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The Crack Shack

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle As you may have figured out by now, my husband and I are serious foodies. We love all food- crappy, unhealthy, fast food, ultra-luxurious cheffy food, and everything in between. Alas! There is a restaurant that exemplifies our favorites from both ends of the

Best Maui Eats

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I’ve been going to Maui for the last 15 years or so, and we always stay at the southern part of the island in the Kihei and Wailea areas. The west side of the island, Lahaina and Ka’anapali are of course nice as well, they are simply MUCH more crowded and where

Hudson Takes On Hawaii

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Well, we officially survived our first travel experience with a baby! I’m fairly sure my nerves and anxiety about the flight took a couple of years off my life, but we all made it to and from Maui safe and without a planeload of passengers cursing us. Not only was

Carnitas Snack Shack

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Carnitas Snack Shack is a fast casual restaurant that I have loved for many years, but have been hesitant to post about. I’ve probably been there close to two dozen times, and every single time the meal is flawless. However, this is not a hidden jem. Most of the

Baby’s First Time at the Birch

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle For most San Diegans, the Birch Aquarium is a familiar name. We may not visit it often, but it is certainly a San Diego feature we have all heard of. In an effort to spend more time appreciating all the amazing sites and scenes our beautiful city has to offer, my

7 Weeks Old & Sleeping Through the Night

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Whenever someone asks if my nearly 5 month old sleeps through the night, I tell them the truth: my son has been sleeping through the night since he was 7 weeks old. They are even more surprised when they probe further and find out that by “sleeping through the

Happy Hour at Fish 101

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Situated at the north end of Coast Highway 101 in Leucadia is an awesome little joint called Fish 101. They have great indoor and outdoor seating and one of the best happy hours in town! Well, their entire menu is actually extremely delicious, fresh, and unmuddled

My Favorite Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I’m not sure how to describe this recipe. It sort of vaguely reminds me of a carbonara, but is actually really healthy and extremely easy! We have actually made this plenty of times with just leftover chicken from the night before or even rotisserie chicken. If you

Reflections on Father’s Day

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle When sitting and reminiscing about our new memories the last few months since the birth of our son, I can’t help but feel more emotional about the impending Father’s Day holiday than I did even about my first Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because I spend all day, every

My Obsession With Shutterfly

Written by Alexandra Lotzgeselle Who doesn’t love to break out the photo albums once in awhile and reminisce about happy memories? Growing up, my sister and I would often times get out my parents old yearbooks and photos, and loved to look at their pictures from their younger days. Because of

Must Haves For the New Mom

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle It can be really overwhelming for a new mom to figure out exactly what it is she really needs for her new baby. Registries are jam-packed with a million different “must have” gadgets and trinkets that they claim you have to buy, but it’s hard to sift through and

Birthday Perfection at Pacific Coast Grill

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Let me start by saying, I do not enjoy big birthday bashes. I don’t enjoy having all the attention on me, and would much rather do something small and relaxed to celebrate. This year I got just that. This past Saturday I got to spend a perfect birthday with my

Taste Of Leucadia

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle This is now the third one of these restaurant tasting “food-crawls” that I’ve done. I’ve tasted Downtown San Diego and Cardiff in prior years. This one was interesting because Leucadia is such a small area, so it’s relatively easy and practical to actually make it

Our Greatest Adventure – Welcome Hudson Robert !

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle My world just got a whole lot smaller! On Monday, February 29th, my husband and I welcomed into the world our son and new obsession, Hudson Robert. Our little “leaper”, as Leap Day babies are apparently called, was born via cesarean (he was breech) at 7lbs,13oz.

Gestational Diabetes

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Boy, that’s not exactly a fun title, right? Most of the time, when you hear things about diabetes, it is in relationship to Type 2 or the applier named “Consumption Diabetes” where poor diet and lifestyle lead to the disease. At the start of my third trimester I

BESTfeeding (and your right to choose)

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I consider myself both intelligent enough and educated enough to know two things: first, that breastfeeding is certainly the best option, and second, that breastfeeding will not be the difference in my child leading a happy, healthy and successful life over one of

Super Simple Side Dish: Dill Roasted Cauliflower

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Here is another one of my absolute favorite super simple side dishes. Again, I am slightly embarrassed to call this an actual recipe, as there are so few steps and ingredients, but the dish is delicious, incredibly easy, and heats up for leftovers really well as an

New Year’s Road-Trippin’

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle As an inherent adventure seeker,  it seemed fitting to start 2016 off with a little mini-adventure up the coast- that is, an 8 hour road trip up to the Monterey Peninsula being 30 weeks pregnant and in a car with my husband and my parents. If you take away my need

Pregnancy: Expectations vs. Reality in my first 6 months

Written by: Allie Lotzgeselle As I am now well into my final trimester, and trying to enjoy my last 10 weeks being pregnant, I thought I would take a little time to reflect on what my first two trimesters were like and what I learned. The first 6 months of my pregnancy were pretty amazing! No

Spicy Corn Dip

By: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Full disclosure: this recipe is neither healthy, nor nutritious. However, it is REALLY, FREAKING, DELICIOUS! My husband got this recipe from his mom, and it is requested that we bring it to most potlucks, parties, or gatherings of any sort. It has a limited number of

Significant Other Gift Giving: The Universal Stressor (and a possible solution)

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I will start this post by shamelessly saying I, like any other female, love getting gifts. Who doesn’t, right? My husband and I started dating in February of 2010, so by the time Christmas rolled around, we had been together long enough to assume we would get each

Super Simple Side Dish: Roasted Balsamic Broccoli

I definitely do NOT fancy myself a chef by any stretch of the imagination. My husband and I eat out way more than we should, and when we cook at home, he normally handles the proteins. However, I have been known to whip up some tasty side dishes! I’m a big fan of making vegetable dishes that

Splitting Holidays Among Family

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Growing up we had, for the most part, a set of traditions for where holidays were spent. The biggest of the holidays being Christmas was spent was split with Christmas Eve being celebrated at my paternal grandparents with all my aunts uncles and cousins from my

My Top 10 Low-Maintenance Beauty Finds

Written by: Alexandra  Lotzgeselle When it comes to beauty products, I find that 85% of the time, they don’t work the way they’re supposed to. You spend a ton of money on some magic elixir, and if it ever works the way it’s advertised, after a few uses it seems that your skin

DIY Baby Shower Gift Tutorial

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I love a good DIY…when it doesn’t require a degree in mechanical engineering to figure out, that is. This is a two-parter, and the second half can obviously be adjusted to any theme other than just a baby shower. I first came up with this for my sister-in-law’s

Why Traveling Makes You A Better Version of Yourself

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle I have, as long as I can remember, been inflicted with an incurable case of wanderlust. I love adventure, I love traveling, and I love always having a trip to look forward to. I could never be one of those people that are content just staying in one place. While I

48 Hours in Austin

Written by: Alexandra Lotzgeselle Over Labor Day weekend my husband, parents and I flew to Austin for my cousins wedding. We had originally planned on trying to make a longer trip of it, but with other vacations coming up and holiday pricing on airfare and hotels, we unfortunately had to settle for

Meet Alli!

Hello to all! My name is Alexandra (friends often call me Alli) and I want to start by saying I am so very happy to be a part of such a wonderful blog that celebrates strong and thoughtful women. I am 26, live in Escondido, California and will soon be celebrating my second wedding anniversary. I