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Leggings As Pants: Don’t Hide It

Morning Tals! Thanks for holding down the fort this last few days. We have been moving, moving, moving and there’s still more to do this afternoon. Of course now that we have Otto once again after a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s we won’t be able to get quite as much done. I am

Why Do They Do That?

Afternoon Tals! So glad to finally be able to post some behind the scenes stuff. Usually it’s too late to take photos when I tend to get so engrossed in my work. More of that to come later. 🙂 I can’t believe more ladies don’t send their significant other to buy pads/tampons.

Sewing Daze

Dear Tals, Happy Easter! We missed you and I can’t believe that it was already a year ago that we stayed with you and took those amazing pictures of Amelia and Otto (in a bow tie!). So glad we got to FaceTime with you and the whole family. I seriously miss your babies so much! You all of

Throwing It Back

Dear Tals, I can only imagine the parking frustrations you have moving from San Diego. I remember clear as day, a few weeks before I moved up to SF you told me, “Becca. Finding parking in San Francisco is like gold. You probably don’t want to take your car.” You were right.

Checking Out The New Place

Good Afternoon Tals, Thanks for covering for me yesterday. I can’t keep my days straight now that I’m not working. Everything just blends together. Man it’s been a wild couple of days. The weather out here has been completely insane. The last two days it was 70+ and today? 40 and

One Top: Three Ways

Dear Talia, I’m getting really excited about the show! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I also just realized that it is coming up in one month (switched the dates to May 10th & 11th because of scheduling stuff). I have quite a bit of work to do. I blocked out some time today to get

Tangerine Weather

Dear Talia, I miss you all! Amelia is always so clever and I wonder where she gets it from?? ? Ha ha. The wedding location looks so charming. I’d love to take Otto there when he gets older. He’s been obsessing over Thomas the Tank Engine (non-CG episodes) for weeks now. One of the only

Bright Stripe and Shoe Dreams

Dear Talia, THOSE PANTS! That top is adorable too. You’re rocking it in nice weather. I can wear that kind of outfit here,  except between shoots I’d be throwing on layerssss. As far as “getting fancy” more goes, I’m working on it. My biggest issue with fancy is that

Romping Around A New City

Dear Talia, I was SO tempted to buy the same maxi dress when I saw it at Target. I just don’t know if I can pull off a maxi. You’re way better in heels than I am. You know me too so I like the boots/leather jacket combo a bit better. Please excuse the lack of posting over the past few

The Final Days and What’s to Come Next

Dear Talia, Ultra high five! I know it probably wouldn’t look good for your business to send something like that out but I know how you feel. I wish I could send it for you! She seems too spacey and disorganized for the profession. I don’t understand how a “professional”

Packing and Russian Grandmothers?

Dear Talia, As you know by now the kids are alive and well and yes, Otto does have a strong immune system. It’s always nice to see all the kiddos together even if they don’t quite know how to “play nice” yet. Amelia tried her very best to be patient and Sebastian and dad

Kind of Untitled

Dear Talia, Periods, amirite? The best part about being pregnant is that you don’t ruin any underwear for over a year! I wouldn’t be ashamed about wearing a pad though now that it’s come back. I haven’t used a tampon in years and it’s really not that life changing save