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    Days Like These – Weekend by the Sea

    “Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.” – Tennessee Williams

    Jeff showed up a few days in to this trip and stayed with us for THREE WEEKS! Although he had to fly back sooner, I am so so happy he was here for as long as he could be. I cannot tell you what a saving grace that was for us, especially in times when we were inconvenienced – should I elaborate on that? Naaaah… maybe later… this post is too filled with juicy vacation goodness and brightness that I wouldn’t want to mess that up! Because we picked ourselves up anyways and we ended up making the most of his time here! He was in Manila for my birthday, he was here for Valentine’s day, he was HERE. I love that he got to experience all I raved about last year. In fact, looking through these photos right now make me a bit sad that he is back in the states already.. oh how time flies when you’re in bliss.

    Plus, you might notice the increase in photos of.. well.. ME! Not just the kids! Jeff is the only person in my life who will pick up a camera at any given moment and say, “smile hunny”, or, “look at me babe!” <3 Let’s get one thing straight.. any lady who tells you she doesn’t want her man to snap photos of her every now and then is lying. Moving on!

    Days on a boat (thank you Elizalde family!) call for no makeup, big sunglasses…and a big hat for when you arrive at the destination. We went with the flow of our family members. The days are like this: sleep in if you want to. Go for an early morning hike if you want to. Go for an early morning dip in the sea if you want to. Do nothing. Meet up anywhere you want for breakfast/coffee, let the kids play a bit.. meet on a boat, cruise around to private beaches and resorts, dock there, play there, have as much coconut as possible, go swimming at the resort pool or right on the beach, get tired, get on boat, go to next spot. This happens all day until sunset! And for sunset? Get back on the boat and watch it in the middle of the sea. Does everyone need days like this? I’ll let you decide..

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    ^that’s me, refreshed.

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    ^thankful my cousin Bianca was more than willing to take some photos of us!

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    Umm.. yes please.

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    A thin sliced margharita pizza after a day of swimming…

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    ^My beautiful cousin Bianca! <3

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    I am one happy camper with my husband by my side!

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    ^Buko (coconut) shakes.. wildly popular with young and old.

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    Photos by: Jeffery and Talia Cruz

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