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    Crazee Burger, Tiger! Tiger!

    Morning Tals!

    Thanks for sharing your Harley stories. It’s so sad to lose him but he at least he was loved all the way until the end. (Maybe we all got real furious at him at points but how can you stay mad at such a handsome pup?) He will always live on in our hearts in both the good memories and the bad ones.

    I thought I’d keep it nice and simple today and throw it back (or would it be “flash it back”?) to exactly two weeks ago. It’s weird how I still think of the burger I ate from Crazee Burger in North Park. It’s weird because it was definitely not the most amazing burger I’ve ever had (Brickhouse in SF still beats out all burgers) but the components made it memorable. I mean I’ve never had, or thought I wanted, whipped cream and jelly on a burger but there it was just staring me down… challenging me to take a bite. And it was good.

    Wild boar, plums, bacon, mushrooms, whipped cream and plum jelly. With a side of parmesan fries. Wild and tasty is the best way I can describe it. Your “Krabby Patty” crab cake burger was excellent too. Although it would be super weird if the Krabby Patty was made from crabs.That’s some Soylent Green-style insanity.

    Of course I’m seriously missing RC and Junie who were able to meet up with us after lunch for a pint at June’s work Tiger! Tiger! I wish every day could be spent eating burgers and drinking beer with friends. Until then I’ll just be out here daydreaming/scheming.



    Sunglasses: NastyGal

    Necklace: Little Otto

    Overalls: Forever21

    Top, Socks, Shoes and Bag: eBay

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    Why yes, that is whipped cream.

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    Look at these faces!

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