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    Denventures Continued

    Today I wanted to share some more adventures from Denver. For how short my visit with Jenna was we certainly packed in some yummy food!

    After Red Rocks we took a trip to a place called Katsu Ramen. If you find yourself in Denver this place should definitely be on your list. It’s a little spot in the middle of a strip mall that looks pretty unassuming.

    We sat down and immediately ordered sake to share and ended up both getting a lunch special of ramen and another meal for about $13. Of course we both ended up ordering the pork ramen but for the second dish I got a gyu don bowl (Yoshinoya ++++) and Jenna got katsu pork.

    Everything was amazing. AMAZING. I wish there was a place like that in Rochester. One that would deliver good directly into my mouth.

    In a sad attempt to “walk off” all the food and drink the next stop was a taste of Denver’s Asian market. Of course a lot of the food I could find back here but it was so exciting to fill up a lil cart and walk around ogling and envying a lot of stuff. So much awesome frozen food that unfortunately couldn’t survive the trip home.

    The usual buys are Yan Yans, lychee everything and melon everything.

    Well I’m gonna hop off and try to get little to bed. G’night!

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