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    Don’t Give it to ‘Em Blind!

    Written by: Elyse Sinsay

    When I had my second child Liam I had the benefit of having the ability and the knowledge of knowing what to do this time around. I knew which diapers worked, what mommy stuff I needed. What formula I liked and so on. And I now know more people who have kids so I get asked, what do we feed our kids? Do we make all their foods? Is it all organic? Is it all fancy stuff? Do you ever eat fast food? I try not to laugh but, chef people eat like normal people too! And I do love me some McDonalds! When my husband and I used to come home from work late we would usually have a salad, a bowl of cereal or a cup of noodles. Not fancy at all. See, after a 10-15 hour day of being on your feet, making fancy food, the last thing you want to do is spend up to an additional hour making something fancy for yourself. You just want a shower and bed. But I digress.

    My husband and I like to eat the fancy stuff as often as possible and we want to share these food experiences with our kids. We also feel that the earlier the age we can share with them the better, because we want to fight against the stigma of picky eating. Fortunately for us, our kids are not picky eaters and try everything we have put in front of them. They aren’t afraid of new things and we will forever be grateful for that. THANK THE FOOD GODS. So, when we buy things for them we take the time to read the labels, check the ingredients.

    Recently there has been a buzz about packaged snacks such as Go-Go’s Applesauce. A mother claimed that the company was responsible for putting her daughter in the hospital because her child consumed one of their products that had mold in the packaging. She then claimed that it was the company’s total disregard for care in their product and how dare they stand by their product when it caused so much harm. Her rant continued on and many people joined in both support and disagreement with her statements. Go-Go’s did issue a statement of condolences for the girl being in
    the hospital but did say that with it being an organic fruit product that even with its extensive screening process that fruit does spoil. It is natural.

    Now, I can understand and sympathize with any mother being upset that their child is in the hospital. I was a kid in the hospital, and it killed my mom each and every time. I wish I wasn’t sick. It is also very easy and apart of human nature to want to place blame. However, in this situation the
    blame is not solely placed on the Go-Go’s company. They did what they needed to do and accepted responsibility for the product. But what about the responsibility that mom should have taken as a parent. Or the responsibility we have to take as parents of our own children? It is our job to check
    any and everything that goes into our kid’s mouth, right? On Halloween do we let our kids dive into their Halloween bags without checking to see if there is anything sketchy, open or gross in it? You bet I do!! I don’t want my kids sticking their hands in their bag and some asshole put a bag of heroin in there! So, if something is in a package that you can’t see what’s inside why wouldn’t you check that too? Just to be safe? It’s a quick squeeze that could save you a trip to the hospital, a stomach ache or a bout of poo. Kids don’t have the luxury of knowing what they are allergic to right away as well, so its better that you catch the nasty thing rather than them eat it all because they don’t know any better, don’t you think? If that woman would have done that she might have saved herself a trip.

    Everyone is all about caring for their kids, keeping them healthy, feeding them the best foods. So why not make this tiny step apart of that same platform? We can’t as parents just expect that everything in packages are just good to go. We should double check. For them. For our peace of minds. We check everything else, and it’s not to say that everything in packaging is bad. I have yet to come across one bad package, but the peace of mind I am provided just makes the day easier. The products are solid. But can you say the veggies that you grow in your back yard or that you get from your local farmers market has no bugs on them? I think not. We are not invincible and health conscious corporations are doing what they can. It’s our job to do the rest. In the kitchen there is a rule we all live by: Taste your food. Taste! Taste! Taste! Because if it tastes like shit you can’t send it out to a guest. At home my husband and I take that rule and expand on it. We not only taste everything we make but if it tastes like shit and we don’t want to eat it then our kids don’t eat it. That rule even applied to them when they were babies. If it didn’t taste good they didn’t eat it. Trust your palate, not just the package.

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