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    Dear Atheist

    Written by: Naomi Goodale

    Dear Atheist,

    I would like to share my thoughts with you today. But before I do, please know that what’s to follow is a mere philosophical/personal perspective that has nothing to do with matters of “right” and “wrong” thinking, simply perspective based on scientific research available to us, personal logic, supernatural experiences, and intuition or ‘gut’ instinct—the guiding force of personal Truth. My views may warrant their share of criticism, nonetheless, they are not judgements so I can only hope they are not perceived as such.

    Why do I feel the need to disclaim this?

    Because I understand that even with the best intentions, topics of this nature can be misconstrued as an attack or a judgment; and if I can diffuse that fire before it gets going, I’ll feel much better about what I have to say. So, bear with me.

    As many of you may know NASA estimates that there are one billion ‘Earths’ within our galaxy alone and this number is on the significantly smaller end of what other scientific researchers have suggested. Nonetheless, Science and Astronomy have further estimated 100 BILLION (not million) galaxies, and possibly more, in total. The Universe is literally bubbling over with Life that we cannot even begin to fathom or make sense of from the place in which our feet are planted.

    And our human earth is but a ‘speck’ of dust on that cosmic map. Now if you’re jaw hasn’t hit the floor yet, just take a moment to sit on it. Really contemplate it. I don’t know about you but it’s enough to make my mind fizzle over. You see, what I believe is that because we are conscious (Self-Aware) living beings, it is the ‘Origin’ (i.e. Prime Source) of Consciousness that has given birth to this understanding of ourselves and these galaxies…these planets…our very existence here for “God’s sake”—yeah, pun intended.

    And finally we are reaching the point in our collective evolution where Science and Spirit are being forced to merge together. That is, the study of this Consciousness or ‘Spirit’ as many call it, is unavoidable. Like evolution in general, it is a natural component to our ongoing expanding awareness and knowledge of the world in which we are living. So….‘Creation(ism) or not’?  Dun, dun, duuuuuuh!!! THAT is the question….or at least where the question begins. Of course the ‘semantics’ of Creation don’t fall far behind. To BE or NOT to be? Are we all Divine by our own Consciousness (Spiritual) birthright or not? Does Consciousness really predate and survive physical existence and death?

    Ok… blah, blah, blah, you wanna know what my point to all this astrological, cosmic rambling is. My point here is that even the greatest ‘God’-skeptic or self-proclaimed Atheist must rationalize this shared intrinsic understanding that we are in some way, somehow a byproduct of ‘some’ kind of Prime Source of Consciousness, and why?

    Well for starters (as we know) science has evolved enough to understand that the elements and compounds of our physical bodies are made up of the very same elements of the earth we dig our toes into; which just so happen to be the same elements and compounds of the stars. If you’re following here, on a physical scale alone we are simply stardust. Out of the dust we came, and into the dust our physical matter shall return, but what survives that?

    Now, I’m not trying to claim ‘physicist status’ here, but I do understand that in spite of an ever changing Universe through the span of time, physics do not change. Our understanding of physics does however. And here is where science has only gone so far. We know that no scientist or any other ‘human’ being in history has ever been able to re-create even a ‘little bang’ theory in a lab/research setting, chemically producing life from ‘non’ life. Therefore, the “Big Ol’ Bang” cannot be effectively settled on without taking it one step further….or deeper rather, since we have not found a way to replicate it.

    And when we do find a way to replicate it, it is my theory that it will only be when we have collectively recognized our ability to do so, BECAUSE we have evolved in Consciousness/Human Ascension and the abilities that come with it. It will be when we collectively believe in our ‘God’/Source-given Creative Power. The guiding principle here being: ‘thought creates’. So how does advanced intelligent life create itself from what is supposed to be non-life? There was nothing and then there was everything, but what came before? …. What came before? ….What came before?

    You see, in spite of scientists and great minds (like Stephen Hawking) arguing that things (including an entire Universe) can arise out of no-‘thing’ without violating the laws of physics, it is the kind of theory that can never be truly solidified without the laboratory proof to support it. Because until then, every time someone proposes a solution to the theory, another person (like myself) can come along and keep asking the same annoying question: What happened before that?

    George Wald (Harvard Scientist) wrote: “Many scientists a century ago chose to regard the belief in spontaneous generation as a philosophical necessity. It is a symptom of the philosophical poverty of our time that this necessity is no longer appreciated. Most modern biologists, having reviewed with satisfaction the downfall of the spontaneous generation hypothesis, yet unwilling to accept the alternative belief in special creation, are left with nothing (George Wald, “The Origin of Life,” Scientific American, August 1954, p. 46).” 

    Which is where the question mark must remain intact, you see? So if you are an atheist, you are simply living out your own ‘faith’ as an atheist given your lack of personal experience with the supernatural and your own logic. But you, along with the top notch scientists in the world have not been able to chemically create life (from nothing) in a test tube, so are you remotely open to the possibility of Creation then? If so you are not atheist, you are agnostic, which is a wonderful place to find yourself as an open-mind can make way for wonders of new insight and knowledge. As an atheist, your lack of experience with the Supernatural (because you don’t believe in it) does not make the reality of the experience for millions of others any less valid. As an atheist, the evidence of things ‘you’ believe but cannot see or prove as much as I cannot see or prove to you what I am saying…. is all the same.

    Who can know the mystery of The Origin of Consciousness but the Source of it itself? Even when we reach a point of creating life from non-life within a lab, WE are still the Source behind it. In such a way, and (again) I’ll state that this is my opinion, I believe that most people who claim to be atheist by some scientific rite of passage, are truly agnostic (‘uncertain’) at best, simply because we cannot have this discussion on Consciousness without attempting to understand a possible Origin for it. Still, I reiterate, theories are theories.

    And my goal here is not to ‘convert’ but to get some noggins pondering things from a different angle, because I understand and believe in the power and necessity for open minds; for unity in spite of our differences. Unity is a Force unlike any other to be reckoned with. In so much as the ‘willingness’ for an individual who has taken such a firm stance in Atheism (fyi, I hate adding ‘ism’s to labels but whatever), to see things from another perspective and gain a new ‘open’ mindset as a result, well, there ya have it; UNITY in the community of open-minds—and that’s when ‘miracles’ really start to happen.

    I know that when this becomes our collective foundation in which we operate as a human race, especially within the scientific communities, there’s no telling how quickly we will evolve and how much more we will discover in shorter periods of time.

    So I’ll continue, as I was only getting warmed up in those earlier paragraphs above and have yet to address the millions, perhaps billions of human beings that have walked this earth (past and present) able to recount their stories of the ‘afterlife’ and/or “God”-contact while in the physical body as well as the near-death and namely those VERIFIED deaths (and back) accounts.

    And what is the one thing held in common by almost every. single. last. testimony? A shared knowledge/understanding that we ARE Consciousness/Eternal Spirit at the core of who we are and we are all ‘One’ in this Prime Source of Creation and therefore aspects of ‘that’ Source, whatever the language (God, Universe, Spirit) we want to use to identify it. While the suits (ie.bodies/physical shells) and personalities we dress up our Infinite Self in may change, the eternal within us does not, other than to expand in a higher degree of Awareness through a vast number of possible incarnations into various civilizations and dimensions of Consciousness.

    Take Apes and us Humans for example. We share over 99% of our DNA which means the difference between our species is less than 1% of our genes. And science has shown that ALL life on Earth share about 50% of it’s genes. In more recent research– plants, trees, even water ice crystals have demonstrated neuron-like, sentient behaviors. All this and the aforementioned to highlight the fact that ‘Consciousness’ is now an undeniable aspect of our lives within human beings and ALL LIFE.

    And this experience on earth (as a human being) is a mere ONE of  thousands upon THOUSANDS of types of existences/experiences that the infinite and eternal “I AM” aspect of ourselves (i.e.Consciousness) can take on, even at the same time in other dimensions. That is, if Consciousness cannot be confined to one space (as it is not a physically tangible thing). A mystery to most of us, nonetheless, yes my belief. And this Consciousness is simply Energy. Intelligent Energy makes us Who We Are. It is the core of us. It is the aspect of us that cannot be destroyed, it can only be converted.

    I have a number of friends, best friends in fact, who are or have been at one point in time a self-proclaimed atheist, so believe me when I say I can sympathize. In one conversation (with one who is like a sister to me) about the nature of ‘God’ and the cultural semantics that follow, she concluded that my version of God did not follow the rest of society’s annnnnd—DING, DING, DING—in that one response, I completely understood and sympathized with her journey toward becoming an atheist from a Catholic upbringing.

    How could I not sympathize when I have gone through nearly the same course of questioning this ‘image’ of God upheld in human-history for so long? This God whom has been convoluted in nature. Culturally speaking, He is a complex entity of wrath, judgment, and yet simultaneously merciful and all-Loving? Very confusing. Very, very confusing. And how truly mind boggling to those who cannot accept such a God.

    But I told her; “I don’t think you’re really an atheist, I think you have the same problem I had with something that did not come from ‘God’ but was man-made…that is religion. Know that you are free to re-define what God is to you, or continue to believe exactly as you do. Either way, it is part of your journey and the experience you wanted to have here in understanding yourself.”

    She said “I believe in Love and acceptance” …”In being a good person for the sake of being a good person, not to be rewarded for it by some ‘God’ keeping tally” …and I fully agree with her logic. The best part about this friend of mine—who did (given this same conversation I am delivering here) come to admit that perhaps she was more agnostic after all—is that she is such an educated, highly intelligent individual and an incredibly loving soul. And though we haven’t revisited the conversation, I believe that it was a conversation she needed as much as I did at this point in our respective journeys.

    As a whole, we need to attempt to understand each other from the inside out if we want to continue moving forward. To be able to agree on the fact that we don’t need to accept one ‘label’ or another when it comes to what we are calling ourselves: Followers of Jesus, Children of God, Children of The Universe, Children of Love, Mother Earth, ‘Products’ of The Big Bang; it’s all just language…language…language that WE invented to understand the Source (and our place in it) of existence.

    And I do believe that the higher we move into ascension/evolution of Consciousness, the label ‘atheist’ will be a thing of the past. I also believe that my friend is more of a reflection of God than some people I know who have spent their entire lives preaching at others in attempt to convert, convince, or condemn those around them. None of which is a true reflection of God or ‘Prime Source’, but a reflection of those attributes that MAN has GIVEN God in its humanity and attempt to control others.

    This friend of mine is far more in tune with her own Divinity than even she may rationalize and yet she cannot accept the word ‘God’ you see? That word, that ‘label’, has been ruined for her. To reiterate, in many religions, God is a God of vengeance and judgement and contradicting to the definition of ‘Love’.

    I’ll end here. I know this is not the usual post from me on ‘The Sister Files’ but I wanted to use it as a platform to direct those who are Seekers to join me in my own personal journey on the newest blog I have recently launched:

    I believe that when we can collectively recognize that we are all the SAME; that we are all ONE in the Same Source; that we are all given the same free will and same creative power (some are just less consciously aware of it); that no one (unless they condemn and judge them-SELF into outer darkness on the other side) is sent by The Creator to such places of torment. We always have and always will be in charge of our realities.

    When we can recognize that we were not EVER meant to live in fear and there is always a way out of any given reality that we have created for ourselves by simply thinking up a new reality…changing our thought pattern, we are going to see wonders in our world and among our latent, dormant potential within.

    By the simple acknowledgement that we ALL have the SAME birthright by Spiritual Nature to live FREE of judgment, to accept, and to Love ourselves as aspects of God/The Universe/Source…then we will overcome ‘hell’ which IS human suffering. It is my hearts burden that anyone who has read or listened to anything I have said of this nature, would be moved into a curiosity that leads to self-discovery. We are incredible, Light beings made in the image of that which we call Creator/Source/God; that which is first and foremost LOVE/ Spirit/Eternal Consciousness.

    But this doesn’t mean we have to accept society’s definition of God in order to be ‘believers’. We don’t have to accept the man-made notion that some are “saved” while the majority are not. As long as we understand that we are all the same, we can start to look at each other deeper, through the eyes of Pure Love, Pure Source of Consciousness, not the type of comparison that humans have created.

    And on that note, enjoy this INCREDIBLE song. I hope you are as moved by it as I am.

    ‘Sun’ ~ Sleeping At Last.

    *To read more from Naomi, be sure to check out her blog here. <3

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