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    Clay Paints With Kiddos and Keeping Sane.

    Our options are few these days. Things to do on a day off with the kids!

    I’m always driving by these clay places. I see ’em everywhere. You go in and you paint on clay and they fire it up for you. Grand.

    If you are in the mood to waste spend $40 with two kids, this is the place for you!

    Keep in mind, the money you spend is for MEMORIES and nothing more. At the end of the day, it’s incredibly worth it. Once you’re there, the kids get to choose from this huge wall lined with shelves of pieces that have already been shaped. They’re just waiting for paint. That’s where you come in. We let the kids choose whatever they wanted to paint as long as it was on a shelf they could reach (yay for all the pricey pieces being higher up!) and naturally, Amelia chose a pony with wings – I would say unicorn but the unicorn part/horn wasn’t… magical horse?- Sebastian chose a one-eyed monster. From there, they pick the colors they want to use. This process can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on if the kid has a vision for it or not. We then sat down with them and let the art just flow through them.. somewhat. Sebastian painted it all green and then was over it within 5 minutes. When we would try to help him he would get upset and say, “no! I do it!” but then every other minute he would ask for help. Once you started helping… he whined again. Amelia kept to herself with one little brush of pink paint and it took her over an hour just to coat the horse with pink. I’ve watched snail races in my youth that were quicker than this. Do you know how tempted I was to just grab the big brush and lather that thing up with pink paint so she could move on to step 2?!

    Sebastian is now bored out of his mind and the task is to keep him entertained for another hour. Jeff let him play some games on the phone and watch some videos.

    You end up thinking to yourself: Could we have just set this up at home? Then you think about a trip to Michael’s or a craft shop. You think, I bet those figurines are only like $3 elsewhere. You would be right! However, you’d have to buy the paint, the brushes, clean up the mess, and then what? Can your oven go past 500 degrees to cook it properly? I think unless you plan on making 10 of these, you’re really better off going to one of these places. Plus the kids really felt treated. Well, Amelia did anyway. Seb stared at us half way through with a look of, “why would you two do this to yourselves?”

    Kids, if your future selves are reading this, you can never say that we didn’t do things for you or with you. This is all proof. Like legit proof. Mom, did you ever do ___ with us? Umm… don’t you read Mommy’s blog? 😀 So when Mommy asks you to sit with her and watch some classic movies like “Love Actually” or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and just cuddle on the couch, can you remember times like this, please?

    TWO hours later after contemplating life and if we are truly happy, we were finally done! Haha! Time to pay and LEAVE. Perhaps it didn’t help that there was no air conditioning in that place. I think the point of this whole thing is that kids will only spell L-O-V-E like T-I-M-E. After this event, we debated going to Baskin Robbins to get ice cream, but they didn’t have Amelia’s favorite: cotton candy. So we went to the grocery and each of us got to pick out a box of ice cream. We thought we were saving money, but we spent almost $35 on ice cream and we are now all a little fatter. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! <3


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    ^His expression up there… are…you…serious?!?! I WILL BITE YOU!

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    ^I love this one. This is his reaction to me helping him. -_-

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    ^Sebastian is really a nut. Blowing raspberries while bored.

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    ^Picked up the final product a few days later. Super cute. Who wants them?! Just kidding. 😉

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    Photography by: Jeffery and Natalia Cruz

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