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    Eating Our Way to Eatonton // Ponce City Market // Atlanta, GA

    Going back on the previous post, since Jeff and I have only been taking on out-of-town weddings, we were excited to be heading for the first time ever to Georgia. That’s Atlanta, Georgia, not the country Georgia, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. We were flying in for a wedding on a Saturday, so we left Vegas on a Wednesday to be able to have a couple days to explore. We seldom get time together, with the two kids and the hectic schedules during the week, so admittedly, when we have to travel away, we extend it by a day or two, especially if it’s to a place we’ve never been. The wedding was taking place in a town called Eatonton, which is over an hour south of the airport. We decided to stay a night closer to the city first, before heading to the small town of Eatonton, where, unless you were in to golf and fishing, it didn’t seem like there would be too much to do.

    On the flight to Atlanta, we were seated next to a young girl who lived in Marrietta. She was visiting family from Michigan and heading back to Georgia. She told us she was a pastry chef at this restaurant called: SEED. She let us know about the menu and the options there, and we noted it down and made plans to check it out the following day for lunch. We arrived in time for dinner, and after the long wait on the rental car, we decided to eat somewhere close. Jeff began Yelping and we found that a couple miles away was a restaurant with rave reviews called The Louisiana Bistreaux. Great! Let’s do that for dinner then head back to the hotel.At the bistreaux we ordered fried okra, a corn and crab chowder that made my head spin, fried catfish.. and ended with a Bourbon Bread Pudding that you have to save room for. I know it seems impossible with all that fried goodness to have room for something like bread pudding, but it’s one of those desserts that you say* you’re too full and can only take one bite… and then you find that you’re down to the last bite, you wanna be nice and offer it to your spouse, but you happily accept when he says, “go for it, Babe.”

    While waiting for Seed to open the next day, we were killing time at a Whole Foods in Marrietta. Can I just say… the Whole Foods there was one of the best I’ve been to, excluding the Del Mar location (which only beats this one because their house made guacamole is the best in the world), this selection at WF was beyoooond. Almost as if they didn’t care about the calorie intake as all the California WFs… it was braised everything, gravy-everything, fried-everything… just mouth-watering options that almost* made us eat there instead. I’ve never been to the point of drooling over options at the buffet line in a WFs…ever. While at WFs we decided we had to have a Georgia peach, in fact, that’s the reason we went in there to begin with. Unfortunately, as told by one of the staff, the state had experienced a recent cold-snap, and there would be no fresh Georgia peaches any time soon. She did* however, point out that we should visit the Ponce City Market in Atlanta, if we had the chance, as it’s worth seeing.

    I’m happy we waiting though, because now, we were seated at this lovely restaurant giving heart eyes to the wine list, and winks to one another. The options there were amazing, we went with what they were known for. We had to try the caramelized and roasted brussel sprouts. We loved the deviled eggs with smoked salmon, roasted jalepeno cream, pickled onions, and capers – their beet salad and pan-seared cod. Once again, we ended the meal with a trio of gelato. Worth it.

    We did take the advice of the lady at WFs and visit Ponce City Market. How I WISH* we stayed one extra day in Atlanta to be able to explore here longer. There was TOO much to do, see, and eat. Ponce City Market is a mixed-use development located in a historic building downtown. There are national and local retail anchors, restaurants, a large food hall, boutiques and offices, wine shops, beef jerkey shops, coffee shops- you name it! – along with residential units. It is located where the BeltLine crosses Ponce de Leon Ave. The 2,100,000-square-foot building, one of the largest by volume in the Southeast United States, was used by Sears, Roebuck and Co. from 1926–1987 and later by the City of Atlanta as “City Hall East”. The building’s lot covers 16 acres! It officially opened on August 25, 2014 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016. An old historic building, saved and put once again to good use. We loved it there!

    That night we were heading off to Eatonton to spend another 3 nights there. We were somewhat spoiled in Eatonton, as our client was getting married at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Oconee, and the food there was out-of-this-world! The flavors, the options! Honestly the rehearsal dinner at this wedding was perhaps the best meal we’ve had. Of course there was no working-out this entire trip, but who cares! We were sitting in our hotel room one of the nights and saw Terry Crews on the Jimmy Fallon show.. or was it Jimmy Kimmel, I’m not sure. But anyhow he was talking about how if he lived in the south again and not in LA, he would be 50 pounds heavier. He said everything there is so tasty, lathered in goodness and rich sauces/gravies, and in LA… well, all the options are mostly healthy but bland, so it keeps him trim. Quinoa salads and figs and all. 😉 So I went ahead and put together a little video of Jeff and I eating our lives away in the south. We are excited to plan a future trip back, just to eat – and this time, we have to plan it around peach season.

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    Photos and video by: Jeff and Talia Cruz

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