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    Dear California Warriors—Don’t lose hope!

    It doesn’t matter how you choose to live your life, just LIVE and LET LIVE. In the past few weeks especially I’ve seen and read nothing but hate and anger posts. Pro-vax vs anti-vax. Gay pride vs the Christian values/church. People fighting over whether guns should be stripped away or not. Mexico vs Donald Trump. The end result? Hatred. This country is divided. Wake up America! We have turned on one another. I know this much:

    1) LOVE. Love in all things.
    2) Don’t tell someone they shouldn’t love the person they love.
    3) Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one. Don’t break the law either.
    4) Don’t tell a parent how to raise their child.
    5) Don’t tell someone that buy supporting or believing in something they are RACIST or a BIGOT.

    It is ultimately up to me as a parent to choose how to raise protect my child. We expose our children to various forms of risk all the time. Simply walking your child across the street, there’s a danger there. A drunk driver could come tearing down the street. We all know not everyone obeys the speed laws and with the increase in people texting or being on their phones, heck, it’s a huge risk to even DRIVE anywhere with your children in the back seat. Every time you take your child to the beach, there’s a chance they could not make it home with you. A rogue wave can come and take them away. An undertow can certainly take your child. Are we going to call CPS now to parents who put their children AT RISK of the ocean, which is pretty much a death trap full of drowning, unpredictable (gigantic) waves, and unfriendly wildlife. Getting your child to get in to a small boat to venture out in to the ocean, with nothing protecting them but a life vest, is a HUGE risk. However, people take these risks with their children because they feel like they can employ enough protection for as many hazards as possible. These examples could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

    In that respect, it should always fall upon the parent to decide HOW to keep their child safe. There are always two (or three) sides to the story, and every parent has the explicit right to examine and evaluate all of them, and make their decisions accordingly.

    Once again, here is one of our favorite guest bloggers, Naomi, writing to encourage parents everywhere but especially in California (due to the passing of SB277) to continue to exercise that right to raise their children under the protections they deem necessary.


    It has been said:
    “All truth passes through three stages: FIRST it is ridiculed, SECOND it is violently opposed, THIRD it is accepted as self-evident”
    ~Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    I want to start by saying that if you missed our last piece on the subject of SB277 regarding mandated childhood vaccinations—because I admit that I simply refuse to use the word “immunizations” (they are not interchangeable words)—as requirement for public and private school admission, read here in a response to actress Kristen Bell that we put together here on the Sister Files.

    Indeed, for those of us who have faithfully stood our ground fighting this battle for parental right to ‘choice’ when it comes to all medical decisions made for ourselves and our children, yesterday marked a very sad day in the state of California. Governor Jerry Brown—though having twelve days to review it— without hesitation, signed into law Senate Bill 277— removing the religious and personal belief vaccine-exemptions, while leaving only those medical conditions or “circumstances” per an individual-basis as deemed warranted by a physician.

    “The Legislature after considerable debate, specifically amended SB277, to exempt a child from immunization whenever the child’s physician concludes that there are circumstances, including but not limited to, family medical history, for which the physician does not recommend immunization. Thus, SB277 while requiring that school children be vaccinated, explicitly provides an exception when a physician believes that circumstances—in the judgement [sic] and sound discretion of the physician—so warrant”


    It’s a tragedy, yet there is still hope. There is always hope when you believe. But before I really address that question, allow me to direct you to the bill itself as it has been written and revised here,  with special attention to number *11 following *10 ‘infectious diseases’ that children must be vaccinated against (not currently accounting for the additional vaccines per the current schedule that are also “CDC-recommended”)
    “(11) ANY OTHER DISEASE DEEMED APPROPRIATE by the department, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.”

    It means—to ALL those parents who will continue to leave their children enrolled in public or private school— that there is no current limit set to the number of potential, otherwise imminently ‘ready-to-be implemented new vaccines’ into a revised ‘Immunization Schedule’. It could happen tomorrow! Whether it be a few more now, a few more in a few years, or a few more every few months…the bottom line is, there are currently close to 300 new vaccines in development at this point in time.

    And as long as your children are going to attend the public and private sectors of education, with SB277 having passed into law, there is currently NO way for you to know which additional vaccines are going to join the current 10 OR how many more will in a matter of time. There is NO way that, unless a doctor has strong enough reason to believe that your child warrants a medical exemption, you are going to be able to choose your own schedule or opt out from any one in particular. Your right to that choice has literally been surrendered to the so-called “Greater Good”. How does this feel?

    If this doesn’t sound completely insane to you, or sadistic at worst, then it is my personal opinion that you have not thought long and hard enough about it or taken the time to really think about all the possible outcomes for your own child(ren). Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones at this point in time who haven’t had to watch your own child(ren) suffer from an adverse-reaction, irreversible injury, or death…maybe you have all the faith in the world that no matter how many different vaccines and boosters your child receives, they’ll be fine, and “better for it” and maybe they will; I wouldn’t wish anything else upon them! But the TRUTH and reality is ‘MAYBE THEY WON’T’.

    I’d venture even further to say that as we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of these vaccine adverse reactions, injuries, and deaths with the increase of vaccines and boosters given (49 by the time they’re six years old) on the schedule, the numbers are not going to drop as additional vaccines are added to the schedule….and they WILL BE! It is ONLY a matter of time.

    WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? Guess what? That’s no longer for you to decide. And guess what else? As long as more vaccines are developed and implemented (without them having to draw a line on the necessary number—no liability on their end) then the pharmaceutical companies get to continue making more and more and…MORE billions of dollars in profit. As more…and more…and MORE children suffer for it. WHEN WILL ENOUGH BE ENOUGH?

    The schools become full of children that, in spite of being “fully-up-to-date”, are all suffering from every autoimmune disease, allergy, learning disability etc. in the book!? 10 vaccines on the schedule now, but what happens when there’s 20!? How about 30? Hell, how about all 300!? How many bodies will have to be buried and ashes spread among the earth before we collectively WAKE UP and smell the bloodshed in the vaccines.

    If you think I’m being dramatic, it is ONLY because you have been fortunate THUS FAR to have a healthy, resilient child after vaccinations. It is ONLY because you refuse to acknowledge the endless possibilities, given the current statistics and rising numbers of injuries, deaths, and severe-health consequences that our children are ALREADY suffering from vaccinations.

    If you think I’m being dramatic it is ONLY because you have (perhaps) unknowingly embraced some false assurances and manipulative propaganda from those health and government agencies that HAVE AN AGENDA whether you choose to believe it or not. This agenda is not entirely an “evil” one, there are the most benevolent intentions among many who are pro-vaccine scientists, researchers, and proponents; however the agenda is not a singular one either. There are many hidden and evil agendas within the bigger agenda among some of those in power to make these public health decisions—all with the common goal to benefit monetarily at whatever health expense the population…the WORLD… must endure for it.

    And most CERTAINLY this ulterior and “hidden agenda” (though to many it’s not exactly in ‘hiding’) has everything to do with MORE POWER over the masses. So, if you think that having higher vaccination rates within the schools is going to protect the children and keep infectious diseases away, it is ONLY because you have not been told, or sought out for yourself proof of this “theory”. If you had sought it out, you would have to look no further than the fact that in many cases the vaccines DO NOT WORK and are the CAUSE of the infection itself as well as the spread of the disease. Just look at the facts surrounding the Whooping Cough Vaccine.

    DEAR PRO-VAX PARENT, there is now even more work for you to do in order to help ensure your child’s safety within this new structure of law. If you’re looking for help as far as what you can do as a parent to a child(ren) attending public and private school, look no further than here for “everything you need to know about medical exemptions”.

    And for the rest of us…those of us who have NOTHING against vaccinated children or their parents; for those of us who believe that it is 100% YOUR RIGHT to decide what you feel is best for your children and return the same respect; for those of us who understand the way vaccines either work….or don’t in many cases; for those of us who will now have to turn to private-homeschooling options for our children because we CHOOSE not to vaccinate them….


    PLEASE, do not marginalize us any longer. PLEASE do not believe the LIE and LACK OF COMMON SENSE that would suggest our ‘un-vaccinated’ or ‘partially-vaccinated’ children are a threat to yours. The last thing we need now that this bill has passed (still as we remain ever diligent in the FIGHT TO OVERTURN IT) is for our kids to be divided from their friends and stigmatized by parents everywhere. DON’T BELIEVE IN FALSE “TRUTHS”.

    PLEASE JUST THINK ABOUT IT: My child has to be EXPOSED to, otherwise CONTRACT, the x,y,z  disease itself  in order to be the least bit threatening to the health of your child!

    THINK ABOUT IT: If your child has been recently vaccinated (namely with a live virus) it is SCIENTIFIC AND WELL-KNOWN KNOWLEDGE that THEY ARE POTENTIALLY CONTAGIOUS. Yes, EVEN IF they do not show signs of the disease to which they’ve been vaccinated they MAY BE SPREADING IT within those first few weeks after receiving them!

    THINK ABOUT IT: Now, whom should you really be concerned about YOUR CHILD being around? Wouldn’t it make MORE sense to ask your fellow pro-vax friends/parents to inform you if their children have recently been vaccinated so you can decide whether or not you want to take that “risk” in your children playing with them, because you feel the need to further protect them after they’ve received a vaccine that is supposed to protect them? Or sitting next to them at school? Wouldn’t you ‘like’ to reserve that right?

    If you’re asking someone like myself who is in NO WAY afraid of my children contracting a disease and then benefiting from LIFELONG natural immunity and health benefits such as an increase in antibodies to better help ward off sickness and disease down the road….I’m ALL FOR hanging out with friends whose children have been vaccinated….even recently. But no, that doesn’t mean I’m “taking advantage” of a situation. Even if every vaccine in the world went away then I still wouldn’t fear anything!

    I would take the “risk” of them acquiring TRUE IMMUNITY over any potentially lethal toxin or adjuvant injected straight into their bloodstream. I am not choosing to live in FEAR. In fact, my vision is for a world where vaccines fade away all together; a world full of healthy, green, non-toxic ingredients in ALL our foods and within the air we breathe in our environment. “My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of Mercury” (kudos Jon Stewart) is NOT my vision!! My vision is for a world that WAKES up to UNCOMPROMISING respect for all Life and the right of choice in all aspects of Life and individual freedoms—that have not been proven detrimental to others.


    WE DON’T LIVE IN FEAR and you don’t have to either; regardless of what you decide is best for your own, DON’T BUY INTO THE LIE that you need to quarantine your children from the ‘un-vaccinated’. ONCE AGAIN, PLEASE JUST…THINK ABOUT IT. Does it make ANY sense at all???

    I am heartbroken when I hear stories from friends and family who don’t vaccinate their children—when their own families and friends turn on them. It’s unwarranted, ignorant, foolish, unnecessarily divisive and hurtful. This only leads to more ignorance, stereotyping, and marginalization. Nonetheless, I view this bill, not as a “scary” or “bad” thing, but as a trigger for the mass Awakening this world is due. Often times it is out of the Chaos that comes Order. Out of the Darkness that comes Light. Out of the Lies that come TRUTH. Out of War and Division, that comes Peace and Unity.

    So, Dear Warriors, don’t lose hope!!! Don’t lose your Spark inside. Let it SHINE BRIGHT and continue to shed Light on this whole thing. Don’t back down out of fear…Don’t get quiet. Don’t be ashamed of your choices. “DON’T STOP BELIEVING!” “HOLD ON TO THAT FEELING” ha! Let Love and Truth be your compass. Don’t be part of the ‘division’ but seek WHOLENESS among all. Seek PEACE. SEEK UNITY and you will find it.

    As for the future of our children’s education, seek the optimistic perspective on Truth and know that. ‘All things work together for the GOOD of those who Love God and have been called according to his purpose’ (Romans 8:28) And if at any point you feel as though you cannot handle any more. When you feel as though you’ve lost all hope for humanity…take time to meditate.
    (Psalm 46:10)


    We can all agree that slavery is/was bad. And it would be unthinkable today to really consider the negative after effects of getting rid of slavery. No one is sitting on their porch drinking their mint juleps, pondering not only it’s return but “wow, the cotton industry really suffered because we took away slavery.” It was never a good thing, EVER. This statement is not comparing PRO-VACCINE to being pro-slavery, I am simply making an example of a time in our country when the right to choose was given to some and taken away from others. If we can’t agree on anything, we should at least acknowledge that the people speaking out on both sides, are both concerned with the safety of their kids. That’s really all we can agree on right now. If you are worried that your vaccinated child is going to catch a disease that they were vaccinated against, from an un-vaccinated child (who doesn’t have said disease), shouldn’t your anger be towards the vaccine manufacturer, since they were the ones who failed you, by injecting your child with something that was not effective? If this were to happen and you could 1) prove it 2) prove that you yourself are up to date on all your shots and boosters, I understand the anger there. Now please try your best, to understand why millions of parents are in an uproar since the mandated vaccines are not doing their job, our children need to suffer potential risks to appease your anger.

    In closing, it is YOUR JOB as a parent, not the governments, to do the research and weigh in the risks, the real risks to whether you should or shouldn’t vaccinate your child. You have the right to make decisions to protect your child, you do not have the right to make MY decisions in protecting mine. Think about it. Millions of parents in an uproar about the life changing side effects.. where are all of the mothers who have vaccinated their children fully to the CDC schedule and they are speaking out about how healthy and happy their children are. It’s hard to find. It might be out there, and if this is you, please speak up. However, the stories are such that the fully vaccinated children are constantly sick, going back to the doctor for ear infection after ear infection, are now allergic to ___, have speech problems, etc… where are the millions of COUNTER-CASES where the children are doing extremely well after receiving every vaccine? It’s no contest. And that is not the fault of a parent who doesn’t vaccinate, that is your fault as a parent since you ultimately chose what goes in to your child.



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