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    Childhood Road Trips / Bladder Control

    “A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.”
    – anonymous
    There was a road trip in our childhood that our father recalls fondly. Talia was eight and Becca was six. Our family would take two weeks off at the very beginning of the school year to visit relatives in San Francisco. That never seemed to bother our parents or be an issue. We constantly missed the first two weeks of school. These six hour road trips from Pasadena in our black Montero got memorable from time to time. We didn’t have dvd players and games to play. We had each other and our imaginations. We would often sing Animaniacs songs we knew by heart. Rebecca was Dot, Jed was Yakko and Talia got the Ringo-sounding Wakko (and yes, the accent was perfected!). Sometimes we would play “Herbie” which meant that when you saw an old VW Beetle you would yell out, “Herbie!”…fun, right?
    Our older brother, Jed, who was ten at the time, gave us a brilliant idea of how to help time pass by on one particular trip. Knowing Talia had a small bladder he convinced us to play, “who can drink all the water in the Sparkletts bottle the fastest.” I told you we got creative. -_-
    In a hurry, both girls chugged the water bottles. We must’ve tied. In the end there was no winner. Within twenty minutes both girls were screaming and crying for the car to pull over so they could relieve themselves. There was no restroom for another 20+ miles. Dad pulled off on the side of the freeway in dirt and Talia jumped out immediately. Becca wasn’t so lucky. Her little six-year-old self couldn’t take it and as she was being unbuckled the stream just left her body, all over her and dad. Not quite sure what our father was yelling at the moment, must’ve been a mix of Tagalog and Spanish. I think the word “holy” was used and rightfully so because he was a pastor.
    Every road trip that followed, the girls were not allowed to drink in the car. I mean, maybe sips here and there. We kept to “Herbie” and singing.

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