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    Desert Wine

    Ah the Vegas updates.

    So I joined a mom-group. Take your time to process that. Just.. let that sink in. Met up with a few moms here who invited me in to their Vegas Mom Club.

    Rules For Vegas Mom Club:

    1. Live in Vegas
    2. Leave your kids at home when they have meet-ups (yes!)
    3. Bring Wine if you want (double-yes)

    Technically you should be over 21 since they like to meet up at bars and casinos. How incredible is this place?

    I was asked by a friend back in California if I feel like I’ve changed since moving out here. Don’t you worry. I am still the same ol’ Talia. I was also asked if I started drinking more. Quite the opposite; believe it or not! I have completely stopped with any hard drinks/shots, no tequila, no vodka… unless you know, it’s blended in a margarita and all. Some things just go better with other drinks. Wine and sushi? Not a good mix. Wine with chips and salsa? Well… it comes a close second to a margarita with chips and salsa. You know, to stay healthy. Well… that’s kind of a lie. Since moving to Nevada I’ve changed slightly in that… well, I drink white wine as well now. Rieslings! I’ve taken a liking to them. I know, I know.. guess I should take back what I said a few sentences ago and just admit: I’ve changed!

    Why the switch? Well, there were days during the summer where it was 115 degrees out, and there was just something so refreshing about taking a chilled white wine to the pool.

    I’m way more relaxed. The hustle in me is still alive and well, but the stress factor to having to book every single gig, or having to work my tail off is just gone. The worry is gone, the life is easy and the living is … well, waaaay less expensive. The less you have to pay for crap like bills, gas, and food, the more you have saved up for the fun stuff. The more breathing room, the healthier you’ll be. I’ve noticed a happier husband as well. There’s something to be said for changing up the scenery in one’s life.

    Wedding photography is not the business for me out this way. I’ve had a few weddings since moving out here, but it’s absolutely not the same as in California. Even the light is different. Miss that golden hour sunlight California offers, so I’ve decided to continue shooting out that way, even if it’s once or twice a month. So that’s life right now. Trying new things, working less, living more.

    And how can you not love these desert views right outside your window?! Driving through the freeways here and seeing the red rocks surrounding makes me so happy – and I heard in the winters they’re covered in snow, cannot wait for those views. People keep warning us about the cold out here though. Guess I’ll have more to report when the time comes. <3

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