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    Dear Talia,

    I miss you all! Amelia is always so clever and I wonder where she gets it from?? ? Ha ha.

    The wedding location looks so charming. I’d love to take Otto there when he gets older. He’s been obsessing over Thomas the Tank Engine (non-CG episodes) for weeks now. One of the only times during the day that he will just sit and cuddle is when we put on Thomas….. and sometimes he climbs on top of the coffee table and dances. I’m sure Amelia is going to teach him some sweet, sweet dance moves.

    The dress you were wearing looks great, too. It’s a seemingly simple cut which you can probably make yourself, you know? I still need to teach you how to sew. Maybe when we are back in June we can sit down with your sewing machine. It weirdly feels like the transition from Spring-to-Summer as opposed to the Winter-to-Spring transition that it should be right now. It was 65 and sunny! Can you believe it? It’s the kind of weather that you can eat outside and get a little vitamin D. We managed to time the move pretty well.

    Speaking of sewing, I have good news. I got accepted to vend at the Artists & Fleas Market in Williamsburg (a bougier bit of Brooklyn). I’m actually pretty excited. I am going to be selling there May 4&5 which means I am going to need to get some work done in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to get some good photos of the process. It’ll be good to start sewing again, too. I haven’t touched my poor machine since mid-February and I think it’s a bit lonely. Thankfully I brought a lot of fabric to work with and we have the helping hands of Marnee and Grampa. The rest of our stuff should arrive via Uhaul sometime next week and then it’s time for unpacking and setting up the new place. I can’t wait to FaceTime and give you the virtual tour of the house. I think you’ll like it.

    For now we are going to enjoy the next week of this mini “vacation”. I’ll write you soon!



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    Bow: Handmade

    Accesories: Thrifted

    Top: H&M

    Cardigan: New York & Co.

    Shorts/Shoes: Urban Outfitters

    *All images belong to TheSisterFiles© and TaliaStudio© and cannot be used without expressed permission.

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