pulled in a million different directions at the same time, yet none of these movements seem to be progressing forward. It’s a tug of war with all of the obligations you have not only to yourself, but to others as well. I tend to put others