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    Denim Gets In Your Eyes

    Hey Tals!

    Definitely laughed reading your last blurb! These kids just don’t understand what “wine time” is supposed to be like. At least you made a valiant effort with the activities. Even as a grown up making a gingerbread house can be frustrating. Even sadder, it usually ends up like this:

    1.) Buy gingerbread house kit
    2.) Consider assembling it
    3.) (3+ days later) Open box
    4.) Remove all parts and carefully read directions. (This is the part of the process where I get super excited to build something!)
    5.) Wait.. ugh I have to bust out the hand mixer!?!
    6.) Mix icing as instructed
    7.) Begin “gluing”
    8.) Yell
    9.) Re-read directions
    10.) Try to keep walls upright with string and various parts of the packaging
    11.) Step outside
    12.) Realize the weird string/packaging contraption doesn’t work AT ALL
    13.) Eat the candy parts and stare angrily at the sad excuse for a house
    14.) Dip candy in fail icing
    15.) Consider buying more candy because I ate it all
    16.) Sugar crash

    All told I still have the urge to build a gingerbread house every year. I keep telling myself that I just haven’t found the right kit yet….

    Today we got easily a foot of snow, maybe more so of course I didn’t leave the house at all. (Don’t judge.) Instead I made a new resin curing set-up and I love it! I’m using the top of a styrofoam, parchment and pins to keep dust out of the resin while it cures for the next 24 hours. Really proud of myself with that one. Ahhhh those moments of clarity/ingenuity/resourcefulness (read: stubbornness/refusal to buy a costly resin curing setup thing that I knew I could make myself). I’ll definitely show you the pieces when they’re done curing! Even though most folks are done with online Christmas shopping I’m getting hyped about Little Otto’s 2015 potential.

    While the snow falls I’m reminded of how amazing California is. Today’s post is gonna be a throwback to our vacation! (Expect a lot of these because I definitely have snow-induced nostalgia – most likely lasting through March.)

    Love you!



    Jacket: Plain Pockets
    Dress: eBay
    Shoes: Amazon
    Socks: Forever21

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