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Oonies Inflator! – Fun Crafts for Kids

The kids had so much fun with the Oonies Inflator set, and we wanted to share that with you here, with a video! You can find this toy at Michael’s or Amazon. Be sure to purchase the pack with the INFLATOR device — We made the mistake of buying the REFILL pack, setting up their

Wild and Crazy Curls For Kids! – Fun Hairstyles for Children (video)

I wanted to share a fun hairstyle my daughter has been rockin’ lately. She’s calling it her “wild and crazy curls”. We posted a video below for those who don’t wanna read through, but it’s pretty much as easy as: Shower. Let hair air-dry until it’s just

Making Powerballs – Activities for Kids! (video)

I’ve been meaning to share this fun activity the kids were able to do last Spring. We found our Powerballs at Michael’s but if you don’t feel like getting out of the house, you can find them on Amazon. The activity itself took up 2 hours because you have to give at least 10-20

Echo & Rig // Las Vegas Eats

Jeff and I had a Saturday off recently and decided to check out Echo & Rig in Tivoli Village! We kept hearing about this place and thought it was about time we gave it a try. Selected the two mot popular/best items on the menu: Their Short Rib Hash and Salmon Benedict with Potato Pancakes. Oh.

Frogs Leap Winery, Napa CA (video!)

Some highlights from an amazing Spring day in Rutherford — Napa County. Jeff and I celebrating my passing the WSET Level 2 exam! I would blog more, but I set up a video, and I think that trumps reading. 😉 Enjoy! ^Abbie the Winery Dog

Whole Foods – Macaron and Mochi Bar!

We’ve been taking advantage of these hot hot days in Las Vegas with visits to the ice cream mochi bar – and macaron bar! – at Wholefoods!

Real Life Play Dates (video!)

When you have weekdays pretty much off and the shenanigans start. Real life play dates are so much more fun when the “park” is your back yard and there was zero effort made in having to load five kids in to a car or go anywhere. So nice. We had the entire day off and chose to

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

This week was exhausting to say the least. Started off in Anaheim last Tuesday with a Disneyland wedding, then off to San Francisco with another wedding — back to Vegas for 2 days and off to San Diego for a wedding and two sessions. Yeeeahh… that 6 day back and forth took a whole lot

A Few More Wrinkles But A Thousand More Memories – Things You Learn After Years Together

A few more wrinkles but a thousand more memories. We’ve been “putting up with one another” for over 10 years babe! How is it even possible to be more in love with you than when we were first dating? Marriage is a “learn on the job” proposition. None of us comes into it with

Balsamic Roast Beef (Video) Slow Cooker Recipe !

Sharing another crock pot recipe.. this time, we made enough for 3-4 days worth, and usually with meals like this where I want there to be days of left overs, I find saucy dishes. Dishes that are reviewed to taste better with time.. and this one did not disappoint! Found it on ,

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Parmesan (video!)

Deets is on the blog and vlog today ready to share a yummy Parmesan Brussel Sprouts Recipe we got from Shawn at IWASHYOUDRY <3 Just wanted to share since it’s so easy to make and we’ve had this a couple times now! Yes, the kids have been eating veggies and loving it lately. It feels

Firefly – Best Tapas in Las Vegas, NV (Video!)

Jeff and I have a favorite spot here in Vegas. It’s never a dull moment at Firefly. You have to get away from the strip, but it’s not too far. Worth the Uber too if you’re just visiting. Tell the driver “Firefly on Paradise Road!” and you’ll get there with no

Trader Joe Tuesdays – Eggplant Cutlets and Roasted Garlic Marinara

Sharing another favorite from TJs! Not making this one complicated… there’s two things to purchase and there’s too many ways to eat these breaded eggplant cutlets! Video below of what we did: Photos by: Jeffery & Natalia Cruz

Tapeo – Restaurant and Tapas Bar on Newbury Street, Boston MA

This time last week we were packing our bags to head to Boston! Jeff and I had a wedding to photograph out that way, and like I mentioned for the previous blog with the Georgia wedding, we arrived two days earlier to rest up, location scout, and well… try new restaurants. The first two days

Trader Joe’s Tuesday – Fried Halloumi Cheese Goodness (video!)

So this post is a tad self-explanatory. I’m in love with Halloumi Cheese at Trader Joe’s. I’m in love with butter. When they combine, oh em gee. Go getcha some.

Amelia’s First Father-Daughter Dance! (Video!)

Amelia had her very first Father-Daughter dance this past weekend. Whenever Jeff and I are photographing a wedding, there are several moments that get us all choked up. The hand-written vows recited at the ceremony. The toast from the parents. The father seeing his daughter for the first time in

Best Slow Cooker Chicken BBQ // And Zesty Cole Slaw!

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a while since we shared a recipe on this, and I wanted to share a recent favorite: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches along with a Zesty Coleslaw, thanks to my sister-in-law, Preston. My family and I absolutely love it! One of those dishes that you can really have any

Eating Our Way to Eatonton // Ponce City Market // Atlanta, GA

Going back on the previous post, since Jeff and I have only been taking on out-of-town weddings, we were excited to be heading for the first time ever to Georgia. That’s Atlanta, Georgia, not the country Georgia, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. We were flying in

Photo Shoots in Las Vegas (video) – The Vegas Bride vs The California Bride

It’s truly a wonder how I’ve been able to continue booking photo sessions after moving to a different state. I’ve expressed this to my friends over and over… “I.. just…can’t…with…Vegas…brides!” Not all*, but most*. Vegas brides vs

Easter And Updates // Life Since California

Last April of 2016, Jeff and I had just put in an offer to purchase a home in Las Vegas. We were living in California still and I just got back from being away in the Philippines with the kids for close to two months. We had a lot going on, there was about to be a huge change for the entire

Stopping Off at Casa De Fruta

We make the drive to San Francisco so often, several times a year at least. By the time you’re approaching Gilroy (whether coming from San Diego like we used to, and now, Vegas -both an 8-9 hour drive!), there’s only 90 minutes left until our destination. I am always tempted to stop at

Things We Love – Aervana Wine Aerator (video!)

The idea of aerating your wine may seem like a long-winded process, many believe that a wine needs to sit for 30-60 minutes (an hour?!) before being enjoyed. This falls under the same lines as someone saying you need to let your wine “breathe.” Aerating your wine essentially allows the wine itself

Skinny Fats! – Good Eats in Las Vegas, NV (video)

Another highly recommended spot we finally checked out! I’ve been challenging myself to do more videos this year, so sorry that there is a lack of writing lately. I’m trying to see what people prefer more… a 2-3 minute video on a place or a 3-4 written paragraph on it. Perhaps

Wine Tasting at Sanders Family Vineyards! Pahrump, Nevada (video)

Once again some Winter wine tasting – this time at Sanders Family Vineyards — also located in Pahrump Valley. We simply loved it! <3 Video and photos below.   All content and images copyright TheSisterFiles©2017 and cannot be used without expressed permission. Photos and Video

Things We Love – The Best Curler/Straightener for Kids! (Video)

Had to share this from a live tutorial we did last night! Since the video is linked below.<3 The brutal truth about flat irons and hair styling: You’re doing it wrong. And you’re not alone. 71% of women use heat styling irons. And here is the main problem: Heat Abuse. What if I told you: Your

Why Do I Even Bother? Uncomfortable Truths The Need To See The Light

2016 is coming to an end. In the past 6 years I have become an advocate for parental rights when it comes to vaccinations and all the mandates that are coming out. Yes, I admit I’ve been way more vocal* about it in the past couple years than ever before, and this is because I’ve

Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas

The Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas. It’s everything you’ve heard… and not much more. Open 24/7, 365 days on the Las Vegas strip. What made us wander in? I don’t know if it was the lights, the live music, the fact that you can get a sangria with your Taco Bell order…

Wine Wednesdays – Pahrump Winery in Nevada (VIDEO!)

Wine tasting in Nevada! You read that right! Jeff and I took a date day to finally check out Pahrump Valley – about 40 minutes from where we live – and we enjoyed a gorgeous December day that included beautiful weather and free* wine tastings at Pahrump Winery. Yep. You read that right

Things We Love – AnimeJed!

It’s only taken YEARS of convincing (really thought I was more persuasive than that 😉 ) when it came to my brother Jed finally launching his commissions site. He has been a top artist on DeviantArt for quite some time, and has been a full time online-comic artist since he graduated at top of

A Quick Thank You And Some Comforting Words (VIDEO)

I am, at first glance, a “short Asian girl.” I don’t blame you, I won’t call you racist, but that is what I look like if you had 10 seconds to make a call by appearance. Preface on who I am, because my ethnicity seems to have taken a complete 180 in the past year. All my

Grimaldis Pizza in Las Vegas – Good Eats

I can’t think of many combinations better than a refreshing glass of red sangria with a perfect slice of Margherita pizza. Thin crust, charred on the sides just right, with the right crunch as you bite in to it. Grimaldi’s. So happy to have been introduced to you. We have been to this

Hallo-weening in the Newborhood

Do you know what Halloween is usually like for us? Curtains down, lights off, leave the house. We were those people who refused to pass out treats in our previous neighborhoods. 1) it was never safe, there were always incidents and cops called for whatever ghetto reason and 2) we would take our

Half-Assed but Full Glass – Pumpkin Carving with the Kids

We did it. We were one of the millions (I think?) who purchased these $3-$5 pumpkin carving kits, brought them home, read the instructions and thought: this sounds like too much work. We might have accidentally bought the advanced versions because here my kids are just trying to carve eyes and a

Pumpkin Patchin’ in Las Vegas and Some Undeniable Facts

Took the kiddos to the nearest pumpkin patch. Lots of first this year. First Halloween since Jeff and I have been together where we didn’t go to our usual: Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center. It was bittersweet. The trip I had this October to San Diego was a solo trip, so there was no visit. 🙁

Grape Street Cafe – Las Vegas Eats!

I’ve been told by several people out this way to try Grape Street Cafe out in the downtown Summerlin area. Upon arriving and taking 5 seconds to look around, I immediately knew I was about to have a great time, and that I would leave with a satisfied belly. I went with my cousin Nikka, who

Policies Vs Principals – Fighting Fact with Fact

America, have we lost our ever-loving minds? I posted a blog earlier this week with the very title of NOT condoning vulgar words from Presidential Candidate Donald Trump but since I had the nerve to call myself out on my past thoughts and call the rest of us out on it, people couldn’t handle