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One Heckuva Bloody Mary Bar & Homemade Deep Fried Ice Cream

We celebrated Jeff’s birthday last weekend with a great group of friends, good food and a yummy Bloody Mary Bar! I love how my last post was about a healthy drink and Vitamix and smoothies galore.. then this one is like: ALCOHOL! This is one of Jeff’s favorite drinks since I’ve

Vitamix – Recipes – Kid Approved

Turning 30 and embracing the “new”. So many things I didn’t want to even attempt before because I was enjoying the life of high metabolism to it’s fullest! Not that it’s gone the day I turn thirty, but I am no longer naive to the fact that it’s going to happen

The Resurrection – By Amelia (video!)

Becs & Rocio, Your God-Daughter is truly a daughter of God. 🙂 At church yesterday she leaned about the miraculous story of the risen Christ and she shared it with us at home. The beginning she was gathering up her thoughts a bit so it gave me enough time to turn on the little camera and film

The Art of Confrontation and Why You Should Get Better At It

Let’s chat. For years, YEARS, as far back as I can remember, I’ve heard this saying: “I don’t like confrontation!” I have grown to loathe when people say this. I get this funky chill up my spine. Really? WHO LIKES CONFRONTATION?? No one, duh! But guess what? The

6 Ways to Gain Your Child’s Trust – And the Bad Elsa

She’s four. Four is such an amazing age. Why do all moms with daughters talk about this age in particular? Four. The best times with their child, the times to treasure the most since they’re speaking clearly, super inquisitive (in an adorable way) and, well, likely potty trained. You

Cancun & Jet Lag Central

The flight back from the Philippines had me in all sorts of emotion. Rocio dropped me off at the airport and because of the constant “traffic for no reason” in Manila, I barely made it in time for the check-in, they were closing the line in 5 minutes, which would have meant having

Talia in Tali Pt 2

Becs! Sharing day 2 and 3 in Tali with you. Each day was a boat ride to another beach.. it was fantastic save for the fact that I didn’t pack dramamine and motion sickness was kicking in big time. The second day they wanted to go to a place called Fortune Island in Batangas. The ride was over

Yayas and the Pangit Bird

Biz, Before I get in to more beach photos, I completely forgot to share with you the biggest part of the trip: Seb adapting. Amelia took all of 3 seconds to realize we were “not in Kansas anymore” when we were outside the airport. She was excited and new there would be many adventures!

Talia in Tali – Part 1

Becca! So the 16 hour flight is over and it’s almost been two weeks. It took Sebastian over a week to get the jet lag out of his system. Amelia was adjusted within the first 2 days, she’s a great travel companion actually. There’s been a lot to get used to over here and every

Flying with Kids – A Whole Lotta ComPLANEing

Becca, It’s been a week since we’ve landed in Manila and I am finally ready to talk about the plane experience with the kids. Oh. Em. Gee. It took a few days to get over, but here it goes. Jeff and I woke up at 4am to be in the car with the kids fully packed to head to LAX. We wanted to miss

Be the Launchpad, not the Rocketship

Biz! There was this amazing message in church on Sunday. One I really needed to hear. You know, the one you just know that God filled up in the pastor’s heart to write because you were going to be showing up that Sunday. Sebastian has been so clingy the past handful of church visits. He

Talia Turns 30…Surprise?

Biiiiz, That was quite the birthday greeting! WOW… Looks like I’ve been through some PHASES in my life. It’s awesome though, I get to tell my kids, “y’see kiddos, this to shall pass…” regarding the awkward stage and all. WHAT is with my skin color changing

Travel Bug Bites

Becs, That was one amazing trip we took to Spain together! I remember being on the phone with you at 2am while I was newly engaged in May of 2009 and booking our entire trip to Spain, along with train tickets, hotels within a couple hours. Random! Some of the best trips are random like this. I saw

The Sleep Trick – Falling Asleep In Under 1 Minute

Biiiiz, I cannot tell you how much I LOVED those egg earrings. So unique, everyone I’ve shown that to loves them as well. Excited for my shipment to arrive, you’re the best! I saw your post the other day too with all that snow.. drive carefully out there woman! There hasn’t been

Makeout Mondays

Wanted to share a little something with you. I’m seeing articles pop up all over the place about how to keep your marriage going, keep things romantic, all sorts of advice and it’s all good… but at the end of the day, really? Just LOVE the person you’re married to. If you

Sushi with Kids and The Reason for Sugar Packets

Becs! Got to go on a bit of a date night with Jeff yesterday. I say, “bit” because we were meeting with clients too, but you know, we take what we can get! Any time away for a dinner that isn’t mayhem with trying to get kids fed and racing to eat is considered a date night. As

Sueno – The Most Comfortable and Stylish Baby Blankets, Like EVER.

Biiiiiz! Hope you’re having a great weekend. I saw a post that you were making some Filipino empanadas… You better post that recipe! Can’t wait to hear how those turned out! What’s new in the life? Well, Seb is showing interest in potty training. I’m not that ready yet

Because…Pie. Shootin’ and eatin’ in Julian CA (video!)

Bizlet, Man! That post of mine last week stirred up some stuff, didn’t it? I don’t know what came over me, I honestly couldn’t sleep the night before because I had seen about 8 posts in my “news feed” aka Facebook about the “outbreak” of measles in

Watch out World! This Idiot Mom Is Taking Her Unvaccinated Children to Disneyland! (there are not enough eye rolls)

Whoa whoa whoa whoa… Stop everything. NINE kids have contracted measles while visiting Disneyland in the past 2 months. Disneyland! The happiest place on earth…one of the most visited places with 20+ million people from all over the world visiting …and measles were there! One of

Wine Tasting In Healdsburg California – Russian River Adventures

Becs! The new year is off to the same ol’. Had a freak out chillier-than-usual week in San Diego and but this week it’s clear skies and the heater has been off for two days. Kinda nice! I don’t just get cold. I get cold in my bones and once it hits those I’m miserable the

Why I Love HoneyBook! (video!)

Hey Biz! Just sharing a tool we’ve been using that’s helped streamline our business and make our work flow.. well, flow! Here was a blog I did last year on this awesome product! With being back in forth constantly, Jeff and I barely have time to meet with couples (thank God for Skype!)

That Santa Fella and Being Held Accountable for New Years Resolutions

Biddles! I loved that post with Otto-face, can’t get enough of that photogenic little lad! We miss you guys. So. A few things. It snowed in San Diego today. Everyone was like OMG IT’S SNOWING #SNOWDAY #BRRR etc. We left the window in our bathroom open last night and as I sat on the

…And Pepper, Too!

Becs, Another tough post to write. Our beloved Pepper passed away a few weeks after Harley. Talk about a broken heart! In her 17th year of life Pepper still had some spark in her! She was dubbed, “Old Bones” in the last years of her life but that didn’t stop her from making it to

Boats and Pros – Behind the Scenes – Engagement Session (video!)

Biz! Friiiday and feeling great! Been in SF with the kids and waiting on Jeff to arrive tonight. Haven’t seen him since last week so the kids are gonna be so excited! Apparently aaalll day there’s been delays with flights due to bad weather. Today’s post will be pretty quick

Back in the Bay – Manpurses and Bowling Trophies

Biiiiz, Back in the Bay Area and man, it’s cold. I know I can’t complain since you’re shoveling snow over there but man, it’s cold. I haven’t been to Mom and Dad’s place since the summer and I feel like they forgot they had grand kids…? You know Dad,

Buying a Handgun (video!)

Becs, When it came to a present for Jeff for our anniversary I knew I wanted to get him something meaningful and useful! As kids we were raised in a home with lots of guns and rifles and I don’t know about you, but this always gave me a certain comfort. We also were raised with awareness of

Gingerbread Night & Uptown Funk

Becs, Dropped off Amelia at preschool this morning and to avoid all conversation with other moms and teachers I go in with her, put her lunch bag off to the side, drop off her cot blankets and sign in. I do this to avoid the weekly “Can I talk to you really quick?” that Amelia’s

Vow Renewal at the Red Barn Ranch

The day arrived as quickly as it was over. Jeff and I renewed our vows in front of the closest friends and family, so happy that you and Otto were in town to celebrate with us. Initially the plan was to have family in town to babysit the kids so Jeff and I could take a quick weekend trip to Las

Ezra’s Winter Wonderland! – Baby’s 1st Birthday Party!

Good morning Biz! Christmas is creeping up on us all this year with a hurry! I think it’s because Thanksgiving was so late. I have amazingly finished sending off our Christmas cards (last week), sent off all 2014 client thank yous, and I’m done shopping for EVERYONE I need to except

A Happy Friendsgiving

“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise! ” – Psalm 95:2 Hey Becs! Spent all of yesterday away from the computer! Well, until the kids slept by 9ish and I got some more work done. I know, I know, I’m neurotic

Finishing the Game. An Open Apology to my Sister.

Becca, Those 13 days you spent here went by in a flash it seems. There were a few things I felt we weren’t able to do. I think you’re starting to really get the hang of taking photos. Might be something to consider doing part time up there in NY? 😉 I can teach you whenever, free of

Harley Goes To Heaven

It’s taken a lot to write this since I feel that in the busy-ness of this past month I haven’t had the time to really let it sink in. Harley passed away. In 1998 we moved to what my 12 yr old self considered the worst place in the world; Valley Center, CA. Already struggling with having

Every Day It’s The Amelia Show (video)

Bidlins! I am SO STINKIN’ EXCITED that you will be here today! I am working on hardly any sleep and trying to get all my wedding packages out by tomorrow along with all culling and editing done with previous events so that the entire two weeks you’re here I won’t have to work

Halloween Time and No More Elsas

Biiiiiz, It’s Halloween all over. I did the last minute thing LIKE ALWAYS and got Seb’s outfit ready by today. Bought half of it yesterday and finished it this morning while Jeff prepped lunch. I guess I didn’t try until last minute with Amelia because every day feels like

How To Get Your Toddler To Nap (video)

Becs! I was sorting through old iPhone videos recently I opened a few up from when our precious Deets was a baby. She was the sweetest thing saying “hi” 10 times in a row because she knew it made us smile, while she sipped on her milk bottle .. in her pack and play right before nap

I Got My Tight Pants On (video)

Hey Biz! Well, Tiny Dancer/ AKA “TD” as Mom and Dad like to call him now has been nonstop. It seems unconventional to some, but once a week we, as a family, like to look up what’s popular on YouTube. Jimmy Fallon’s show always seems to have one or two on there and his music