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Hash House A Go-Go and the Fremont Street Experience

Need something to do on a Sunday in Vegas? FREMONT STREET! Imagine Hollywood and that section with Mann’s Chinese Theatre only no cars and not as many people coming up to you with their demo tapes. Open bars everywhere and kiosks. People zip-flying above you from one end to the next. Live

Things We Love: Wine Glass Writers!

Wine Wednesdays and we are doubling up on a wine post and* a Things We Love post on TSF! We were sent a package from this amazing company called Wine Glass Writer over the weekend. It’s happened one too many times with me where I am drinking with company and there’s always that pause

Toss The Cards, Keep The Books

Something a TAD lighter compared to yesterday’s post. I was just at my wit’s end and had to take a breather. Had a few other controversial posts in mind but I thought, you know what… for your sanity, let’s chat about something positive. So I looked around my room. I noticed

No, I’m Not Condoning “Locker Room Talk”, But I AM Calling You A Hypocrite

This is not a political post. This is actually a “cheers to all my perfect friends who have never had one dirty thought in their lives” post. OOOooohh the shock to my ears when I heard the crass, vulgar remarks that Presidential hopeful Donald Trump made about women. I’m sure

Play Dates and an IQ Test &/or Survey To See If You Should Parent.

I went on a play-date yesterday! Her name is CeeCee, she’s another mom out this way in Vegas (not that there aren’t tens of thousands of moms in Vegas…), and guess what guys? I made a new friend. Yay! Finally a friend out this way. It’s like I’m collecting them,

Things We Love: Two Stitches Bibs!

Just had to share the sweetest little bibs/presents on the planet! I’m never really sure what to gift when it comes to baby showers, or meeting newborns. I know the standard presents, we all do.. but something unique and memorable will always outweigh practical, right? 😉 Okay okay, except for

Desert Wine

Ah the Vegas updates. So I joined a mom-group. Take your time to process that. Just.. let that sink in. Met up with a few moms here who invited me in to their Vegas Mom Club. Rules For Vegas Mom Club: Live in Vegas Leave your kids at home when they have meet-ups (yes!) Bring Wine if you want

Before You Say “Yes”

consideration play noun con·sid·er·ation \kən-ˌsi-də-ˈrā-shən\ Simple Definition of consideration : careful thought : the act of thinking carefully about something you will make a decision about : a desire to avoid doing something that will make another person sad, upset, angry,

Mommy-Son Double-Dates

What was looking like “the longest week of my life” (in terms of work in California) was made eventful, fun, and refreshing with help from the lovely Mariana! Amelia had to stay in Nevada because of school… Jeff was going to meet me on Thursday to help shoot a wedding, but Tues,

Papa T’s and Hilltop Winery in Valley Center, CA

When I think of Valley Center, CA,  several things come to mind. Hot summers Orchards Casinos High School No I was happy to leave this small town as soon as I was able to. Not that I had the worst* memories there, but I felt like I didn’t make enough* memories there, in that precious and

Learning to Sand + Stain – Completed Summer Projects!

Simply put: my dad bought a coffee table ages ago. It was the perfect coffee table and he got it for a steal. All wood, square-shaped but rounded at the edges. A glass top and a place below for your things. He gave it to us when we bought our first condo back in 2009. It’s been dinged up,

California Dreamin’ – Time Well Spent With the Burns Fam! (video!)

I love that we are able to plan our work/weddings around visits with dear friends. I’ve known Samantha since middle school, and I love that she remains a part of my life. We had the kids with us on this trip, and Samantha and her husband Robert were gracious enough to host us. We brought

Angel Island – Marin County, CA

I love visits up to the bay area. So happy my folks live somewhere that seems to be the complete opposite of Nevada, so it’s a nice getaway, especially in the summer months! Like I said, I am not sure if I will ever actually experience a “Las Vegas Summer”… at least not for

The Yummiest Chicken Crock Pot Recipe!

We’ve had this recipe at least 6 times this summer. I won’t get in to how many calories this is, because I don’t care. It’s fantastic. Everyone loves it. The kids, the husband… and the leftovers the day after (since I’ve nearly doubled this the last few times)

Another Date Day – Good Eats in Las Vegas – Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama. All I know of this place is that it sells clothes that my father likes, and clothes that Colombian drug dealers like. I mean, the kind of guy who has every day off and likes to wear long white slacks that blow in the wind and smoke cigars while making million dollar illegal dealings

When To Bad-Mouth a Business/When Not to .. And Craigslist Scammers (video!)

Currently Drinking: Trader Joe’s – Grower’s Reserve Petite Sirah 2014 – WinePost Currently Feeling:  I’d explain more but I will save you time and tell you to just watch the video! 🙂 All content and images copyright TheSisterFiles©2016 and cannot be used without

3rd Update From Nevada! (video)

Posted this video last week but forgot to put it on the blog! If you have a glass of wine and some down time and wanna hear some more updates on Vegas, just click play! <3

The Love Your Spouse Challenge

For those who have been online these past two weeks, you’ve likely noticed a lot of your married friends participating in this thing called the “Love Your Spouse Challenge” on Facebook. They get tagged by another married friend, post up something sweet about their significant

Snowflake Shavery – Las Vegas Eats

Had to share another favorite spot in Las Vegas, and even though we go to it every time we eat at Big Wong’s (from previous post), it’s so good that it deserves it’s own post! So after eating at BW’s, be sure to walk across the parking lot and check out Snowflake Shavery! I

Big Wong – Las Vegas Eats

Three times with this place! Big Wong in Las Vegas towards Chinatown. My cousin Nick swore by it. Said it was “one of the best places to go to for Chinese food and very inexpensive!” He wasn’t kidding. Here’s the location for your GPS needs: 5040 Spring Mountain Rd Las

Kid Friendly Wineries in Sonoma, CA

You’d be surprised at how many kid friendly wineries you can find in Sonoma, Ca. I fall more in love with Sonoma County with every visit. Of course I’ll still enjoy a good trip to Napa – because, well, wine is wine, but for a more casual, down-to-earth experience in wine tasting

Who You Just “Friended” On Facebook

Dear anyone who has recently become a Facebook Friend, Who did you just follow/add? I had over 40 requests recently that I kiiiinda left sitting there for a while. I have my reasons which I will list below, but mostly it’s because I do know you, I know I like you as a person, buuuuut I am

“Sonoma Makes Wine, Napa Makes Auto Parts!” – A Day At Gundlach Bundschu

C’mon, I absolutely LOVE and LIVE for Napa Valley, but anyone will tell you that the difference in wine tasting in Sonoma is just that you can actually RELAX. The non-pressure service paired with EQUALLY as delicious wines makes day trips or weekend trips to this place worth it! They are

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! – Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice

Ingredients: 1 bag Trader Joe’s Fresh Frozen Pineapple Tidbits 1 bag Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Teriyake 1 bag Trader Joe’s Vegetable Fried Rice Take out a frying pan and start cooking up the chicken. In a separate pan start heating the fried rice. Mix the pineapple with the

High As A Kite – Letting Go Of The Worry and Giving Kids Their Own Adventures Away

While I was out in LA work work, my kiddos were at church camp with my parents – how fantastic is that? What an experience they had. Four days and three nights with their grandparents and the church out north past Sacramento. Am I a crazy parent for allowing this? Umm… are YOU crazy? I

Natalia Natalia Chop Chop Mahi Mahi – Lunch At Tocaya Organica, Venice Beach

Arrived in LA on Wednesday for some photo sessions, down time to myself, and time with an dear old friend. “Old” meaning… childhood/middle school.. not like, whatever you get it. The days went by so fast, can’t believe I thought I could bring a book and some reading material

Reminders to Get Out and Support Local! – Pacifica Farmer’s Market

There is just so much I want to write about, so much I want to say. The hypocrisy in this country is currently dampening my mood on the daily and I just have to force myself to get out. I have to force myself to get fresh air, and if I am lucky enough while breathing that in to my lungs, eat (what

‘Murica! Land of the Fr…Well, Home of the Brave.

Oh Happy Independence Day, America! Amazing that an entire year has gone by and my thoughts are still very much in sync with my post from last year. Freedom..or the illusion of it. I almost want to just copy/paste the entire post from last year because we have only gone downhill as a

Family Time in Tiburon, CA

Tiburon, CA is nestled north of the city of San Francisco, in Marin County. How do I describe such a town without the words like “quaint”, and “cute”? I recommend visiting – heck, I’d recommend LIVING there if money wasn’t a problem. This is actually the

15 Things I’ve Learned/Experienced Since Moving to Las Vegas

So the Vegas life is growing on me. There’s lots to get used to, but I am so far enjoying all of it! I compiled a little list here of what I’m experiencing lately. For starters, a lot of good restaurants/eateries are located right next to strip clubs. Yeah, some times sharing parking

Birthdays and Cheese and Slime (video!)

Some photos and a VIDEO from Amelia’s birthday celebration yesterday! Still hard to believe that this precious little girl is now SIX. We took the kids to an early show of “Finding Dory” at a local theatre, attached to a casino of course. Casinos and gambling is rampant around

Celebrating Fathers and Father’s Day!

We were able to spend Father’s Day weekend in San Diego, right before the heat comes in to Vegas! It helped that we had events to shoot, so we decided to make a 4-day trip out of it. The kids got to see their friends while we worked, and we got to even have dinner – and an afternoon BBQ

Trader Joe’s – Favorite Snack Bars

Just a quick post today about what I’ve mandated in my pantry. A few months back I tried a box of these Trader Joe’s (organic) Chia Bar’s… ohhhh my gosh. I might have devoured three in the first sitting. SO ADDICTING and delicious! Seriously the perfect snack, even late at

Arts + Crafts – Fun At-Home Activities With Kids

You know what’s fun for 5-year old’s and can take up HOURS of time? Painting. I found these canvases at Aaron Brother’s and maybe kinda sorta took their stock… Set up some brushes and acrylic paint and let the kids go! Sebastian was off to a good start and then just went

Van Moms… Quick “Life-Changing” Tip! (VIDEO!)

FINALLY! Something good came out of driving around this van. JUST when I was ready to switch things up to an SUV — *P.S. I don’t recommend a VW Routan. I was so stubborn and only wanted one for the silly reason that it looked “not as van-y” as all the other

A New State of Mind and a New State – The Cruz Family Has Left California!

As an adult, you’re faced with really challenging decisions. Life-altering ones in fact. As a parent, all decisions have to include the well-being of your children. They HAVE to come first, especially their health. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I will DIE for these