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    Good morning!

    Otto woke me up nice and early today so now that we’re both done eating and someone’s got a new diaper I can finally get around to posting! I’m loving all the videos you’ve been doing. Sebastian and the dreaded nap is something familiar. At this point we’ve given up forcing a nap on Otto. Don’t get me wrong we definitely try to have him nap sometime between 1-3 pm. But if he hasn’t gone down for one by 4 or 4:30 we’ll just keep him up and try again at bedtime. Last night was the same way. He just refused to nap, all the tried crying and the same faces the Sebby makes. so we just kept him up. Entertained him with blocks, toys, his tiny piano. I figure hey, if he doesn’t take a nap during the day but winds up crashing at 9 pm what the harm?

    I’m sure a few moms who read this might freak out at me about “kids need consistency” and “naps are important”. I get it. It’s not like I won’t let him take a nap if he wants to. It’s that we won’t fight him to take one either. I dunno. This is my first kid and he’s proven to be quite a challenge. Maybe we’re being too lenient right now with nap time but I’m choosing my battles. Also getting him on a earlier sleep schedule has been good for us! We actually have a couple of hours at night to eat and watch a movie instead of being up with Otto until almost midnight trying to get him to bed because he took a nap at 6 pm.

    Whew. Just talking about nap time struggles is making me sleepy. On a completely different note this past week has been insanely productive for me. After making that dress and the shorts featured in this post I have also managed to make 4 new button up shirts. I can hardly believe it myself. Of course my biggest trouble right now is that the Kenmore I’m currently borrowing doesn’t have a buttonhole or zipper foot so I’m working on being patient and just making up until I can’t anymore.

    I did end up hand sewing the button and zipper in on these shorts because I was so so desperate to wear them out. Of course now it’s only getting colder and shorts season is basically over but I’ll wear em till it’s no longer an option. 🙂

    I’m gonna head out for the day but I can’t wait to see y’all! It won’t be much longer now! <3



    Hat: eBay

    Jacket: Levi’s

    (Patch: No Fun Press)

    Top: O-Mighty Weekend

    Shorts: Hand Made

    Socks: Forever21

    Shoes: eBay

    Bag: Manic PixiexLittle Otto collaboration (limited edition)

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    You know.. maybe I’m a bit nutty but I decided against trying to airbrush out these stomach wrinkles. Maybe back in my early 20’s I’d have been super embarrassed to share this “unflattering” photo of my own body on the internet but this is it. Photoshop-free. I don’t love my wrinkly belly but I’m also not ashamed to admit that I have one. Some folks might think it’s kind of gross but whatever. I’ll still wear my crop tops because I love them and they’re fantastic. /endrant.

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    Limited edition Manic Pixie x Little Otto bag. Manic Pixie is co-owned by my lovely friend Rachel Duarte and they are based out of Providence, RI.

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