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    Romping Around A New City

    Dear Talia,

    I was SO tempted to buy the same maxi dress when I saw it at Target. I just don’t know if I can pull off a maxi. You’re way better in heels than I am. You know me too so I like the boots/leather jacket combo a bit better.

    Please excuse the lack of posting over the past few days. You know what things have been like….

    We arrived at JFK at 3:40(EST) and it still hasn’t quite sunk in that we are moved. It still feels as if we are just visiting like always and will be back at SFO in a couple of weeks. Did you and Jeff experience that at all when you moved? I’m sure soon enough it’ll hit like a bag of bricks. We miss the whole Bay Area family right now. I looked at the photos of all the kids together from the last time you babysat Otto and it’s sad to think they won’t all be a short drive away anymore. Of course that is only until we decide to pack up and do the whole move again in a couple of years. Or maybe you and Jeff will move out of California soon? Not likely but maybe. Ha ha.

    The weather has been really great here considering we are catching the tail end of winter/the beginning of spring thaw. We arrived and the snow was all completely melted and it looks more like fall then spring. It was sunny all day and we took Otto out to the front yard to play on his little swing set. I didn’t even need a jacket which was nuts. I’m hoping that tomorrow we can make  a grocery run to pick up ingerdients for dinner. (Still trying to get used to the fact that we’re not a short walk away from a store.) That bacon pasta looks amazing. I’ve had it before at your place but mmmm those photos. I want some right now. I think we are going to make a standby like stuffed mushrooms or some kind of stew. It all sounds good right now since I haven’t really eaten since noon.

    I think the worst part of the move is over but then there is the daunting task of UNpacking which I am not looking forward to. The last few boxes that we packed were definitely during the “just throw whatever in here and we’ll sort through it later” phase of packing. (Don’t we all know what that’s like?) I can’t wait to finally move in though and the huge purge of things while packing was nice. I still can’t shake the idea that I might need something in the future and then save whatever it is for multiple years. Usually it’s art and sewing supplies and sometimes it ends up being useful. I wish I was more like Brendan in that way. He probably could have moved with just a few boxes and a suitcase.

    I hope you and the family are doing well. I miss you guys so much. You should definitely come see us in any season except winter. The cold isn’t that unbearable but know you it won’t really be fun if you’re freezing. Remember our trip to New York in 08? Hahahah. That would be a post all of its own.

    Well for now I’m going to head off to get some dinner for us and the little guy. Here’s a good outfit for networking and business meetings (i.e. dinner and drinks).




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