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Things We Love – Aervana Wine Aerator (video!)

The idea of aerating your wine may seem like a long-winded process, many believe that a wine needs to sit for 30-60 minutes (an hour?!) before being enjoyed. This falls under the same lines as someone saying you need to let your wine “breathe.” Aerating your wine essentially allows the wine itself

Things We Love – The Best Curler/Straightener for Kids! (Video)

Had to share this from a live tutorial we did last night! Since the video is linked below.<3 The brutal truth about flat irons and hair styling: You’re doing it wrong. And you’re not alone. 71% of women use heat styling irons. And here is the main problem: Heat Abuse. What if I told you: Your

Things We Love – AnimeJed!

It’s only taken YEARS of convincing (really thought I was more persuasive than that 😉 ) when it came to my brother Jed finally launching his commissions site. He has been a top artist on DeviantArt for quite some time, and has been a full time online-comic artist since he graduated at top of

Things We Love: Wine Glass Writers!

Wine Wednesdays and we are doubling up on a wine post and* a Things We Love post on TSF! We were sent a package from this amazing company called Wine Glass Writer over the weekend. It’s happened one too many times with me where I am drinking with company and there’s always that pause

Toss The Cards, Keep The Books

Something a TAD lighter compared to yesterday’s post. I was just at my wit’s end and had to take a breather. Had a few other controversial posts in mind but I thought, you know what… for your sanity, let’s chat about something positive. So I looked around my room. I noticed