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    Character – Let Your Yes Be Yes and Your No be No!

    Hey Becs!

    Looking forward to watching Otto today to give you some time to “pack in peace.” It’s tough with little ones,  so I am sure it’s especially hard to pack up and move to the other side of the country! Hopefully it gave you a bit of a breather. It’s gonna be interesting with all the kids – we’re up for a challenge! By the way, I love that scarf you wore on the last post, crazy-good find for only 25 cents!

    Anyhow, my day was off to a bad start. A few weeks ago I got an inquiry from a wedding planner out in the bay area. She had a bride who was interested in hiring us for our photography services and she asked for our rates. I don’t like these middle-man things because they’re so vague and I feel like half the time it’s just price hunting. I give my info regardless and reach out to set up an in-person meeting (since that’s how we roll!). Didn’t hear back from her for 4 days. Finally this planner asks for my availability. I give it immediately. She doesn’t get back to me for another 4 days! The email simply states, “Thanks! We will be in touch.” You know how unprofessional this person is? I feel bad for this bride. Two weeks of back and forth with this planner who was such a mess. She’s one of those planners who only refers vendors who pay her, guaranteed! Shady way of doing things. Surprise surprise! After all these weeks of her lousy communication, she messages me this morning with, “the bride decided to go with another photographer. Hope to work with you soon!” -_- Anyway, long story short, I wrote out this draft email which I just can’t bring myself to send, but it kinda starts off like this:

    “Dear _____,

    Put yourself in my shoes. How do you interpret a drawn out,  three week exercise in futility? Why even bother to tap my professional service when it’s so obvious that you already had your personal agenda planned out way in advance? Coming from a community of professional photographers, this type of behavior gives the industry a bad name.  …”

    I don’t think I will send it. But you know how it’s killing me inside to not hit SEND! Can you just give me a virtual high five or tap on the back for not sending this and taking the (stupid) high road? It’s crazy how many unprofessional professionals I’ve come across. I think everyone needs to take a course in high school about common sense and how to treat people. Dad said it best. You cannot be wishy-washy in this life. You gotta let your yes mean yes and your no mean no. Seriously. Where did this flakey mentality set in for so many people and why is there no cure for it?!

    So I sit here. Debating on whether to hit send or not. Doubt it. But boy do I feel 100x better that I wrote out a draft! Anyhow, here’s something you can help me with though. How should I wear this top tonight? The first option or second? Love ya! <3

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