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    Date Night: Buona Forchetta

    Written by: Elyse Sinsay

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO…. ME!! I am Officially 30, I know I shared that on my previous post but my birthday was Tuesday September 22 and to celebrate my husband and I went out to dinner to eat my favorite thing in the world…. PIZZA!!! I know, normally for a 30th birthday you would do something spectacular but I really just enjoy taking it easy and enjoying the things in life that make me happy. And pizza make me happy. REALLY happy. So happy that when I was pregnant with my last child I had eaten a few pizzas by myself. Yes. Whole pizzas. ALONE. So much cheesy goodness. But I digress. My birthday dinner was great. Time for just me and the hubby.

    We went to a restaurant called Buona Forchetta. It’s located at 3001 Beech Street San Diego, CA 92102. The phone number is (619)381-4844. It’s in South Park, I know a bit of a drive but well worth it if you want some legit pizza. Trust me. Real Italians here people. When you first walk up to the restaurant you are greeted by the hostess, she’s out on the patio. About half of the place is outside and the other half is inside. But the mood throughout is set up to be welcoming and comfortable. The tables are intimate but allow you to have large parties. When we were there, there was a party of 12 or 14, so you can bring the whole family! We were seated immediately, greeted by our server, who spoke Italian, and told us about the specials of the night and poured us our water.

    After we settled in and decided what we wanted to eat we placed our order and this is what we chose:

    To start we ordered the:
    Burrata– Spinach, grape tomato, olive oil. What can I say about freshly made cheese, let alone freshly made Burrata? Ok, first if you have never had Burrata it is like mozzarella’s baby sister. So new, fresh and super soft. It is to die for. This was REALLY good. I could have eaten just this all night. SERIOUSLY. When I do eat the cheese though, I like to eat mine with some balsamic and olive oil or just a sprinkle of fresh salt to liven it up a bit. But you also need to eat it with the tomatoes and bread.

    Which brings me to..

    Focaccia– Rosemary, pink Himalayan salt. This was not your everyday focaccia. This was sent to me from someplace else. So, I have to confess that I LOVE bread and cheese. Which is probably why I love pizza so much but this focaccia is just so good. And the price they were selling it for was crazy! $3 for a pizza looking thing! I mean come on. Done and done. It was light and airy but the olive oil on it was rich and the rosemary was floral in such a delicate way that didn’t overpower the dough. It was magic bread, I tell you. Magic.

    For our entrees we ordered:

    Sergio– Mozzarella di bufala, prosciutto, arugula, parmesan. So this is a pretty traditional Italian pizza. All of the REAL Italian pizza places will offer this one. I like to order it for two reasons. One: I like to taste the sauce that they put on it. The amount that they put also scores major points with me because it CANNOT be too much or too little. And Two: because I LOVE prosciutto and the amount that they also put on the pizza is a judgement on my part as well. So, my thoughts?? They scored very high on both points. The sauce was very fresh and light but had all the right herbs and spices that is supposed to be in a pizza sauce. It also was NOT too much or too little. So, thank sweet baby Jesus for that. And the amount of prosciutto was just enough. I have been to a few places where they skimp you on the amount of this topping and it is very important to have an even distribution of yumminess. If I don’t get love in every bite, we aren’t coming back. The End.

    Jove– Burrata, bresaola, arugula, parmesan. I gotta say, when we ordered this we were expecting a “pizza”. But when it came out looking like a pizza and a calzone had a baby, we almost didn’t know what to do or even how to eat it! So, we just grabbed our knives and dug in. And let me tell you this is not for the faint of heart, or for those who have high cholesterol! This baby had so much cheese, even I was saying, woah! It was so big! There was so much! Definitely order this one if you are hungry, like REALLY hungry.

    Well, that was my birthday pizza adventure. It was delicious. Every last cheesy bite. I know most don’t think pizza is a date worthy, but this is grown up pizza. You can come here and have a romantic time alone for just an hour or so and share a pie with that special someone you said you would share everything with forever. And if you think about it, isn’t sharing food kinda romantic and alluring?? Until next time ladies, I wish you a very merry un-birthday…

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    Photos by: Elyse and Anthony Sinsay

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