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    Christmas Party at Casa de Cruz

    Deciding to throw a party or gathering of any sort takes some time and effort. Throughout the years Jeff and I would host annual Christmas parties and well… a lot of wine nights in between. Life gets in the way at times, you get so busy and even though it’s exhausting just thinking about putting something together, we looked at each other and figured, “why do we work so hard? To enjoy life with family and friends of course!” It’s times like these and memory-making that make it all worthwhile. We’ve found that there hasn’t been one gathering that we’ve regretted hosting or being a part of, as long as you got great company and great wine, it makes for a great time!

    Keeping it as simple as possible, we invited some of our dearest. We provided the wine and cheese and asked guests to bring appetizers if they wanted – along with a wrapped white elephant gift – and let the good times roll! We even got the kids baby sitters for the evening – and that included movie tickets and a night out for the kids! They wanted to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.. a movie that looked really tough for an adult to sit through (but apparently the kids loved it! – they are still quite young and don’t have the best taste in movies yet, I wanted them to see The Good Dinosaur but Alvin and his singing buddies won them over 😉 ). Keeping it real.. parties like this are WAY more fun without kids. I can say that, right? Kid parties are fun, but wow it feels good to really just enjoy good conversation and not have to worry that someone isn’t sharing or that someone is getting thrown off the bunk bed. WORTH IT to get a sitter folks.. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

    Thank you to everyone who could make it out, we loved seeing you guys and celebrating life, love, and friendship! Looking forward to many more nights like this, regardless of where life takes us! Cheers!

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    Wine & Cheese Bar, Coffee and Hot Chocolate Bar <3

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    When your guests are arriving in 5 minutes and you forgot to vacuum!

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    ^Thanks Jeff! -_-

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    When you get everything set up and get to pre-party for 10 minutes with your spouse, that’s a success!

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    Recognize some of these familiar faces?!

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    Photos by: Jeff and Talia Cruz

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