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    Eye Rolls & All

    Hi Biz,

    We’re so happy you’re somewhat settled in. That romper looks amazing on you! You really should get “fancy” more often, it suits you! I wish I was blessed with your legs. I actually have a few rompers that are in storage that I’m gonna just give to you- you’ll look much better in them than me. Aren’t genetics funny? You get to be all slender, I got the boobs that were amazing in my young 20’s and saddle-bagged in the later years. Ehk. I am not gonna complain, 5’1″ means I don’t have to worry about smaller girls being able to look up my nostrils! Yep! I said it! I can look up all y’alls noses! Grand ol’ view for me. 😉 Totally being a hater right now. I’ve noticed you’re working on your posture as well. And the clutch you made in that last photo? Perfect!

    Oh yeah that maxi Target dress may not see the light of day again- at least until a hot hot summer day. Women with boobs bigger than B’s shouldn’t be wearing this. Jeff took some photos of me from the side and it wasn’t as cute. Frontal view seemed to be the only thing that worked with that. You know lately all I’ve been wearing underneath are tight tank tops or sports bras right? A strapless bra seems to make me look much wider from the front so I nix that. So I definitely would wear it again but with another shirt layered on top or a jacket. Boobs are a funny thing, huh? I am that wife who asks her husband all the time if I should have them worked on or lifted, and it would secretly kill me to hear him say “ummm YES.” -I’d probably throw a big stink about it and he’d have to apologize to me for three days straight and rub my feet, and when he says, “no baby, they look great!” I roll my eyes and walk away saying, “ugh don’t lie” under my breath. Truth is, on the IN CASE that we have another kid, I don’t wanna have ’em worked on yet. I’ll wait until we’re good and done with popping out babies to treat myself to a lift. Not bigger ones, if anything a reduction and a lift.

    Speaking of eye rolls, something I’ve been struggling with lately is how I talk around Amelia. I’m not talking about simply not using cuss words, but just tones. I’ve noticed that when I am short with Mom (pun semi-intended) and Amelia sees that, she turns it right around and answers me in the same way. Kids are so quick, so smart. My point is, we should really watch how we talk to Mom. This is how your child will talk to you. Eye rolls and all. There’s no turning back time but wow, I can totally understand the frustration Ma had when we would talk back – especially me, I was the talk back queen in my teens. Amelia is already answering me in the same way. She’s three, as you know. Life, life are you listening? Things only get tougher, but I am not ready to be the mother of a teen quite yet, so she better cool it. Speaking of Mom, do you know she and her six sisters have a group text they all share and every day there are hundreds of messages between them? I’m serious it’s like an on-going longest-text ever chat group they started. Just the seven sisters. How cool is that? Can you imagine if that went public? I mean, there must be a lot of talk about all the 30+ cousins on that side of the family. And we know better than anyone the things that sisters share with one another..

    So we are heading to San Diego again for the weekend. Another wedding on Saturday, I’m really looking forward to it! It’s at this place called (you ready!?) The Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum. Brilliant! We were in San Diego a couple weeks ago as well for another wedding, and I am posting up some photos of Jeff and I when we were there to meet with friends really quick before an event.

    Let me know how that first grocery trip goes! In the mean time, I know it’s easier said than done but, take it easy, okay Biz? Take this time to just breathe, be with Otto, and make a goal sheet or lists. Those always help and I always feel so much better when I cross things off. Brendan isn’t going straight to work, right? I think if his parents agreed to watch Otto for a night or two you guys should really take some time to just be together and re-focus on one another. Jeff and I have to do this every now and then and it does wonders for your mind, body and soul! Just don’t get pregnant again, at least not anytime soon. I’m gonna take that advice as well. Talk to you soon! <3

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    If you must know:

    Pants: Found ’em on sale at JCPenney for $15! – random! I was there for a Princess dress for Amelia and saw these suckers!

    Top: Mango

    Shoes: Cole Haan (get ready to see a lot of these, I got ’em in brown, red, and gray. I’m psychotic I know but these have that Nike Air in ’em so they’re suuuuper comfortable! I wore the red ones for an entire 3 hr shoot and didn’t even notice!)

    Jeff: not for sale. 😉 Nah, I dunno where he got all that, I think his cardigan is from Nordstrom.

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