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Big Wong – Las Vegas Eats

Three times with this place! Big Wong in Las Vegas towards Chinatown. My cousin Nick swore by it. Said it was “one of the best places to go to for Chinese food and very inexpensive!” He wasn’t kidding. Here’s the location for your GPS needs: 5040 Spring Mountain Rd Las

A Time to Be Born, A Time to Die – Saying Goodbye To Lola

This past Sunday I was awoken to a call from Manila. My uncle let me know that my grandmother had passed away at 84. My heart sank and then immediately jumped to my throat. Instead of tears and angst I had to compose myself since my kids were already in my room as soon as I hung up the phone,

Denventures Continued

Today I wanted to share some more adventures from Denver. For how short my visit with Jenna was we certainly packed in some yummy food! After Red Rocks we took a trip to a place called Katsu Ramen. If you find yourself in Denver this place should definitely be on your list. It’s a little spot

Red Rock Park

Today’s post is gonna be a short one because I’m driving across the country right now. Over the weekend I flew to Denver, Colorado and spent he day with our amazing cousin Jenna. We had a lot of fun together and the very first thing we did was visit Red Rocks park. We did a mini hike (I

Zero-Waste Sewing

Evening! Ive got a bit of a later evening tutorial for all the lovely crafters out there. This is a beginner level tutorial that takes an advanced level of patience. Bias binding is the perfect way to finish off project edges (i.e. sleeveless shirts/dresses/skirt hems etc.). In this tutorial

Forever Boiling Bubbles: A Guide to Making Your Own Tapioca Pearls

Good morning! I’ve got a great lil’ recipe/tutorial for you! Today’s lesson is in tapioca balls. Aka bubble tea. Aka the most amazing little pearls of joy. It’s wayyy too easy to write a bunch of ball jokes rn so early in the morning so I’ll spare you. Ok so grab your

Meet Yer Meat and Other New (Mostly) Food Based Jewelry

Hey Tals! I’m almost shocked that you got in there and dug around for compost. Impressed, really! Can’t wait to try out some of your yummy veggies this summer. You ¬†better save me an artichoke. ūüėÄ Today’s post will be kinda short, too. I’ve got quite a week ahead of me still

Van’s End & The Piercening!

Hey Tals! I know it’s been a minute since my last post but this past couple of weeks have been hectic to say the least. I found out that the van that got us through winter would not be legal to drive anymore. Sadly, the dang thing just won’t pass the NY state inspection and

Dim Sum Date

Hey Tals. I’m glad you shared your experiences with Elsa. You know, I was so young even when you would tell me the stories about her as a kid I had a hard time imagining what that was like for the both of you. I guess as the baby of the family I really lucked out. Yaya Linda is still working

Spring and Things

Hey Tals! I’m sure you’ve been wondering why I haven’t had the chance to post lately… Sorry. I definitely kept up on your adventures in the Philippines and loved looking at all the pics (Amelia crushed it there for sure!). It was so nice to see the homeland again even if it

A Very Special Birthday Message

Dear Talia, I thought I’d go sentimental today and say HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!¬†I hope you are planning something fun for the big 3-0! On this special day I thought it would be cool to do a look back on your life. Although I wasn’t around for the first two years of it, I’m so glad we

Hollandaise For Days

Hey Tals! Super jealous about your upcoming trip! Mom called and let me know the details. Sounds like it’s going to be a good trip. Say “Hi!” to all the fmaily for me. One of these days we’ll get Otto out there to see the rest of the Soriano-Revilla clan. He’s gonna

Streets of Toledo

Hey Tals! A little flashback post today. Remember last year when you called and asked if I could take some time off and fly to Spain with you? Man I wish that happened. Arguing aside, I think we had a pretty good time back in 2009. ¬†Surely the next time I’d like to check out some more museums

Accessorize & Organize

Evening Tals! Nice marital advice. Haha. In this house, make-out-monday would be trouble. One baby is all we need right now (and possibly forever…). Otto has been keeping me on my toes a lot more since you last saw him. He is such a little run-around that by the end of the day we’re

Empanadventure! (Video!)

Whew! Hey Tals. Thanks for being so patient with me this week. I finally finished editing the images and video (and a GIF, just for the hell of it). Now my empanada tutorial is ready to be unleashed onto the world! Now, I’ve never made Pinoy empanadas before but I have been craving them and

UFO’s: Conquered

Hey Tals! I’m sure you feel a lot better after getting all that out of your system. Of course there’s no way you can go into a discussion like this expecting to change someone else’s mind but it’s good that you found a platform to speak your peace. Also you came at things

A Kitchen, A Growler and A Wardrobe

Morning! Loved seeing those winery photos! Looks like y’all had a great time¬†and I’m glad you’ve made some new buddies, too. I know it’s been tough for you lately. Same here. Although you are much better at socializing than me. We’ll both manage all right either

Goodbye 2014

Tallllls, Snow?!?! I can’t believe it. When was the last time it snowed in San Diego?? I remember it hailed once when I was in 6th or 7th grade but that’s crazy! It didn’t even snow on Christmas for us but I guess next week it’ll drop into the single digits so…

Christmas Cheer

Hi there Tals! Sorry I’ve been MIA this past week but as you know, we were hosting Christmas at the house (another first for us) and all last week was prep. Cleaning house and wrapping up gifts, setting up the tree and cooking. Everything turned out pretty good all in all! We went so all out

Wear The Iron Throne and Own It

Talsss! Oh Dad. He’s usually so on point with his aesthetic but a man purse?? From Coach??? Hahaha. Where are our stockings from back in the day? Mom must have them around somewhere. Or maybe you do since you have all of Mom’s crocheted ornaments? Did Jed and Preston come up too? Are

Winter W(h)ine

Hey! That video was great! I know you went through so much to get that dang gun. BUT that’s a good thing. It would be super concerning if you just walked in and out same day. That gun license test is bananas easy. I remember last time when I went to the gun range with Dad in San Bruno I

Denim Gets In Your Eyes

Hey Tals! Definitely laughed reading your last blurb! These kids just don’t understand what “wine time” is supposed to be like. At least you made a valiant effort with the activities. Even as a grown up making a gingerbread house can be frustrating. Even sadder, it usually ends up

Woven Dream Dress

Tals! So great to see all those vow renewal pictures together. Really puts the whole day in perspective. It’s so hard to step back and take in the whole picture when we were so focuses on everything else. How does the table look? What time will people be showing up? Where does this or that

Wine Time

Hey Tals! As I sit here eating my second slice of *gasp* store bought pumpkin pie, I’m wondering where the time went. We successfully hosted Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday and it was surprisingly smooth sailing! Unfortunately I didn’t take any personal photos since I was busy most of

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Hey Tals! Sorry I couldn’t write to you yesterday. We are hosting our very first Thanksgiving lunch/dinner tomorrow and this week has been a ¬†lot of planning. Thanks Jeff for convincing me to¬†sign up for Pintrest.) I’m going to need to devote a whole post in response to yours but for

Crazee Burger, Tiger! Tiger!

Morning Tals! Thanks for sharing your Harley stories. It’s so sad to lose him but he at least he was loved all the way until the end. (Maybe we all got real furious at him at points but how can you stay mad at such a handsome pup?) He will always live on in our hearts¬†in both the¬†good

Bakery Snaps

Hi Tals! I stinking love those costumes. Amelia makes a great Elsa but and even better Zombie Princess! Sebastian is perfect, too. That mustache is amazing. We didn’t get a chance to do any Halloween fun this year what with Brendan working in the morning and me closing the bakery round


Hey there! Another quick post today. Just showing off a bit of progress I’ve made on a new quilt. This is called a “Modern Plus Quilt”¬†and it consists of two rainbow jelly rolls and some black cotton fabric. Because I don’t have an entire room for design layout this quilt

A High Dose Of Otto To Shake Off The Blues

Hey Tals. I know it’s been a rough week for the both of us. I’m going to keep this post short, sweet and full of Ottobot to maybe cheer you up a bit. I talked to Mom & Dad again the other night and we were reminiscing about Harley’s wild past. All the times he’s run

Fall For Tropical Vibes

Good morning! Otto woke me up nice and early today so now that we’re both done eating and someone’s got a new diaper I can finally get around to posting! I’m loving all the videos you’ve been doing. Sebastian and the dreaded nap is something familiar. At this point

A Visit To The Oriental House

Hey Tals! I can’t even with that dancing Sebastian. He and Amelia make such a great pair of siblings! Getting so so excited for this trip we’ve got coming up. I wanted to post a little more about our trip down to Pine Bush today. I didn’t even get the chance to say so but Michelle

Leave No Project Unfinished

Morning Tals! I am already getting ready for our visit! Can’t believe we’ll get to see y’all in two weeks! It’s going to be so crazy. Are you ready for the whole family to be in your new home? Haha. I think this vacation is coming at just the right time. I need a little

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation: Sew It All Away

Morning Tals! I can’t believe what happened to you! Mom didn’t call me but, yeah, she probably didn’t want¬†me to worry in case it wasn’t as serious as you thought. Of course we’re so glad it wasn’t. I hope it’s only good news when you go in for your MRI. I


Hi There Tals! Long time, no post for me. Sorry again. It’s all because of Comic Con. I’m getting crazy excited for it but there’s still so much work that I need to do! Currently I need to install a separating zipper, collar, heavy duty snaps, paint (and seal), add buckles,

Mellow Yellow

Talia! I can’t believe your outfits. So spot on for everyone. I think we need to find Otto’s “fountain of happiness”. Who knows? It might even be a fountain, too. His smile really says it all, too. That look of complete and utter joy. Oh if only we could find such genuine

Halloween Hang-out-fit

Natalia! I seriously cannot stand Sebastian’s cuteness anymore! You might hate the haircut right now but he looks absolutely perfect. He can’t be an Asian boy unless he’s had at least¬†one¬†home made bowl cut. Remember Jed’s hair when it was like that?!?! Hahah. I love it and