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Sebastian’s First Disney Trip! (video)

Since June our darling Amelia has asked once a week to go to the dreaded Disneyland. We went a lot when she was 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 because we did splurge and get passes after the first visit where she looked back at the big castle, pointed and said in her adorable baby voice “Dada,

Lion Around … Changing Diapers

“Do not fight a lion if you are not one yourself” – African Proverb I got tired of chasing him around for diaper changes a few months ago. When I heard that a lot of my momma-friends with little boys still chase them around at 2+, I told myself heck-to-the-no. I fought with him

Making Time and Making It Happen.

โ€œAutumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.โ€ -Albert Camus Biz! So happy to live in a world where there is such thing as OCTOBER. Everything these days is truly pumpkin this, pumpkin that. From muffin choices to ice cream, Autumn is really a season that is embraced with a fury around

Picking Pumpkins with Munchkins

Beccaaaa… Not sure if Mom called you yesterday, and I wanted to let you know but I didn’t want to cause any additional stress, but shortly after lunch yesterday I got this stinging pain down my left arm which turned in to numbness for almost 3 hours. I was with the kids, so I was

Sending out for Backup! My Secret Weapon this Season

Biz, I need that Otto-face in my life!!! I understand with the workload and all, don’t apologize for lack of posts, no big deal! This post is more of my face and not the kids. Lately our weeks are looking like family sessions and then weekends are hectic this month with weddings.. we have

Intrapersona-lly, What? The Nicest Way EVER to Tell Someone Their Child Is a Know-It-All.

Becca, There’s a reason I was not destined to be a teacher. Teachers these days have it ROUGH. I can only imagine the amount of “holding back your tongue” they have to do on a daily basis as to not offend and stay politically correct. Remember when we were kids and our parents had

Whine Time, It Never Gets Old.

Biiiz, Pardon the late afternoon post. Sebastian pulled the “randomly awake at 6am card” on me (fyi this is not normal at our house since his usual wake up time is 8ish) and so we were all up, Jeff thankfully helped get Amelia ready for school and Seb was just cranky like his mom. I sat

Tina Turner Tunes

Bidlins, I feel like this post needs to be prefaced like that rendition of Proud Mary by Tina Turner. (Anything in bold type is a changed lyric– But you’ll admit, she says it best.) Why’ know, every now and then I think you might like to see something from us Nice and easy But

Overall Sebastian… and the Awwwwwful Haircut

Becca, I can’t quite concentrate on anything this morning because of this. Why is that man so brilliant? I could stare at that for hours. Oh and from your last post I can just say… your photoshop skills… they bring a lil’ smile to my face! I’m gonna keep this post

Hitting Home Runs and Stopping to Notice – When “Goal Lists” Fail You in Life.

Hey Bizley! Those pieces you’ve been working on look amazing. So proud of you and all the new, unique pieces you’ve been making! It’s truly a gift, so happy to see you continuing to pursue it. I was watching a movie the other night with Mom and Dad while they were in town.

The Cute Keeps Cool

Beccaaaa… That quiche looks so delicious. Going to add that to Jeff’s list of what to make. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s too hot to be cooking. Things I like to ‘cook’ this summer would be: bruschetta, pasta salad, any type of salad, and sandwiches. Ohhhh I made these chicken asparagus

Double Duties and some Behind-the-Scenes Action!

Biz! That diner looks great! LOVE reasonably priced spots! Too bad they are becoming obsolete here in Cali. Only place that’s true to it’s prices or that you can count on would be Del Taco and In-&-Out, and who wants to eat there all the time? We do. Even the “cheap”

Quail Lane Co & the Farmer’s Market

Hi Becca! So I can I just say, PLEASE PLEASE post more Otto pics! I just LOVE that little boy so much. Can’t believe he is only 2, he looks like he is fast approaching 4. Love that you’re messing with the shutter button as well, which is funny you would do that since Otto hardly sits

First Day Deetsie

Becs! We did it. We enrolled Deets in a private preschool and she started today. My heart aches just a little as I write this. I’ve been home for 30 minutes now and have found myself looking up a few times wondering where that laugh is that fills this home. Why hasn’t she come up to me

Summertime Salmon Burgers!

Hey Biz! I’ve said it before and I will say it again – you are one of the FEW women who can rock the short short hair well! I do prefer it long, but with all you’ve done to your hair lately I think chopping it all off will certainly allow it to grow back healthy. The beanie you

Being Annoying and some Las Rocas prettyness.

Beccaaaaaaaa! That month-long hiatus sure was nice and much needed. Thank you for being so understanding with my hectic work schedule. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you.. sister-file-style again! ๐Ÿ˜‰ There may be a few “throwback” posts from the month of August since there

Cuisinett in San Carlos

Becca! That honeycomb candy looked amazing. Are you going to mail me some? Love that snaps of Otto/your lil helper, pretty much the cutest thing! So since we are in un-packing mode and all sorts of moving nightmares, I thought I would post about something that brings a smile to my face, always

Leaving on a Wine Train

Hey Becs! Wow, if anyone can pull off a pixie-cut like that, it would be you! I was starting to love your long hair though, not gonna lie. Jeff wouldn’t let me chop all my hair off like that because the last time I went short I must’ve complained for 2 years straight. Haha! So

Where in the World is Talia San Diego???

Becs! Gahhhh.. sorry I can be a little MIA during the summer. I went for yet another extended weekend in San Diego on Thursday, came back yesterday morning. I find myself in the SF airport by the gates at Southwest. I got up early that day. Mom shared the news with me of the Malaysian airplane that

Biting My Tongue and Names That Don’t Click

Bidlins, I hope you had an amazing birthday weekend! 27 huh? Sounds like you had a pretty good birthday weekend! Don’t feel bad that you needed the break from Otto. I will be off to SD again this weekend for a few nights but to work. I am looking forward to it because I have been non-stop,

As Far As Reunions Go, This One Takes The Cake! Meeting our long lost cousin, Jenna!

Becs! It was our cousin Jenna’s birthday on Sunday. You know, the one we finally met after over 20 years of wondering where on earth she was? We were all finally reunited with her back in 2012 and it dawned on me, I never blogged about this momentous event in our families lives! I thought I

Why the Disney Channel is Crap

Becca, Otto is a hoot! I love that kid. Did you get my package I sent last week? Let me know! $7 for a mimosa is decent depending on the champagne they’re using! Can’t really trust the cheap mimosas, although I have found in recent times that cheap champagne and expensive champagne will

Seb’s First (and Last) Haircut

Good grief Becs.. Can I just tell you about the longest 20 minutes of my life? For the past month, while out, I’ve been complimented constantly by strangers on how adorable my two daughters are. Yeah… I know Sebastian has a pretty face like his Papa ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but c’mon. He’s

Raising a Cling-On — 5 Signs You Have a High Maintenance, High-Needs Child.

Becca, The photos of Otto’s 2nd are too cute. So happy he likes baths now, I remember when he was here it was tough getting him to enjoy a bath, I thought he might have had some bad experience with water since he kept screaming! June has been the month of Mommy & Sebastian. Jeff has been

The Fab Fair Experience – Del Mar Fair 2014

Becca, Okay, I give up! What’s with all the Chinese lettering in your posts? Confused here. You look great and I love that you got pics of yourself doing what you do best- being creative and creating amazingness. Looks like our SD trip keeps getting extended! I’m leaving today actually

Get Air & Get a Grip

Biz, Great job with that painting! I remember watching that cartoon as kids. One of the only animes I really got in to was Ranma 1/2. Jed got me in to those books, and then the series came out. You should paint more! I still have so many of your pieces with me. Can’t wait to hang some up at

Happy Birthday, Amelia!

Becca, Wow. It’s official. I have a four year old. Our darling, precious Deetsiegirl is FOUR! I get more emotional every year it seems. I remember this week four years ago when you were all in town. We took her home to our place in Valley Center and Dad was thrilled to spend the next week

Dealing with Chronic Dissatisfaction

Dear Becs, You look great! Happy to hear you’re doing a lot of walking and keeping yourself busy. I would love to send you some home-cooked meals, but I think I’d settle for sending you a couple plane tickets instead so we can see the little guy. PLEASE post more photos of your

Making Cake Pops with Kids

Biz! I totally understand and I won’t give you any updates on games! I chose a great month to be off social media because I try and watch them all! Except Saturday, I was in Pasadena for a wedding. Not able to watch those three games, but I have them taped. Let me know when you watch the

Breaking Ba-Choy

Bidlins, I can gladly send some videos of the littles to your phone. Wish we could FaceTime more but for some reason the connection gets choppy! We did hear about Otto’s reaction to nuts – poor little dude! Glad you were able to get it taken care of quickly. Dad was so confused saying,

In & Out & Popcorn Sheets

Biiiiz, Ha! Yes you’re correct in that Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. We gifted Jeff early because unfortunately he won’t be with us for Father’s Day this year. He will be out of town for work… so he got his present early. =) I should’ve mentioned that in

Awesome Father’s Day Gifts – The Art of Shaving

Becs! Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks? There’s this scene where Colin Farrell is shaving and his daughter is watching him. She is curious as to why he has to do this, like most children would be, and asks him. His response is the cutest thing. He tells her that daddies have to shave their

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag

Hi Becca, I was going to start by going on a rant about everything that’s happening lately that I am deeming “not in my favor!” and feeling like a giant wrench has been thrown in my plans but then I am reminded of a woman who is truly going through a tribulation and choose to not

Story Time – The Deets Gets Her First Library Card

Becca, We took Amelia to the library last week .. she loved it. I thought to myself, why haven’t I done this sooner? She had seen an episode of Caillou – (has Otto seen this yet?) and asked for a library card! We get there, we apply for one, and they tell us she can take home up to 15

Flora Grubb – Family-Friendly Things to do in San Francisco, CA

Becs, That’s pretty cool that you had some visitors already, must be nice and this tells me you’ve somewhat settled in! Also, there’s no doubt that you’d be amazing at your new job. Nothing compares to Cakework and the dictator–er, ex-boss of yours! She was something

A Pastor’s Advice on How to Deal with the Modern-Day Hater.

“Haters should be likened to an aimless flock of birds expelling their foul droppings on the unsuspecting crowd below.” -Dad Becs, Something Dad shared with me the other day that I think everyone needs to read. Perhaps the most SOUND ADVICE I can give to anyone when it comes to