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Valle De Guadalupe – Wine tasting in Baja Mexico

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk I instantly fell in awe of the beautiful vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe. It is a region in Ensenada, Mexico which is now attracting wine makers from around the world. In the 1900’s Christians from Russia settled in Valle de Guadalupe. They farmed vineyards

You Better Belize It!

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk The perfect recipe for wanderlust. Add some friends who have a passport and a “Hell Yes Carpe Diem” personality type and you are about to jet set towards a tropical mystery paradise! Um? Where is Belize anyways? I believe it’s near Cancun and Cuba


Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk Thirgatory! It’s a term that a new friend of mine had made up describing that awkward period in time where you are no longer in your twenties and you actually just tapped thirty on the shoulder. You are not thirty-one, thirty-two or thirty-three… so not quite INTO

Timeless Beauty – The Mission Inn in Riverside, CA

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk I love exploring and every once in a while I come across a gem. A place that speaks to me not only aestetically but emotionally as well. I was in Riverside and I came across The Mission Inn, a beautiful resort that looks like an enchanted palace that belongs in

Mind Vacation

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk There’s something about being on vacation. The second I walk into the hotel room and the bed is wearing a sharp white fluffy down comforter and is adorned with matching pillow clouds. The hotel rooms bathroom is perfect. The white towels folded beautifully, the

The Gift of Giving During the Holiday Season

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk We’ve all been in combat mode. Foraging through isles of stores, braving the madness of the malls and even peeping outside windows of our own home waiting impatiently for UPS packages wondering if our packages have been hijacked or if they were delayed due to the

Loving Yourself As A Loner

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk Do you ever seem to be pulled in a million different directions at the same time, yet none of these movements seem to be progressing forward. It’s a tug of war with all of the obligations you have not only to yourself, but to others as well. I tend to put others

Owning Yourself

Written by: Audrey Misha Kirk Owning yourself. Owning up to who you are without apologies, or with apologies, but not being afraid to stand behind yourself after what you did. To have the courage to look into the mirror and see your real reflection, instead of the mask you decided to hide behind

Relation SHIPS, Boundaries, and Sailing Towards Making Your Soul Happy

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk My friend once sent me a quote that read, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with… choose carefully!” Who do you spend the most time with. Did this even mean the people I work with daily. I don’t have a choice to be

Falling behind in Fall… Don’t do it!

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk If a giant Tsunami was coming towards you at exuberant speeds would you prefer to have a few days to prepare or would you rather be blind sited by the extraordinary tidal wave. Deepest apologies for not warning you sooner as this is insight that I tend to overlook

“The Beast” Next Door

Written by: Audrey Mischa Kirk One of my favorite childhood movies is “The Sandlot”. An absolute classic that I thoroughly enjoy well into my late 20’s. It is a movie about young boys enjoying their childhood. They play baseball, ride bikes, and have fun creating memories. My

MEET AUDREY! – The Landlocked Mermaid

Written by Audrey Mischa Kirk Who am I? Who are you? I was given the honor to join a good friends blog and write a simple bio about myself. Geeze! I thought this would be a lot easier but when I sat down to write, my page was BLANK. I couldn’t answer a simple question about who I was? In the