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Clay Paints With Kiddos and Keeping Sane.

Our options are few these days. Things to do on a day off with the kids! I’m always driving by these clay places. I see ’em everywhere. You go in and you paint on clay and they fire it up for you. Grand. If you are in the mood to waste spend $40 with two kids, this is the place for

Whine With Me – The Ashley Madison Scandal and 37 Million Cheating Americans

Wow. This post was sup-POST to be posted a few weeks ago BUT I ended up finishing the bottle of wine while it uploaded and then totally forgot… It has to do with the Ashley Madison scandal that took place back in July.. remember when your newsfeed was all a-clutter with the insane amounts of

Real PROPHETS, Don’t PROFIT – The Types of People You Just Cannot Trust –

I am that person who tries her hardest to make light out of a dark bad situation. That’s just how I cope. We all cope differently. I like to be able to laugh at a problem eventually while going through all the emotions and dark thoughts in my head. Your mind can be a scary place when

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! Carnitas Lasagna Casserole ?

Tuesdays are becoming a favorite around here. Days when Mom gets adventurous and tries something new – from the Trader Joe’s sample section of course! But before we go in to a recipe, I want to tell you about life at home these days. You guys know Amelia started school already –

Amelia Questions “What’s the Point?!” & The Orange Blossom Cafe in Solana Beach, CA

I picked up my munchkin from Kindergarten the other day. She had that “sad/mopey/pouty look” situation across her face. I don’t know why, but instantly I started chuckling to myself. It was a mother instinct in me that knew it was nothing serious. I know my kids so well already, I

Leave My Meat Alone! (video!)

Another Whine with Me video post.. it’s pretty clear. Don’t talk about my meat, and I won’t talk smack about where your veggies come from. 😀 Cheers!

Re-Defining Friendships. The Difference Between a FRIEND and an ACQUAINTANCE.

Ohhh friendships. Friend. Ships. SHIPS. Such a perfect word for something that starts off wonderful and depending on if that boat can weather certain storms and tides, it can sail away. FriendSHIPS come and go. We all have heard this and we all know this. We are gifted in life with certain friends

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! Sweet Potato Mahi-Mahi Goodness

Another quick and fun Trader Joe’s post for you all! This one is definitely more of an appetizer – I repeat, do not serve this for dinner or you will confuse your family! I almost did, and thankfully, thankfully Dominos was there to save the day! Ever have those days where your mind

DIY – How to Make A Swamp Cooler! – And Things to Avoid Doing in the Heat

Summer time and the weather is .. HOT. The kind of heat we’ve been having is never a good thing. The humidity mixed in makes this once-amazing California weather feel like we just swapped places with, well, Florida. It causes fights, it causes impatience, it causes frustration. You know when

Starting Kindergarten and Why We (I) Couldn’t Home School / The Pros and Cons According to Talia

So California has taken away parents rights to decide on whether they should or shouldn’t vaccinate their children. We live in a world of hypocrisy. Where people shout PRO-CHOICE yet the choices are not given to a child or the parent of the child when it comes to what is injected in to their

Whine With Me Wednesday – Child Safety Tips

Hey again! Here’s yet another WHINE WITH ME video clip. I’ve noticed that with these videos, I start off with a good point and then the more I drink the more I stray off topic. So to preface, these are all just opinions, and yes, I catch myself quite often making 2-15 different points.

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Pastrami Wraps and the Face Painting Fail

Is it Tuesday already?! Well it’s Talia here with another TJ Tuesday sample I wanna share with you! But first! Let me show you some classic Pinterest-y FAILS where I didn’t quite #nailit on face painting day. I use this app called Geo_Qpons and it gets me these 40-50% off one item at

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Italian Chicken Casserole

Ahhhh.. casserole. I know some of you are loving these TJ Tuesday posts and I’m really loving your feedback because it keeps me going back there and giving them all my money. Here is another super yummy dish with about 5 ingredients. I’m not the biggest casserole person, but once again,

Where Will You Live?

Written by: Gicky Soriano (AKA:

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! – Shepherd’s Pie with Pot Roast!

Back from Manila and I took the first whole day with my family. By Day 2 you know I just had to check out my favorite: Trader Joe’s! Okay so I get there super excited because you know, it’s been almost a month and ohhh what have I missed! I don’t ever want to go straight for the

The Difference Between Someone Who Wants Advice, and Someone Who Wants to be Heard

There’s a quote I heard recently from Paulo Coelho: A mistake repeated more than once is a decision. Those who know me best know that I am not one to spend too much energy dwelling on a problem. There’s a problem? Let’s solve it! Sometimes things cannot be solved, but this

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays! – Best Crackers EVER!

Another “TJ Tues with Talia Cruz” for ya! This one is super simple… I think the longest part about this little appetizer is picking out which red wine would go best with it. Can’t go wrong with a cab or pinot if you ask me! I can’t ever leave Trader Joes without

Livelihood Project: Bars to Bears

WHAT has Natalia Soriano Cruz been up to in Manila? I know it’s been quite vague for most of you. I only had 3 weeks off this summer. I moved around a couple engagement sessions (with clients who were happy to change dates) to get these weeks cleared so I can be in the Philippines working on

Trader Joe’s Tuesdays – Fish Taco Night!

It’s Talia here! And on Tuesdays we highlight our local Trader Joe’s and their awesome sample station! This fish taco night recipe is so easy and so yummy, since trying this out in June I’ve had to make it at the house about 6 times. The kids love it, and the husband too. Super

TJ Tuesdays – Sprouted Red Rice and Chicken Curry

I think by now everyone who knows me knows of my love for Trader Joes. I mean, I love that place. I am there perhaps 4 times a week. Usually it’s my go-to since I think they have the best organic milk for the kids, and Seb goes through a few gallons weekly. So I tell my husband I’m off

Here’s Looking at You, Babyface! A Post Dedicated to Those “Suffering” from Babyface-itis.

Some throwbacks to this post indeed! Not just of yours truly, but anyone who experienced high school in the 90’s and early 2000’s will be able to get a little bit of nostalgia, it might leave you longing to watch timeless movies like “Clueless” & “Bring It

Our Toughest Client Yet! (Bridezilla Promo Video)

Ohhh the promo videos! I’ve had a few in the past 8 years for TaliaStudio and they’ve all been very similar. When the whole trend started for photographers to have promotional videos on their websites there was an industry standard it seemed: Introduce yourself to the viewer Show clips

Discomfort Now, or Disaster Later? HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Sorry I Make You “Uncomfortable”.

Ohhh America! Everyone is out celebrating 4th of July today, and like with most holidays in this country, the vast majority of people don’t quite get the significance. Well, in a brief note, the 4th of July is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on

2015 Del Mar Fair

Biiiiz! A bit of a lighter post today. This week has been especially grueling. Wrapping up June weddings, prepping blogs, had to drive to Santa Monica – twice, back and forth, 2 engagement sessions and good grief.. I hardly saw the kids. Jeff made sure we spent all day together yesterday

The One Thing to Ask After a Child’s Birthday Party

Becs! Amelia’s birthday came and went! We were able to celebrate with close friends. This year was especially hectic with being right smack in to our wedding season. We debated up until 2 weeks ago if we should even have a party since we had no weekends free. We decided that the guilt would

The Deets is Five.

My darling Amelia, Why do I feel like this birthday greeting to you should start with an apology? It seems as though your mama can only think of things to tell you “sorry” for and make promises to try harder to be the best mother possible.. and while many I know might argue with me and

Trumped Up Charges – Let’s Look at This “Wall” Everyone Is Freaking Out About.

Let’s preface this, shall we? In a world where so many are quick to be offended and do nothing about it but “be offended”, I can brief you a little on my own family’s history. In 1991, when I was six years old, my father moved us all from a very privileged life in the

Your Need For Acceptance Is Making You Invisible in this World.

“I do not believe in HOPE. HOPE is a beggar. Hope walks over the fire while FAITH and hard work LEAP over it. You are ready and able to do beautiful things.” (-Jim Carrey) Needing some positivity in my newsfeed this morning! Too much sadness and whining. There is a video that I’ve

First Teenage Jobs and Homemade Banana-Berry Smoothie Recipe!

Let’s talk about first jobs, shall we? I couldn’t wait to start working in my teens. Mom and Dad were of this “if you want something you have to work for it” way of thinking.. wish most parents would’ve stuck to that. Motivation? I was 16 and had no phone. Neither of

The Toots Turns Two!

Two years ago today I was on my way to a hospital, contractions were coming in a 5 minutes apart. Within hours (that I will not get in to detail about), YOU came in to my life. You, along with a hefty appetite, came in to our world with a thunder. Who knew that this little babe would grow even more

Lady Buggin’ Out

How was your Mother’s Day weekend Biz? I had a wedding all day Saturday and got to bed quite late that night. I woke up yesterday close to 10am though! I got to sleep in because Jeff is one of the best. He took the kids downstairs and got them set up with their milk, cartoons and breakfast.

Grow Your Own – Becoming the Crazy Plant Lady

It’s not that I was against it. I don’t have a green thumb. I’ve killed succulents. Indoor plants with minimal care? They commit suicide on me. What’s the point in building a garden with weekly farmer’s markets all around with reasonable pricing? Did you know that

You Are Not a Princess and You Don’t Deserve Nice Things.

I won’t go as far as saying ,”every girl”, but, just about every girl played “princess” when she was younger. I was a product of the 80’s and didn’t have an iPad when you were 4 years old, you played princess. You played Queen. You had an imagination. You

The Importance of “Do Nothing Days”

Love and marriage. Sometimes I blink and wonder HOW Jeff and I are getting through it all. Raising two kiddos under 5, running a business (or two or three 😉 )  and able to find time to enjoy the hard work. There was a day last week in San Francisco where we finished filming with enough time and

Don’t Avoid Your Obstacles

**Becs! I’ve been trying to tell Dad for the longest time to start a blog. For the past 10 years since I’ve moved out of the house he has sent us weekly articles. Many of them are his sermons we don’t get to hear, many of them are just inspirational messages. I think it would

DEAR KRISTEN BELL: Whose “Facts Are Friends”? – Yours or Mine?

For those who do not know, there is a bill called SB277 that has currently moved forward through three different senate committees here in California.  (I encourage you to read this if you haven’t before proceeding). If you haven’t heard of it, perhaps you were one of the millions of