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    Distribution Prep! – Bars To Bears

    Most of you already know about the livelihood project started by Rocio and I last year, but on the in case that you don’t, you can read all about it here.

    I was excited to be around for the first distribution of 2016! We had 4 sacks of bears come in from Legaspi, each sack containing close to 40 bears – thank you all for your donations! I was able to join another distribution at the National Children’s Hospital, once more in the terminal ward. We are currently trying to gather up volunteers and groups to be able to do these distributions for us – especially while I’m away – just because I don’t live in this country, that doesn’t mean the giving should stop!

    How do we prep for these distributions? Well, we gather up all the bears and Rocio and I spend a good hour or two just oo-ing and awww-ing at the cuteness and uniqueness of each bear. No two are ever alike. From the mix in buttons that are used to the outfits some of them wear, and all of the colors! The fabric is completely donated from designers across Manila – all the scraps they weren’t able to use up, and hand sewn together to create these little precious gifts for children in need. I was happy to have my children around this trip to see the bears – of course they don’t come along on the distributions, they’re a little too young for that – they got to help us sort through them and it was sweet how they were giving each of them names.. I hope one day they can come along to some of these distributions and witness first hand what we have set up with this amazing project.

    Before these days actually take place, I have to mentally prepare myself as well for the visit. I know what I am stepping in to at this point and I know how painful it’s going to be, and I have to say a lot of quick prayers to keep the tears from coming through. I sit alone the morning of and ask for guidance and strength, and then I ask for it all over again once we pull up to the hospital. You cannot go through this experience without feeling extremely grateful for what you have in life. It simply cannot be done. It’s humbling, it’s meaningful, and you realize that whether you’re donating money for a good cause, or better yet – your time* for a good cause, your life finds clarity. I’ll elaborate more when I post the actual hospital visit! Looking forward to sharing that with you! <3

    For more information on the project, please visit the website here. 🙂


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    Photography by: Jeffery Cruz

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