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    Dim Sum Date

    Hey Tals.

    I’m glad you shared your experiences with Elsa. You know, I was so young even when you would tell me the stories about her as a kid I had a hard time imagining what that was like for the both of you. I guess as the baby of the family I really lucked out. Yaya Linda is still working for our family (your ninang no less!) and she is such a loving woman. I remember a couple of Christmases ago, when Otto was just a little guy, we Skyped with Yaya Linda came on the screen and she just started crying from joy at seeing all of us and the babies, too.

    All this reminiscing just makes me want to go back to the Philippines and spend a good long time there. So jealous that you got to go this year.

    While you were busy having fun and enjoying amazing weather (both in the Philippines and San Diego) I found a restaurant close to home that serves bubble tea! I know this seems so trivial but moving away from Irving street and three bubble tea spots (and also some bangin’ bahn mi sandwiches) has been a weird transition. While I was pregnant I seriously drank bubble tea four or five times a week. I always order either honeydew or watermelon slush and those plastic cups of ice, flavor and tapioca were my mini vacation away from it all.

    Anyway I had made plans with some co-worker friends of mine to meet up at a dim sum place called White Swans. Amazingly enough I’ve passed this place many times in the past but never gave it a second thought. Not until now.

    Yummy dim sum and fresh fruit bubble slushies! Can’t go wrong. Deb, a kindred spirit and good friend, had never eaten dim sum before so of course she asked the waiter “What’s good here?”. This guy,probably in his late 40’s, very honestly replied “Some things good, others…not so much.” We couldn’t help but laugh and continued to order.

    Leek pancakes, BBQ pork steamed buns, shrimp dumplings, chaozhou buns, pork short ribs in oyster sauce and deep fried squid. Everything was good and relatively cheap (i.e; $2.50-$3 a plate on average). We all left very happy and very full. Even from just appetizers. There are definitely plans to go back again!

    I’m gonna start getting ready for work now but I love you Tals and we’ll chat soon!


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